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  1. All of the fairy tales I know of are older ones. Pretty much you have knights, princes, kings, commoners, and sometimes elves or trolls (rarely). I vaguely remember reading a story about some tiny little person, but pretty sure it was just a small human.

    I have to say, for all the fairy tales I've read, I'm at quite a loss here.

    Unless you want to grab something from Disney.

  2. Might not trust Wikipedia that much.

    (P.S. I have looked at that link before. I know all of them up to terabyte are correct.)

    They're correct: yotta is as high as it goes; there is no SI prefix for an octillion or octillionth (nor any need, really). Peta is indeed the next step up from tera (you'll often read about super computers showing off muscle measured in petaflops).

  3. Why do you feel the need to be confrontational on every thread ie seen you on? Sorry to say but you are not always right.

    I'm not confrontational without reason, I call out erroneous statements that are purporting bad information as advice -- especially when it matters.

    I never purport to be right about everything, I've been proven wrong many times. I'm not afraid of being wrong and I encourage people to show me my errors. I do not believe I have made such an error in this thread. I've done plenty of research on windows 8 reviews on critics and the only real complaint is the steep learning curve of the metro UI (at least compared to the old start bar). But the consensus was that the UI was better after one had learned it.

  4. Memory leaks are an application problem, not a Windows one. The GUI is not a resource hog, and has consistently shown to outperform windows 7 on every occasion.

    Also it's obvious Microsoft is trying to sell their new laptops with touch screen.

    A company trying to sell a product? no wai

    Stick with 7 if you wish, but know it isn't superior to 8.

  5. Kay.

    Be as ignorant as you like then.

    There's nothing wrong with W8, don't let these guys fool you who are just touting what they think is hip to say. Run in Compatibility mode and you should do just fine.

  6. i disagree anyone can get cancer even baby and no one should joke about it, i feel sorry for anyone that has it

    Basically never != never.

    The statistical likelihood is amazingly slim. This guy is prancing around saying he has cardiac sarcoma and had to get a mechanical (read: properly called artificial) heart. He's the one who is joking about it.

  7. I met an 18 year old today who had cancer

    Yes, and that sucks, but the five year cancer survivor rate is 83% for teens. Which is pretty terrific.

    This kid is coming out and saying that not only he has cancer, but his entire heart was removed, replaced with a mechanical one, because apparently his doctor's figured that was less risky than giving him chemotherapy. In the unlikely event that this is all true, well, maybe it is, but I really, really doubt it. Cardiac cancer is exceedingly rare, like 3.9 people out of 100k people rare. And not only that, but less than a tenth would have been diagnosed under age 20. This means 3.9 teenagers out of every million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Perhaps more laughably, only 3.8% of these guys actually die from cancer.

    All this then he says he's wealthy and his family is mad at him for spending "lots of money" on a mineral oil computer build when he has cancer. C'mon. The case isn't even that expensive, at $600 it's only $400 more than other high performance cases.

    He probably doesn't have cancer. He was lying about the case, and now this. I think he should see a therapist about compulsively lying.

    Oh and he is from America, because of how he spells words. Nor is cancer you start bragging about on online forums.

  8. Well a few things stick out:

    You're using pcpartpicker.

    i5 instead of i7, as you said, waste of money.

    Cheap memory: it really doesn't matter what memory you get, it's about $20 for 4 GB sticks. Any memory speed over 1000 is generally all the same anyway (unless you're running lots of computations on very large files). So the 1600 is just an added bonus.

    An Intel SSD, bought for $0.58/GB, runs at 6 Gb/s.

    A case with rubber grommets for wiring. Good wiring is much, much easier with these. Too many people skimp on the case and then have wires falling into fans and other scary stuff.

    Seasonic PSU: another part people skimp on. This PSU is gold certified and high quality (yay sea sonic). It's also MODULAR, yay! With that and a good case, wiring is going to be a breeze. It's not impossible to make things look quite spectacularly wired without a modular PSU or case built for it, but it's much, much easier. Better airflow means cooler parts which means better computer health.


    That's why you know what you're doing. I'd say it's pretty solid for a first build and I think you'll enjoy putting it together. I'm unsure on the Zotac; I generally prefer stuff by EVGA. I don't have a whole lot of experience with nvidia cards, I tend to stick to the radeon line in light of nvidia's inferior cards in the past, and now they just build cards that are better than ATI's for gaming, but worse for other applications like mathematica, photoshop, or 3D modeling.

  9. coz I Have a hp good but little slow had a acer there rubbish Toshiba weak build quality i am a computer tech and the best out of all has been dell


    So a crappy PSU and a subpar mobo? Yeah no, Dells skips out on every part that the average person isn't interested in, like cooling. So they can spout they have an i5 and some "nvidia graphics" (which is just an onboard chipset anyway), and then sell it at 2x the cost of what it's really worth. I suppose it could be worse, it could be like Apple, who overprice things by 4x. Still though, terrible tech support, terrible parts that do matter, and you think it's better than something built by Lenovo?

  10. I think I could find use for 32G. At the moment I'm using only 8G (DDR2 is expensive) and task manager is telling me I'm using 92% of it. That's even having just 2G for minecraft and not running any virtual machines. To run them I need to start closing stuff down.

    If you don't care too much about other games and MC is your main priority then you should go with relatively expensive CPU and mediocre GPU. I5 or I7 with high clock speed is going to be the main thing driving the game. GPU can be anything but I wouldn't go lower than 560TI. Also, NVidia has vastly superior OpenGL support and will likely have less problems running MC.

    Wat. MC is CPU intensive, but trust me, no.

    An i3 is fine for minecraft. You want a good graphics card, really.

    if your going to get a laptop, get a good one thats made for gaming, such as an alienware as they have decent specs, and you can get plenty of ram (32gb of ram max on alienware m17x)

    No, don't.

    Dells are shit, don't get them.

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