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  1. Ignoring the speculation in the video, all we got was confirmation TES6 is years away. Which does mesh fine with the MMO. It's not a WoW killer, so there is very little chance it will have large enough subscriber numbers to justify keeping the IP exclusive.


    Addressing the speculation.

    No where did Todd say a new engine, he said new technology. With bethesda, new technology usually means upgrades to their favorite engine. My personal wishlist would be better vehicles, simulation of of NPCs (simulated needs and procedural schedules, like what morrowind was supposed to have), and a synthetic voice module that hits the other side of the uncanny valley (for voiced characters that don't require recorded sound files).

    New Vegas 2 was entirely speculation as well. More likely they have tossed the bone to obsidian to belt something good out to keep interest up while they experiment with Fallout 5 themselves.

  2. Holyshit reddit, really?

    Yesterday I was pleased with myself for breaking 1000 karma after 5 or so months of actual use.Some decent posts, a couple broke the triple digits, and a couple downvoted ones I thought were rather unfair. All in all a nifty milestone.

    One comment I made today has garnered 2500 karma in 7 hours. It was a joke comment in an article about the japanese pole vaulter who knocked the bar off with his junk...

  3. What's that Lassie? Toasty networks inflates its review counts with a system that encourages generic reviews from its players? It's devaluing real reviews the same way cheap counterfeits on amazon load up on 5 star reviews with broken english?

    Or did Timmy just fall down the well again?

  4. On 6/26/2016 at 11:36 AM, Kocken926 said:

    I've heard a surprising lot of this and I can't understand the logic.

    A lot of people are thoroughly convinced The Establishment controls voting results and The Establishment would never let the UK leave the EU, since they also control the EU. So whether they wanted to leave or not they voted to leave just to annoy The Establishment out of protest.

    You see a lot of these conspiracy nuts state side. Just look for someone who claims the republican and democrat parties are identical.


    On 6/26/2016 at 2:35 PM, Mooseman9 said:

    I don't get everyone talking about the pound tanking. It's not like the market has ever reacted to a big change in politics before, right?

    Yeah, but the problem is currencies always rebound quickly until they don't.

    Uncharted territory here, the hits to the financial markets could be longer lived than most would like.

  5. Bunch of news coming out of the UK about brexit buyers remorse.

    The Leave party started backtracking on their campaign promises 24 hours after the vote went through, pissing off a LOT of people.

    Other voters claim they didn't believe it was real and only voted for the exit out of protest.

    And there's a petition to hold a second vote that has 2mil signatures.

    Plus there's analysis of the vote that shows the majority voters were 65+, with few millenials voting despite their overwhelming support of staying. And people are arguing that maybe the generation that will have to live with the consequences should have more of a say.

  6. Heh. Taking a defensive driving course for work.

    "Carrying a weapon is not advised as a means to gain control of your emotions."

    "Do not use electronic equipment such as cellular phones, portable laptops, or portable fax machines while driving." I want a portable fax machine, and one of the 80's style brick phones they show in the video.

    "Do not eat a full meal while driving." And yes, they showed him eating a full meal starting with the salad course.

    "Beware drivers with out of state license plates."

    "Use a CB radio to report a suspected DUI to the police."

    "The No Zones are in front of, behind, and on the left and right sides of a semi-truck." So apparently the only blind spot free area is flying above of tunneling underneath a big rig. Good to know early 90's narrator.

    "Rural areas have hazards such as farm equipment and special deer crossing areas." Well no shit sherlock.

    "In case of an accident, keep your owners manual, emergency phone numbers, a spare accident report form, and a copy of your medical records in your car at all times." Yeah, I'll get right on that...

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