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  1. I saw this thread and I am jumping in on this immediately.

    When trying to run a server, EE has to be removed entirely or edited to be fair with the other mods, SO THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAY THE OTHER MODS.

    Key point: You leave EE in the game, endgame IS EE. Not Industrial Craft, not Railcraft, not Buildcraft, just lolEEasymode. EE is currently ruining other servers because players are forced to use the mod in the end if they expect to get anything done. Else they become a laughing stock by the others who actively pursue EE devices, and general trash talking occurs. Honestly, its mostly the fact that EE attracts idiots and assholes to it makes it the mod I NEVER want to touch.

    If the creative mode ring actually used some sort of energy, Im sure things would be fine. If the 'gem' armor didnt have absurd godmode powers, things also probably would be fine. But unless you completely remove them as stated, any style PvP server is ruined, and anyone who wants to pursue other mods quickly gets overshadowed by EE. I understand that EE3 is supposedly coming, and offers much needed balances, but how do we even know they'll be good for Tekkit still?

    Im not saying remove it, sure its nice to bridge the gap between science and creation with a little magic. A little. Something needs to be done to make sure EE doesnt become the Endgame, only an option.

  2. I am hereby withdrawing my being a moderator on this server.

    I do not like being called a leecher because I didnt donate, nor my friends, on a free to play server with donator perks, especially when my guild "The Herd" aka as Fluff-Tech at the moment are probably the most active/most built players. The vast amount of us, 10 by my count will be leaving starting now, and probably to find a new server that:

    - Does not require a donation to pay for it to play.

    - Does not have 'babysitting' privileges for those who paid.

    - And doesnt have an admin who pretty much shit talks anyone who doesnt agree with him.

    I put some good work into this server, and its sad to see it burn down like this, all because one of the children who paid money for the server whined. I do not like being told that the ones who donate is the only reason that the server is in running in operation, when in fact 50 slots with only 3 of them being used doesnt look one bit fun at all. The free to play players making the game interesting, where paying for it gives a slight advantage that doesnt ruin the game in hopes of competition is how you model this sort of thing, not idolize people who handed you 20$ and spit on everyone else.

    I am going to be as frank and honest as I can, and tell you with a STRONG suggestion, to avoid this server if you are looking for a PvP server. It is a PvP server, until someone whines, which is 5 seconds after 95% of the people died.

  3. Well there will be a room where you can log in, then insert IC credits to give yourself chips in our gaming area. With those, you can access single player games, or the gambling hall. When you are done, you can return to that room, and dispense IC credits.

    Ive already written many of the functions down on paper, and Im ready to test em out when I get some computers put together.

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