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  1. But it is worth looking into? It's not just a gimmick that actually isn't very strong?

    Considering the Rapier ignores mob armor and the manayullyn blade breaker hits 13s in addtion to coming with an automatic vorpal enchant.

  2. Two problems with thaumcraft though, Technic can't get perms for it and it doesn't have spells, only items that generate spell effects "wand of lightning".

    For anyone who loves magic, spell casts without having to use items and depending only on your mana is a more gratifying experience.

  3. If we both agree that you have no idea what you're talking about, I don't see how pointing it out is hostility. You did make a series of assertions in this thread and in the Tinker's Construct thread, all of which are false, and all of which go back to some nasty rumors that have been spread about our relationship with the modding community.

    They may be assertions in your mind, but they are little more than comments on the past in reference to the rumors. Things may be better now with a newer mod community but that doesn't change the mindset of older modders. This is what I implied and what was clearly misunderstood.

    When I said this seems to be this way with a lot of decent mods, I was referencing those who went with the rumors and sided in the end with FTB alone. Likewise with the "bad reputation".

  4. Ars Magica is a bit overpowered at the moment so I suppose thats for the best, it was more like a list of suggestions to consider.

    I have no idea about who is licensed and who is not nor have I ever said I had knowledge of such. I simply thought each of those might add some interesting features and so I was curious why they were not in the new version of Tekkit. I should have clarified, my apologies.

    Hostility is an odd thing to introduce into an otherwise light conversation, however.

  5. Its been posted else ware, blastcraft and ICBM modders had a conflict which resulted in seperation and so on, ICBM is attempting to replace most of the blocks lost.

    MPS already has an amazing customization suite in 1.5.x versions


    Make sure to look at the second image and keep in mind this is with MC 1.5.x versions only, this wont be bridged to 1.4.7 voltz and so on.

  6. So 1.1.4 has the glitchiest version of ICBM i've ever seen.

    -Hypersonic explosive crashes client

    -Anti-gravity explosive crashes client

    -Red-matter explosive crashes client and corrupts the world

    -EMP explosive crashes client

    -Sonic explosive crashes client

  7. Here is a list JP has assembled.

    Here the list of mods you have to wait for to be updated:

    CodeChickenCore by chicken_bones (1.5.1 updated)

    Inventory Tweaks by Jimeowan(1.5.1 updated)

    Not Enough Items by chicken_bones(1.5.1 updated)

    Railcraft by CovertJaguar(Not updated)

    Rei's Minimap by ReiFNSK(1.5.1 updated)

    Assembly Line by Calclavia(1.5.1 updated) DEV

    Atomic Science by Calclavia(1.5.1 updated)

    Basic Components by Calclavia(1.5.1 updated) DEV needs work

    BlastCraft by cammygames(Will not be In-Game anymore)

    Electric Expansion by Mattredsox and Alex_Hawks (1.5.1 updated)

    Fluid Mechanics by DarkGuardsman (Not updated)Dev work in progress

    ICBM by Calclavia(1.5.1 updated)

    Mekanism by Aidancbrady(1.5.1 updated)Dev needs alot of work

    Mekanism Generators by Aidancbrady(1.5.1 updated)""

    Mekanism Tools by Aidancbrady(1.5.1 updated)""

    MFFS by ThunderDark(Not updated)

    Modular Power Suits by MachineMuse(1.5.1 updated)Needs a little more tweaking too OP

  8. So I found this and thought it might be of use for spawn:


    do /icbm for more commands


    do /icbm addregion <name> <radius> <all,grenade,bomb,blocks>


    <name> - name of the region

    <radius> - range of region protection

    <all,grenade,missile,blocks> - disable certain item within the region

    why use this command?

    to protect your spawn area from grief (grenade,missile,blocks)

  9. We're updating files to the new host now :) But I will actually add permissions to use the player chestshops.

    Cool :) also while your at it whats your opinion on owner permissions? Better with or without them, without them we get thievery tactics which inspire their own play style. With them faction leaders can protect valuables and assign each player their own spot for personal storage within their territory.

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