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  1. well if you looked at all the pictures it shows 2 columns of folders the 1 one was to folders with another folder in them the tekkit lite folder has a folder in it named something else and i can't go in it because it's apparently "to big" or "to far" so i can't delete it goes for the 2 folder with 4 folders in it so my only choice is to delete my app data if that doesn't work then bye bye computer.

    I looked at your pictures, they all show incredibly long paths. Go use the program Kirby linked, and don't insult people when you're asking for help.

  2. Try moving the contents of that final Tekkit Lite folder out and deleting that.

    What happens when you try deleting that original folder containing the rest?

    I was thinking the same thing, based on the error message. He somehow managed to setup some extreme recursion, and it can't figure out what the hell to do.

  3. Please direct all complaints to my butt.

    Dear Cheapshot's Butt,

    How are you? I am well. I heard about your recent work in the field of penetration, excellent finesse, my friend. However, this recent 'Platform' shindig has gotten slightly out of hand! There isn't a set of pointlessly verbose instructions, how on earth am I supposed to compile my own set of mods (or 'modpack', as I affectionately refer to it)? And when I asked for more guidance, one of your moderators was very rude to me, telling me I should stop being so incredibly dense! Can you imagine? I'm not sure he's even human, he might be a cat. I'm not sure I can approve of inter-species moderating.


  4. I guess that great a modpack can be considered good for one person and bad for another. But don't modpacks like the ones that i spoke of clog the system? There are tons of modpacks beeing uploaded by the minutes and the majority just consist of words like hi or LOL.

    The point isn't to see who has the best modpack. It's to make it easy for people to share their pack with friends, or servers to customize their experience. Removing it just because someone doesn't wanna type up a description to share it with 2-3 friends or whatever, is silly.

  5. ^^ When i click share, it wants me to add recipients to share it with

    ^its defiantly a modpack.jar and i have the direct link

    Just to make sure, you're not putting the direct link in the launcher, right?

  6. I was looking for a better place to put this but didn't think it made sense there...

    Description for Cafe Lame is:

    Vanilla MC or nonspecific to pack news and discussion. For pack discussion, scroll down.

    I'd much rather maintain a single thread as opposed to a bunch of them. I wish there was a section for tools or something that seemed applicable... I'm hoping the mods chime in at some point and tell me where they want it.

    "Nonspecific to pack".

  7. Ah. Well I'm going to run the version you re-sent me... hopefully it'll come through like it should. (has fingers crossed)

    EDIT: Just loaded as Vanilla MC again. -sigh- Goodbye, WinRar. Hello again, 7-Zip.

    Make sure you use dl, instead of www, like Ragnar did in his link.