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    ks7 got a reaction from ForgottenMiner in [1.1.8]Resilience Freebuild Server[24/7][Graylist][PvE][Survival][20 slots][Mumble]   
    Resilience Freebuild Server!

    24/7, Dedicated Server

    Live Dynmap


    Now Graylisted! Check us out in game before applying!

    New Website! Click

    The Resilience Freebuild Server started out as a private Tekkit server for a few friends from my guild in World of Warcraft. Since we first opened our doors to whitelist applicants in October 2012, the server has grown into a tight knit group of players who love to build, create, and have fun together. While we aren't the biggest server, we're proud that our players are dedicated, creative, and friendly individuals, and we take pride in the community that we've created among ourselves. To help foster this atmosphere, we only have a few simple rules:

    1. Respect other players and their creations. Most of us have worked hard on our homes and creations, and we hope that new players will display the same cooperation and respect that we have to one another. In short, don't grief, don't steal, and be respectful. Please try to avoid lag producing machines/ setups. Also, please place toggle switches on all machinery/ circuitry so that you don't hog server resources while you are offline! Please identify your buildings/ property with signs as well. You are more than welcome to fence off land that you plan on using.

    2. Keep the server pretty. If a creeper blows up on you and makes a crater in the middle of town, fill it back in. If you cut down a bunch of trees, replant them. If you want to mine for materials, don't dig a giant 500x500 cavern at bedrock level and then leave it empty. We have tools such as WorldEdit and world backups to fix major problems, but it's much easier to just do your part and fix the small things on the spot. We also have a mining world to keep all of your nasty quarry holes out of the main world.

    3. Be mature and creative. While we don't require any level of experience with Minecraft or Tekkit in general, we DO require that you act mature and creative. Don't beg other players to hand you items, don't beg people to partner up with you, and don't harass other players when they won't help you. This goes for current players too - don't hand out expensive items to new players. You CAN and WILL be banned for begging for items, handing out items, or accepting expensive items given to you! There are only a few banned items, and we would like to keep it that way by trusting our players.

    Since it apparently needs to be spelled out to people, duping, modding, glitching, or any other form of breaking game mechanics for your own gain is prohibited.

    These rules are fairly simple to understand, so we are strict in terms of enforcing them. In other words, if you break the rules, you WILL be banned. That being said, we're a friendly, relaxed group of people, and outside of the occasional creeper-related heart attack, we tend to have a damn good time.

    If you are interested in playing on the server, please post the following information in a reply:

    In game name
    Are you currently banned from any servers?
    Minecraft experience to date
    A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server

    To help keep the community strong, we are fairly strict about who we whitelist. The amount of effort you put into it is directly correlated to your odds of being accepted. You should receive a private message within 24 hours to let you know if you have been accepted or not. We look forward to playing with you!

    Owner - ks7
    Admins - TehTub, Garretteagle01
    Moderators - Milworkz, Taroyra

    Plugin List


    (Bans can be appealed via a PM to me)
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