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  1. Hey guys, [Mod]Michael here! Whilst many of us staff have been very busy over the past couple weeks in preparation for "Operation: Rise of the 100" (Oh-so-poorly named by me), I feel like I should take the time to update our official banned Items list on the server. So, here it is. Banned Items: These items have been known to dupe, crash the server, or grief safe-zones and protections. A couple of these are also here to promote PVP balance. NOTE: If you disagree with a ban and/or have found a way to fix a dupe, message an admin and we will check it out. EE2 Philosopher's Stone (Only Right-Click) All 'lens' Destruction Catalyst Gem Armour Mercurial Eye All Rings (except Swiftwolf's Rending Gale) All Amulets Black Hole Chest / Band RM Furnace Transmutation Table / Tablet RM Chestplate + RM Helmet Nova Catalyst & Nova Cataclysm MK2 and MK3 Collectors / Relays (Donator only) Tier 3 Divining Rod (Donator Only) [*]Balkon's Weapon Mod All Ranged Weapons [*]MFFS Entire Mod [*]Railcraft World Anchors [*]IndustrialCraft² Quantum Chestplate Water Strainer [*]Wireless Redstone (CBE) Triangulators REPs Wireless Jammer [*]Ender Chests Entire Mod [*]Other (Vanilla Items and Such) Dispensers
  2. Erm, pretty sure I had more information than most others, but whatevs. My post edited with more info.
  3. Name/Nickname: Michael (Just Michael) IGN: x1208_Michael Age: 17 Time Zone: EST Will you use Ventrilo? (to talk / interact with the community) Most definitely Will you be a dedicated player on our server? As long as the server has a good community and is inviting to players, of course! Why should we add you/a little bit about yourself: I am the type of player to gain a role in the community. I am very friendly and can help out new players without giving them everything that they need. I have played Tekkit since July 2012, and I am fairly well off in it. The mod that I am most skilled with would have to be ComputerCraft. I once built an entire factory completely run by CC computers, it was awesome. Hope that I can join the server soon :)
  4. Minecraft Username: x1208_Michael Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: Not that I am aware of. What do you plan to do on the server: I plan on creating a mage tower, one in which I can practice all forms of magic, weak and strong. Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: Yes. In a previous server, I built a factory completely controlled by ComputerCraft. Too bad that server is down now... I hope to join soon :)
  5. Age: 17 IGN: x1208_Michael Have you ever been banned, if so, explain why and how many times you have been banned: Once or twice, I'm sure. One of the times it said for "homophobia," on a server in which I was being harassed for BEING gay. Some people's logic. ._. Why do you think you should join this server (5-6 Sentences): I am looking for a server in which I won't get griefed every single time I log off, yet I can still enjoy every aspect of every single mod. I have been playing a lot of Survival Singleplayer as of late, and it is starting to get lonely. I can't wait to join a server that is Tekkit in it's purest form, without banned items getting in the way of production. I love helping out other people, and I feel as if this may be the very place to do so. I like how the application process is strict, which means that only people that DESERVE to join will join. Why should we except you to this server (5-6 Sentences): I am going to assume that you meant to type "accept," not "except." I can be a major help in all areas of Tekkit to new players, and experienced ones. I often know why things aren't working, and how to fix them. I am quite experienced in almost every area of Tekkit. I can do nearly anything that I need to do to become successful. Sometimes I use science, other times I use magic. I love intermingling the two, to create a massive superpower on the server. I am fairly friendly, until I start getting legitimately insulted by other players. On most servers, I am dubbed "The IT Guy," for my proficiency in Computer Craft. I typically start off as a guy in a cave with a single computer and a monitor. Two days later, I will have a full-fledged factory run by ComputerCraft. I work fast, and I work well. I am also amazing with server setups / configs, as I used to run one. In addition, I may be able to create plugins for you (if you were to need any). Have you read and studied the rules: Yes I have fully read the rules and understand them in their entirety. What will you do for the server (5-6 Sentences): I plan on creating a massive production facility. What am I producing, one may ask? Anything, and by that I mean absolutely anything. I decide what I produce, and what I sell. If players have requests, I may take them into consideration. For the most part, it will be magical items that the average player doesn't typically make in his or her gaming experience. I am a decent builder, meaning that I can make a mess of stuff look beautiful in design, like it was MEANT to be there. When I say production facility, I don't mean any run of the mill factory. I am talking about one controlled completely by ComputeCraft, and run from a single Control Center, wherever I wish to have it. I have considered creating a town for players around this factory, with free utilities such as power, EMC, BC power, whatever the people need. -- I am sorry if I wrote more than 6 sentences in some of these blanks. Ah well, c'est la vie. Hope to join all of you on the server soon!
  6. Name: Michael Age: 16 (17 this Saturday ^-^) Country and Time Zone: United States of America, EST IGN: x1208_Michael Hobbies: Coding, Playing Violin, Playing Tekkit Tell us a bit about yourself: I am a fairly reserved person until I get to know someone, and once that happens, I change. I become a cheery, hyper, obsessive freak of a teenager. I love to learn new things, and I am always open to criticism. My town's tallest building is a silo, and sometimes I feel like I am the only one with a brain. Mods you are proficient in: I am proficient in every mod in Tekkit, although I would have to say that the mods I use most are IndustrialCraft 2, RedPower, and Computer Craft. If you give me enough time, I can change the world for better (or for worse). Past histories on servers: On most servers, I am dubbed "The IT Guy," for my proficiency in Computer Craft. I typically start off as a guy in a cave with a single computer and a monitor. Two days later, I will have a full-fledged factory run by ComputerCraft. I work fast, and I work well. If someone messes with me, it may very well be the last thing they ever do on that server. What company do you want to join: To be honest, I would like to make my own company. The name is undecided, as well as my motive. I will probably be an all-around production facility, leading technology into the future. "IT, Inc." is the name that I am currently proposing. This may change as I play on the server, and I gain an identity to other players. What do you like about this server: I like that the server doesn't have a million items banned. Tekkit is Tekkit, don't mess with it. I never used Triangulators anyway, so all is well there. I also like the rules on raiding and griefing. I love the rush of getting raided and then tracking down the culprit, and doing them in. (Sorry for the run-on sentence :] ) Why do you want to join this server: I want to join a server that doesn't have essential mods banned (like oh-so-many servers), but is not overcome by griefers and imbeciles. After reading over the description, this seems like just the place I have been looking for. Why should we let you join this server: I am a pretty well-off Tekkit player, as well as being able to help out new players and staff with any troubles that they come along. I have run a server in the past, and was pretty nice, except I could not fund it properly at the time. (ah, youth...) What is your greatest achievement in tekkit: My greatest achievement in Tekkit is a full-on factory run by Computer Craft. Everything could be controlled from a single computer. I built this in a single-player world quite a while ago. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and I lost all of it's data, along with all of my Tekkit creations. I aim to re-create this on a Tekkit server in the near future, perhaps even this one. I hope that my application will be accepted, and I look forward to playing with all of you soon!
  7. Yeah... this ChestFix Thing is really starting to get on my nerves. I know why it's there, but it is just annoying :/
  8. Thank you. I did PVP a player in a mineshaft, but there is nothing wrong with that :/
  9. Umm... it says that I was tempbanned from the server for 1 day. I did not break any of the rules. IGN: x1208_Michael
  10. [sarcasm]Why would I forgive you?[/sarcasm]
  11. I was being facetious, however, this is the internet. Sorry. But yes, your idea would work as well.
  12. Whatchu talking 'bout? We don't go no grates, this is Vanilla! :3
  13. I did that, but it wouldn't harvest. It grew fine, and I could manu-harvest, but what's the point of that?
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