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  1. Server is back up; I fixed w/e it was @ Grag's by removing spawned item entities in the area; don't know where they were to see what was causing it, but it's fixed for now. Please convo me here on the forums if it goes down again. ~Epy
  2. oh WTF ...why are there 26,000 entities at Grag and Fluff's place???? Great... Also, who added a World Anchor today? There are now 4 compared to the 3 last night/this morning...
  3. Server back online; what happened to take it back down again? was Grag online?
  4. Server is back up; sending me PM is quickest way to get it back online. I don't know about grag's issue but I haven't changed/fixed anything there. ~Epy
  5. It's been moved near spawn and the spawn Christmas tree. BTW V00, can I say how much I LOVE it? hahaha! I tried cleaning it up a bit, but you might want to take a look at it. Also, I just copied it over, so the original is still at your place if you need to reference it. Looks like it came out fine. Let me know what you think and let me know if/when you need me to help some more. ~Epy
  6. Btw folks; we know that you're all going to be online less over the holidays, so you don't have to let us know Enjoy the holidays and we'll see you when we see you! <3
  7. Yes we are, we're just slow and behind on them at the moment. Sorry if it's taking so long (lots of applications); we ask that you be patient and we'll get to you! If you'd like to get on sooner, feel free to send me a PM here on the forums with a detailed/longer message and I'll look into it! ~Epy (Admin)
  8. Sorry I've been away for a few days guys; got into a motorcycle accident (low speed, 10 mph) and i've chipped my left ankle bone. so yay for crutches and a cast that i HAVE to keep elevated or it swells pretty good. I'll be hopping online more often as I get settled, but figured I'd at least give you guys an update. ~Epy
  9. Right in front of them; have witnesses. Also, I left out how he was responding to people in chat and obviously liking how he made them react when he broke their stuff.
  10. He is now permanently banned and reported as a griefer on minecraft banning sites. He was destroying land and people's property, including right in front of them. If anyone has issues with this, you can PM me, but GoodLuck if you're hoping to get an appeal on this decision. ~Epy Server Admin
  11. That's the Server owner and main whitelist guy; there ya go. Also, I'm sorry the server's gotten a little out of hand; I was out-of-town for three days and didn't have access to be able to restart it and such.
  12. How do you normaly close tekkit and log off? Do you hit Disconnect on the menu, or do you usually just "x" the window closed? If you usually just close the window, you might have corrupted your server login file like Silver did the other week; I can fix that by deleting your login file on the server, but you'll lose your spawn and your current inventory (if you use alch bags, those will retain their inventories thank goodness). If you think that is the case, let me know and I can do that for you (I'll backup that file just in case that's not it). ~Epy
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