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  1. Yeah I've been working with that. The issue here is protect-blocks disables the ability of players to build/destroy. I believe it also makes it so players can't open chests as several of the "jump puzzle" dungeon rooms are automatically set so players can't place/destroy blocks... these same rooms players cannot open the chest if it has one.

    Also rolfcondas turn these protected sections into mesa's with sheer cliffs. only accessible to rangers or people with excess blocks on them.

    No-mobs will prevent them spawning in a chunk but not from wandering in it.

    Currently I'm simply attempting to do no-mobs for a several chunk area and then fence it in. Which works marginally until the fence blows.

    I'm hoping to find a way to prevent mobs from damaging blocks server wide at the very least. Or a true/false setting for disabling mob types.

    Maybe the only option is to hope the modder will give us something along these lines.

  2. Actually having Rolfcondas in your spawn area is a VERY big deal.

    The spawn on my multiplayer server was turned into a pit that's nearly impossible to get out of. I now have to reset the server since no new players can get anywhere. Also the terrain where this things spawn turns into a blast crater nightmare, the explosions are ridiculously large because of all the segments.

    So again the question. Is there a way to disable Roflconda's?

    I don't want to hear about moving houses. Changing spawns. Building things out of blast resistant material. I want to get these removed from my server, or made incapable of breaking blocks.

    Server is 0.6.0

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