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  1. Why would you do that when the strong point of a redpower logistic system is that it won't output items if they have no valid destination?

    Anyway, regarding OP's question, the most compact solution is to use logistic pipes with

    - quicksort module on your input chest

    - item sink module on your input chest, defined as default route

    - item sink module on the macerators with relevant ores

    - extractor module on the macerators

    Won't that constantly cycle items out of then back into the input chest if the macerator has a different kind of ore?

  2. My preferred setup is a little more complex. I have an input chest and a sorting machine. Then from the the sorting machine I sort them into the macerator or the furnace or back to the chest overflow chest. In that physical order. Then I have a retriever sucking from those three into the input chest. Finally there is a separate colored line for ingots to leave the system. What happens is the retriever controls how fast the system runs. It doesn't pull new ores or dusts till the macerator and furnace are empty. But anything coming out of the macerator usually goes straight into the furnace.

  3. You do realise it has the numbers are right there

    64 x 64 = 4096

    I can see 4 barrels that have spread though, bottom right @ 43x64, next to the map @ 64 and the two in the back right corner @ 61 x 64 + 47 and 47 x 64 + 30

    Even so that would only account for 2 excess barrels

    He meant that the labels on the barrels often don't update when you access them via pipes. Manually checking the item count makes it update. Is there a retriever in you're system anywere?

  4. I would have it use water at a fixed rate even if the blocks are already hydrated. I would also not include a control mechanism in it, like IRL make it controlled by the pump sending it water. That should simplify the block allot right? The tricky part would be handling over watering. Store it in the farm block data? Is there a way to trap reeds check for adjacent water?

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