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  1. You obviously haven't played League of Legends if you think you can hide in a corner - it's a fairly fast paced, 5v5, small map game. I could just sit there, but past the early stages of the game, I'd have a high chance of dying.

    Also, I open it while I'm playing another game because I decide I want to play it, and I don't want to have to sit there and wait when I can have it idling in the background to be used immediately after I'm done. It's not a horrible thing if I have to open it after, but it still seems like an oversight that it ruins what I'm doing for those 10-15 seconds, whether or not I'm playing another game. I can't /do/ anything else, because on any screen other than my standard 1080p monitor I use at my house, it takes up a good half of the screen space. I don't need to close everything else to play Tekkit properly - my machine is good enough that I can handle having it and many other things open at the same time (well, my desktop is - it's still being repaired, though), so I don't see why I should need to close everything else because the makers decided having the logo always on top is a great idea.


    That's not the point. The program being free doesn't give them the right to infringe on the rest of my computer use. Spotify recently had a problem where, if you didn't pay for it, ads appearing in the screen would bring Spotify all the way to the front. Many people were extremely angry about this - but under your logic, that would be perfectly ok. Just because I'm not paying for a program (which, by the way, the makers decided not to sell - I didn't choose not to pay for it) doesn't mean they get to ruin the rest of my computer use for a period of time.

  2. Wait, so you're saying you're running on such a toaster that it takes 15 seconds to load the launcher? God, I'd hate to see what a Karthus ult looks like on your screen.

    Slow harddrive does not mean slow GPU. I can run at 60 FPS on lowest in League, but the 5400 RPM drive is a bit of a pain.

    Grindle: I'm not complaining about the loading screen itself, I'm complaining about the fact that the makers force it to always be on top. It's not that I give a shit whether or not there's a loading screen - it's that I can't alt tab away from it. If I pay sixty bucks for a computer game such as BF3, for example, and they set their loading screen to always be on top - wouldn't you be a little pissed? Just because it's free and makes doing something far easier doesn't mean that they should be doing something like forcing the logo to be always on top. I know who made the launcher. Nobody else will be using my computer. Why do I get forced to stare at their logo?

  3. It's not the logo that I have a problem with, and if you had any reading comprehension skills whatsoever, you'd know that. My problem is that the logo is stuck on top of everything else. I'd be fine with the logo being there if I could select another program and have it not still show (such as another game), but not being able to see what I'm doing for a good period of time because they want their logo to be always on top? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Valkon: League games take a minute or so to load, and are 30-45 minutes long, more often than not. If I want to play Tekkit after a game, I can't really load it up while League is loading - might as well do it after. I tend to do it when I die at some point, when the game is almost over.

  4. I'd like to say that the stupid logo that comes up on start is a massive problem. If I open the launcher, intending to play Tekkit 10 minutes from now because I'm currently in a League of Legends game, I don't want the logo to be over the League of Legends game for as long as it's opening! Since my desktop is broken, I'm forced to play with my slower laptop - and it takes a good 10-15 seconds to open the launcher itself. Why should I have to have half my League of Legends screen literally covered and unable to be seen to use your launcher?

    Remove the logo, or make it so that it isn't forced on top. I don't see why you guys haven't decided this is a massive oversight. It's a total pain in the ass, to be blunt, and I'd really rather not have to go install tekkit on a vanilla Minecraft install, because your launcher makes it very easy. But the logo is just disgusting :/.

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