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  1. Oh no, certain items are worth massive amounts, others are only worth a max of 64, such as collectors and relays being worth 128 stacks, and i'm talking about the mk 3 variants in that case. we take the approximate emc value of an item or its components and total that up, compare it to the emc cost of one credit (four iron ingots) and then divide its total by the crdits value, this is only for the higher end items such as hv solar arrays, others have a price we set, such as one credit for six cooked chicken and when businesses get set up they will be able to determine a price for their items a
  2. Why should EE be disabled? It's part of the mod pack make use of it, just disable certain parts, like no red matter tools, can't craft any part of the power flower, other than the condenser, and if you set a business type thing going, kind of like the yogscast with sips_ co, then there could be a company that specializes in all things magical
  3. Collector's are also uncraftable, and myself and a classmate are building a town using this system on her server for just some friends, we'll see how it works out, max worth of most items to sell will only be 64 anyway
  4. Actually I was intending on using the Trade-O-Mat and disabling the recipe for credits I'm trying to set up a small server of just some of my friends that play it where they can trade credits for services or items, with something like collector's being worth insane amounts, 128 stacks of credits to be precise, and when someone wants to buy one I spawn it in for them and take their credits for a sort of town value
  5. I would very much like to know how the industrial credits worked as currency a I intend to do the same thing upon creation of my tekkit server
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