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  1. There is still a good number of people playing Classic, as far as I know, but I just don't actually see a point in sticking with the old. The new will only continue to get better, while the old stagnates and falls to bugginess.

  2. By "talking about," FlyingDucky meant, "I asked Frizzil and he said no outright."

    If you're gonna ask someone to hand over a massive, highly sentimental, actively developed project, you could at least have the courtesy of, you know, checking on the current status of the project before doing so. I.e., playing the mod or checking the official thread.

    Also, making the title of the thread "MUST READ" is beyond criminal...

    I read the first line, and absolutely lost my shit. ur da best, frizzy.

  3. I've known about this one for a while. You should still be posting this in the bugs section, and not here. Temporary solution is to play catch with the items. No idea why it works, but throwing them around (literally, onto the ground) will occasionally give them the correct damage value.

  4. It is pretty simple. If they decide to do everything completely for free, it is their decision. No one forced them to a) do it B) do it for free. So there is no "you are doing nothing for us" as they could have decided to charge for it/set anything as a requirement or whatever, but they did not.

    So what is the point what we users do for them? We spread their work, we make it popular. Due to our feedback they get motivation to continue. If no one would use it, why continue with something? Without a big user base, something that is free to use, is just nothing.

    Best example Linux. There has always been contact with the end users, ratings/votings/feedback to improve the product. Would have linux been succesful if they would have said "you don't do anything for us, so you are not entitled to anything? haha sure not.

    Again, don't get me wrong, i am neither complaining about tekkit lite nor demanding a new version or anything. All i don't understand or i would like to understand is, why (if it is even true) they now drop tekkit lite again, which, and that is what i am saying all the time, is bad, as a lot of people previously had to drop maps/mods/players whatever to change to it.

    You seem to think that it was originally made to be distributed. You keep showing us why you're an idiot, and still have yet to get bent. Please just leave.

  5. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, so if you aren't entitled to anything, bad for you, i am.

    If they make a nice product or introduce something new, but keep supporting it, well, i will be the first buying it.

    Where is the sense in creating a new pack, advice it as the holy glory grail, a lot of people switch over too it, wipe the maps or whatever and then drop the support? That just sux. So now what? Go back to regular Tekkit again? Then they should have stated at the beginning "This is just a test. This won't be supported for a long time" or something.

    "we give a fuck about what you think attidude, don't dare to criticize us" has never worked for a long time. (beside korea)

    You aren't buying anything. Get bent.

  6. You seem to have a LOT of misconceptions. For one thing, Industrialcraft most likely will not be returning. Second, Technic SSP never made it past 1.2.5. Redpower will almost most likely not be returning. Both of those mods have been almost completely overtaken and replaced by other mods, that we can also actually rely on to update in a timely fashion.

  7. So.. I would need around... 30 Precision import busses and double that in Export.

    No. Just... No that is WAY to expensive and time consuming.

    Understood, so you have machines that are literally overflowing, but you can't afford to make something that is actually relatively cheap.

  8. I thought the OP asked 'So does anyone have a setup that doesn't overflow every 5 seconds?'

    I can't see anything on the page you linked that shows that... Can you try posting a useful link?

    AE storage and item movement is instant, and will not send to a full machine. Can you try getting bent?

  9. Technic was first. Tekkit was made because it was a multiplayer compatible version of Technic, with bukkit. Bukkit was then removed, separating Tekkit into Tekkit Classic (with bucket, and not updating), and Tekkit Lite (sans bukkit). Technic was discontinued, as one of the Minecraft updates made it so all mods are multiplayer compatible, so having a single player only version had no purpose. Tekkit has evolved once again, bringing it back to just being Tekkit.