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  1. ME3 may have multiplayer functionality, but FireFall is always multiplayer. I treid the multiplayer for ME3 for awhile but was able to get the best possible ending with my galactic readiness at 50% so I never really saw the point.

  2. Well, Mass Effect covers the entire galaxy whereas FireFall is only on earth, there are no alien species, just ones that got jacked up and mutated by the melding, no reapers, Mass Effect is SP and FireFall is an MMORTTS, and there is no massive galactic conspiracy / cover up about a sentient synthetic race that comes in and wrecks shop every 50,000 years.

  3. It doesn't lag for me and I run around high to mid for graphics. Don't forget guys, there is a counter in the op that shows how many invites I have available if you want one.

  4. yeah, it basically seems like: "yur hur, uts dis inurgy surs... luts uz it ALL du tim. oh luk, aliens atwakun oos foor id? how dare duy! killblamlasershhoty!

    Then don't play it.

    I'll add an invite counter in the OP.

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