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  1. It's important to recognize that devs are, in general, not the problem here. Devs are just guys with jobs in the creative industry. The problem is the CEO's and other fatcat buisiness folk who don't really understand the world that they're selling to. They're the ones telling the devs that the game needs to have intrusive DRM. Devs are being given a choice between sabotaging their own livelihood, and supporting the gamers who play their games. It's not an enviable situation, and most devs that i've talked to dislike the always-on DRM trend.

    Edited because I knew that but was too thoughtless to put it in. :v

  2. Hi Agent here,

    I am new to volts and could not find this information on the wiki

    Does a Hydrogen Generator create more power than an electrolytic seperator requires?

    Or is it like real life and Hydrogen is just an energy carrier?

    It makes a LOT more power. One generator was enough to keep my entire wall of machines running, no problem.

  3. This is obviously because I am going against you and the rest of your team. You should take this seriously as Mojang might wanna sue you. You could convert the code that the modpack url contains to a code your launcher only understands. This would fix your problem!

    The only point that you're forgetting is that you need a legitimate minecraft account to download any of these packs.

  4. Yo dawgs,

    so from what I can see nobody can get technic at the moment.

    Is that true? i just wanna play with some Tekkit. Registration has been closed.

    Is there any way to get in?

    Or when will it be reopened?

    You only need to register to upload your pack, not download.

  5. it only needs to include the things that are changed from a vanilla install. the folder structure should be the same as vanilla minecraft's with the addition of the folders forge uses (configs, mods, coremods). any mods that must go into minecraft.jar, like forge, are placed in modpack.jar inside the bin folder.

    To add to this, make sure your zip is setup as, etc., as opposed to Commonly made mistake.