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  1. Technic as a single player pack no longer has a point. With the changes made to minecraft, there is no longer a need for a line between multi and single. As such, the name "Technic" has been repurposed as to cover the entire brand of Technic products, and the functioning current modpacks, in chronological order is Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Lite, and the newest Tekkit, which is the most up to date. Anything 'missing' has been intentionally removed, as it has either not been updated at the same rate as other mods, or the team felt it wasn't fitting the theme.

    Also please don't sign your posts.

  2. A white knight? See guys, look, there's another one. We've finally got somebody to post yet another sarcastic reply to end the whole question era! At the end of your sentences of your reply, does it even look like to you I "can't handle these forums" all because I give out a question regarding what's with all the rudeness going on? My good sir, with all that you say, you seem to be trying to let us know that you are yet another antagonist I say.

    And my good George I tell you, one poor fellow user was banned just for somebody like you, just on your own entertainment because he had the slightest disagreement ever with these forums. I dare say, everybody has a right to question and disagree.

    Do you see people committing peaceful protests and getting hung after? If yes, then you sir, are living in a country with a dictator.

    (I give no offense to the forums with this post, I apologize if any of you have been offended.)

    Holy shit, shut up.

  3. In my opinion, this thread seems very childish. You go on saying how much you respect a certain modder and how you are good friends with him and all of that stuff, and then you say he makes one change to a mod and start raising up a shit storm about how he is such a crappy person, how he is trying to ruin someone else's mod, and how he is being greedy by wanting people to have to rely on buildcraft and not let other people add their own alternatives to it. Basically, in my eyes, you are being a drama queen in the modding community and you are trying to ruin a modder's reputation. Wait, isn't that kind of what you were complaining about him, how he was ruining someone else's mod? If you are in fact good friends with him, then instead of being a little drama queen and trying to get a bunch of people to start hating on CovertJaguar, why don't you try and resolve this issue with him in private so everyone can enjoy having the mods they like continue to function as they do? I understand that you are probably a bit ticked off that some compatibility was lost because of the changes he made, but in the eyes of me, someone who loves playing mod packs such as technic, tekkit, and FTB, the changes that were made to the buildcraft power system are actually pretty cool and were much needed for the mod. You are a modder, so why don't you work with CovertJaguar to keep the compatibility you need and make it work with the new power system?

    Ok that was my rant for the day, I don't mean any hard feelings or hate from this post, but I am just trying to say maybe you could work it out in another way.

    You sure are a dumb guy.

  4. Since the last thread that was titled Lets test Big Dig (insert version here) was halted and I feel that my issue wasn't addressed, I am starting this one to hopefully get answers. I am still having issues with the mod pack. When I go to open Big Dig with the launcher the Minecraft window goes to either the Mojang title screen or it goes white and nothing happens. No error report, no big middle finger saying that your being hopefull in playing this, nothing in the logs for the people that would be smarter than I to know whats going on. It just sits their at the white screen doing nothing. I have tried to reload the pack with no success or hope of it running. This is an ongoing problem and I don't know what else to do. I have tested the rest of the mod packs that I have to include the packs that come with the down loader and they work just fine. If any one has any ideas, questions and or theory's that aren't just trolling please feel free to speak up.

    You could also try posting in the new "Let's test big dig" thread?

  5. undeleted

    Just discussing with someone about Windows 8 when I noticed they were talking about it, pointing out everything I remember about it which was basically everything I disliked and thought was bad. So pointing out all the bad things about Windows 8, some jerkoff butts in and decides to insult me. Naturally I get pissed because some of these people butt into everything I say and start insulting me simply because I notice bugs more often than anyone else and I point out the things I dislike about something.

    Then an admin banned the both of us after telling us "Fuck both of you".

    <Mooseman9>: Holy shit it's true

    <Lothos>: minesweeper, freecell, solitaire, etc

    <Lothos>: oh thats rught

    <Lothos>: microsfot has to reeducate us consumers again

    <Mooseman9>: You actually do whine about everything.

    <Lothos>: hmm?

    <Vas>: You know what. Fuck you Mooseman9.

    <Mooseman9>: Talking about vas

    <Vas>: Go shove a pine cone up your ass and but out. Talking about the good and bad about Windows 8 and you pop in to bitch about anyone who says anything bad about it and call it whining. It's simply stating the facts.

    <BR>: ooooo

    <Mooseman9>: "On top of that, Windows 8 looks like it was made for stupid people"

    <Mooseman9>: Pure fact there

    <Maiden>: What the fuck

    <Maiden>: Fuck both of you

    --- Maiden has banned *!*@synIRC-6154DBE.vw.shawcable.net

    *** Mooseman9 was kicked by Maiden (Maiden)


    *** Vas was kicked by Maiden (Maiden)

    !!! You have been kicked from #technic

    I believe this to be unfair, as there are no rules listed anywhere about what can and can't be said in the chat, nor has anyone done anything before when people were picking on me, and if it's related to the use of curse words, an admin shouldn't be allowed to use them either. I am unclear as to what I did wrong. Discussing my opinions (although my opinions of the product were bad), should not be against the rules. Cursing on the other hand could have been done without, I do have issues with mood swings, especially when people start to insult me.

    I have a fair few issues I'll admit, and it's hard for me to get along with people. I usually don't have a problem when people aren't going out of their way to be asshats. Picked on all throughout school all my life for being different (I know why only after I was diagnosed with Aspergers and several other things AFTER I left school), I get aggravated easily when insulted or treated like crap.

    So, now does an admin wish to include a list of chat rules to the Global Rules section of the forum and wish to explain to me why an admin cursed us both out before banning us? What rules did we break?



    Someone asked for info about Windows 8, and since all of my personal experiences with it have proven to be disappointing, I pointed out all the disappointing features of Windows 8. Someone then butts in to 'be a tard' as Lethosos puts it, and I confront him on it angrily since I was annoyed that apparently people are talking about me behind my back making others I don't even know yet be 'tards' towards me.

    I wasn't being a douche, I was responding harshly towards someone who was being an ass as I was annoyed at (the above) + the fact that several people in the chat just wait until they see me doing something they can make fun of and piss me off with.


    Another fact to point out;

    Some users in the chat wait for me to say something negative, so they can immediately start attacking me. Making me out to be the bad guy. If I say something positive, no one notices nor cares. If I'm asking for help with something, someone might help, other times it's totally ignored. But no, every single time I make even the slightest negative comment towards something "Windows 8 doesn't have a start menu", I get attacked by these vultures waiting there to start a conflict. I didn't start anything, that dickmunch did, I was just sick of it and responded angrily.

    For the record, it's not just Aspergers, it's several other things too. It makes me hard to get along with, unable to work, and moody. Hard for me to control myself especially in situations where I feel insulted. Normally am able to blow it off but people in the chat have targeted me several times before and it builds up, on top of the stress I have to deal with this week because of impending court date on friday so this week really isn't good.

    Quoting for posterity.

  6. For the record, it's not just Aspergers, it's several other things. It makes me hard to get along with, unable to work, and moody. Hard for me to control myself especially in situations where I feel insulted. Normally am able to blow it off but people in the chat have targeted me several times before and it builds up, on top of the stress I have to deal with this week because of impending court date on friday so this week really isn't good.

    I know way too much about your life now, and it makes me pretty uncomfortable.

  7. look for yourself. The tens change as his 9 comes up meaning its a zero as the tens counter goes up (15, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20...) and looking at the tens counter you can see that even after it changes six times, the hundreds does not change meaning it goes past 60 and up to 99. If it were proper seconds then it would change five times over the course of 60 seconds.

    The number is going down, not up.

  8. One day, Eight hours, Eighty two minutes.... What? 82 minutes??? Did I count wrong?

    Also: 0 is actually 9, 1 is 0, 2 is 1, so on and so fourth.

    This is defiantly a timer, but the time is messed up. I'm sure its at 82 minutes...

    ya the seconds are going up to 99, same with the minutes...

    Something isn't adding up... I smell a prank.

    Or you could be wrong, and those numbers are correct?

  9. I already spend a workday every day (less a lunch break) to make money so I can have a computer, electricity, house, etc. with which to play games on the computer. There's a world of difference between the time I'm obligated to spend to make a living and the time I choose to spend for fun. Don't presume to draw conclusions about one from the other.

    Turn on a quarry. Go to work. Come back to lots of shit. ??????

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