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  1. So you're asking someone to do the whole server, basically, for you. Is this correct? If so, simply "do it yourself". Many admins are available throughout the day, just post a forum thread on PMC saying "NEED STAFF".
  2. Probably shouldn't be running a server if you can't find the mods. But, everyone starts somewhere, so, the mods folder is literally called mods. The file you're looking for will be called "industrialcraft".
  3. Essentials- Look at your config. It can disable void damage
  4. Message me what you want to do, the class file(s) you edited, and I will re-compile them for you.
  5. Install java 7, then find the folder it's located in, make sure you're in the folder with javaw.exe in it. Copy the address of the folder and then go to My Computer>System Properties>Advanced System Settings (bar on left)>Advanced>Environment Variables>Click on Path , if not there make a variable called "Path" and then put the folder address in there.
  6. Probably don't need to buy a server if it's for you and your friends, but for public community I recommend renting one. Use NFOServers! Tickets with a response time of 1 minute.
  7. Make sure you put in the port, and they join the hamachi group, and that they also use the exact same IP, with the port. Also, you're missing the server IP in the server.config file. The IP is the numbers displayed at the top of hamachi when you open it.
  8. That, or some mods just working together to make pure evil.
  9. 1. Grammar 2. You can't have the same IP unless you're sharing the WIFI signal 3. Use hamachi, works better than chicken and less hassle 4. Is your server on whitelist?
  10. You need to re-download the tekkit mod for your server. Your IC2 mod is corrupted, so you may need to only get a new mod_IC2 file. Import all of the required things, (Tekkit.jar, mod_IC2.zip) and click "export" in eclipse. It will make a .jar file for you, open it to get your .class file. (you must import or it will not work as intended.)
  11. Yes, but anyone who is trying to dupe that way will obviously question what's going on, tell the whole server, which will tell the owner. It would cause more confusion, simply because it didn't go their way.
  12. If you want to use T00thTransaction, you need version 1.5, and it can be hosted from a remote server.
  13. Anyone got a 3.1.3 recompile of the edited EEMaps.class that was around for stopping the 3.1.2 blazerod/bonemeal dupe? I tried to do it myself and got a bunch of errors with var0,var1, and so on.