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  1. Yes that is me iPenguinMC. @CanVox, I am quite excited for the new system to come out in this case. I did, re-create the slug, and if the API link is set to be the same, that would be quite helpful. Unfortunately minecraft server hosting seems to be a quite threatening place now, especially with all these server empires where smaller non-business servers are forced out of the game. However, BusinessElite will attempt to survive and we will be ready when the new system comes out.
  2. None of which are actually being sold. Ive just been increasingly busy in real life and simply did not have time to do things with minecraft.
  3. Change the id of fairies to 0 in your Biomes O' Plenty config
  4. Go to %appdata% = roaming, then go into .technic. Next navigate to modpacks and delete the entire attack-of-the-bteam folder. Let the modpack redownload when you go ahead and launch it again.
  5. Forestry requires buildcraft as a dependency I think.
  6. We had a lot of problems that we were fixing up which is why server was down for a while, but now it is back up and running. Hopefully we can get back up on our feet and continue to be one of the top servers in terms of player experience
  7. We don’t appreciate advertising other servers on our server. Its in the rules. You did this to yourself.
  8. Yep, patience is the key It can take us anywhere from 5 minutes to a year to actually accept or decline an application
  9. Minecraft server sessions are down. http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ You wont be able to connect to ANY server until they are fixed.
  10. We have gone ahead and started working on the top voted future content. 'Building rentable shop plots at spawn.' It has been removed from the poll now.
  11. We are back up. I am so sorry about all the recent downtime. Unfortunately these kind of things happen when running a new modpack. It still has a lot of bugs. We are trying to clear everything up as best as we can to create an amazing experience for the players.
  12. If you have not already voted, please go ahead and vote on our upcoming content poll! All of the features will be added at some point, however we would like to prioritize our time.
  13. This modpack is fairly young and still has a lot of unfixed problems. Crashes should be expected of something this new. We try to maintain uptime as much as possible, however it is just not possible to be 100% stable yet.
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