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  1. I started an Attack of the B-Team server yesterday for some buddies and I, and it worked fine. until about an hour ago. I'm not sure what happened but I can't log into my server any more. When i try to log in, it either sits there spinning it's wheels until it says end of stream, or says bad login. my friend was able to get in once randomly. I've tried restarting the server a few times but i get the same thing every time. and on my server, when I try doing /help it says there's a bunch of issues trying to run that command which i thought was a bit strange. It's really weird because this all worked an hour ago and I literally changed nothing. we're all on the same network just using the internal IP for the computer.

    any help would be nice


  2. after u restart the server. if u deleted that message then it should be gone.

    After u put the code in it will open the option in your minimap settings.

    yea but. I honestly have no idea what is going on. it seems to recreate the config file everytime. over writting what ever I did. I am so confused. and sometimes that config file is like, a really shortened version and then i change that, and then it goes back to the larger 'version' of the config file. It's hard to explain what's happening and I bet i sound crazy but it's true.

  3. I'm having a few problems. I did all of this, and the default motd is like

    Hello, whoever

    The time now is this and you're in world whatever

    This is the default CommandBook MOTD! Adjust it in the config.yml... and so on

    now I found that in the config.yml file, and got rid of the part about how it's the default message, added `0`0`B`G`C`y`w after the world name and it still shows the default MOTD, every time. am I missing something here?


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