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  1. Here's the first video in a new series I'm starting, where I want to focus on some of these modpacks in the launcher that aren't in the limelight:
  2. I've been on hiatus lately, but that has been remedied. I added a soon to be four-part episode catching up on my progress with building my mountain into more of a home, and getting some of the major mods working. Specifically: Redpower2 sorting machines - the easy way EE, Buildcraft, Industricalcraft -- basic stuff Thaumcraft -- a beginning into researching in Thaumcraft2 Mystcraft -- and how to get jumpstarted in Thaumcraft research Check out the playlist below. I've got two more videos coming this evening to add to my "Technic Pack is Hard!" let's play. Enjoy!
  3. New video posted ... like, uh... maybe a few days ago? Anyway, I've got a mining turtle up and running, and I LOVE IT. Also, crossbows. Fun Stuff. Mining Turtles are Godlike -- Technic is HARD Ep. 10
  4. Also, I'm curious. When you redesign for a different purpose than what was originally intended, what steps do you take? (Versus a microrevision of swapping one type of wooden planks for another)
  5. Yes, this actually does. I was hoping that some would jump in with their experience, rather than needing a rewording. Again, I'm applying the term "revision" in a loose way, so if a mod sees fit to move it to off-topic, please do so. However, I think most Tekkies (minecrafters using these mods, etc.) revise their designs regularly, but perhaps not thinking in these categories? ... Crap, that doesn't clear it up much ... Does it?
  6. Yes, yes, the Technic Launcher works fine in Linux, 32 and 64 bit. Now, what did you want?

  7. No. Please don't add more modpacks... I still have yet to make rails in railcraft, research a "good" item in thaumcraft, program a computer in computercraft, ... or do _anything_ with Steve's carts... I'm so behind.... i need more time, TIME!
  8. I'm hoping this fits under general. I have a discussion question: I teach English composition at a state university (although some may question how ...) and when talking about macrorevision vs microrevision (filthy rhetorical terms), it hit me: How do Minecrafters (specifically "Tekkies") approach revision? In other words, in your playstyle, when you need to change/revise something, what are your experiences when you have to do: Macrorevision -- changes to purpose, structure, support, style, or even audience (like with something on a Tekkit server, for example?) Microrevision
  9. Got another one up where I return to the Nether -- with a blunderbuss. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. It's amazing. Nether vs Blunderbuss -- Technic is HARD Ep. 9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kpWlU1X3ms&feature=plcp
  10. Some preparation required -- I actually THOUGHT about what I might need in the Nether before I traveled, I talk about how to find squids.... YES, SQUIDS EXIST IN THE TECHNIC PACK!!!! AND I make a blunderbuss. Hell yes. Ink Sacs, Sharks Teeth, Guns - Technic is HARD Ep. 8
  11. Did some exploring in the Nether, and made a horrible go of it. You can view it here -- this is what NOT to do when you go to the Nether in the Technic Pack. How Not to Nether - Technic Pack is HARD Ep. 7
  12. Just posted an update -- finally have my most recent world up to speed with some Tier 1 IC2 machines, a bit of Thaumcraft2, and a wolf who didn't drop anything ... but if he had, I would've had my wolfskin boots!! Damn! Check out the playlist here:
  13. This is something I should've done a long time ago ... Deadlinux Plays -- Technic Pack is HARD! (youtube playlist) ( ) Hello! I'm Deadlinux, and I've been throwing some videos in a playlist of me playing the Technic Pack (through use of the Technic Launcher, of course), but only on Hard mode. Not HARDCORE mode, I'm not that silly. Also, I do experiment a lot with the Technic Launcher in Linux, and when I figure out a way to record (in a decent quality!) in Linux, I will be posting from there. (But heck, I'm still fighting recording in Win7 ... not a windoze fan...) However, the
  14. Updating my status..

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