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    Dash16 got a reaction from guffyluffybro in Stirling engine bug?   
    Try using Steam Dynamos to power the Pulverizer instead.  Stirling Engines can only provide BuildCraft power (MJ), and the Pulverizer needs Redstone Flux power (RF) to work.
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    Dash16 reacted to Skuli in Isn't it time to say good bye to Java 1.6?   
    Mostly, it's a matter of support and user perception.  
    If Java said "This application requires Java 1.7 or higher, click here to install the newest version!" that would be one thing, but it doesn't.  It says "Unsupported major/minor revision" on like 567 of a 1,234 line error message.  This is confusing to the end user, who just wants to play Tekkit.
      A LOT of people are on un-upgraded Macs that can't use Java 1.7.
    A lot of people are on older Windows PCs and/or aren't PC-competent enough to upgrade java themselves.
    And there's no good reason NOT to support Java 1.6 if we can.
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    Dash16 reacted to Skuli in Crashing to desktop? Unsupported major/minor version error? Update to 1.2.8e beta!   
    Enderstorage has a java 1.7 requirement; build 1.2.8e reverts all Chickenbones mods to their previous java 1.6 versions in order to fully support our Java 1.6 users (old Mac users, this means you!)
    To upgrade to 1.2.8e, select the small gear below the Tekkit modpack listing, then either "Always use latest builds" or "Manually select a build", choose 1.2.8e as the Build, and then Save.

    The server is available here.
    To upgrade from 1.2.8d, simply replace the Chickenbones mods with the following versions:
    This will be pushed as Recommended tomorrow morning ideally.
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    Dash16 reacted to HeatHunter in Tekkit 1.2.8d is now the recommended build.   
    now enderStorage seems to make some trouble for me now...
    Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: codechicken/enderstorage/EnderStorage : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0
    as we didn't built anything with ender Storage atm, I decided to delete that mod temporarly...
    found out that ChickenChunks and WirelessRedstone have similar problems...
    good thing is, I can load up our world with no probs by deleting that mods...
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    Dash16 reacted to freakachu in Cooked Dongs | 50% OFF for LIFE | 24/7 Support | Instant Setup | Advanced Control Panel | SSD Drives | Backups | FREE MySQL | 12+ Years in Business   
    hey, advertising isn't allowed.  I've taken the liberty of fixing your post to comply with our rules.
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    Dash16 got a reaction from Haxotic in How do you charge a powersuit?   
    You can also just hold a Leadstone Energy Cell in your inventory, and the power suit will drain that cell for power.  Save weight on the power suit by not needing to install any batteries.
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    Dash16 reacted to plowmanplow in Still not getting minimum shards   
    Build and place a Calcinator. Cook diamonds in the Calcinator to get minium dust. Craft an Aludel and a Glass Bell then place them (glass bell goes on top of the Aludel). Make a Inert Stone and put it in the top slot of the Aludel. Put 8 Minium Dust in the middle slot of the Aludel. Cook them (put some kind of fuel in the bottom slot). Profit!