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  1. Username: Conor08 I like this server it has a good spawn,friendly community,decent rules and good plugins i would recommend this
  2. i have donated a few times because i love the people on it the staff the plugins and the benefits of donating are worth while and i would donate as long as i have money to spend i recommend this server to people new to Tekkit to people who are masters because people are there to help and give u advice its a really good community join soon . Conor :D
  3. I love the server its good i don't care about no EE its over powered any way i love the plugins and the staff are nice and friendly and there is regular compaction for rewards like diamonds and they have there own website with forums and things and its well devolved and the anti grief is good for finding the griefer there is a plugin for locking all the Tekkit chests like gold copper ect... The rules are fair and simple its good 24/7 up-time and there's regular restarts to prevent lag but that lasts a few seconds normally i would recommend this server to any one unless they wanted EE its really good i hope i see new people join cause there's plenty of slots see ya soon
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