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  1. Thanks, it's much quicker for me to reply on our own forums You're application has been accepted.
  2. All set. Sorry for the long wait, these forums don't seem to always send me an email when someone replies to this thread. :(
  3. Please do not double post. You should have created your own thread, however I split it for you, so you're all set. Please register on http://koolsource.com. Let me know when you have and I'll whitelist you.
  4. Already sorted on forums. Accepted. Please register at http://koolsource.com so I can whitelist you (let me know when you've done so)
  5. Accepted. Please be sure to validate your account or the features available to you will be limited. Accepted. Please register on KoolSource.com so that I can whitelist you.
  6. Now it will... We must manually whitelist you once you register, applying on our forums is faster because it's fully automated, which is why it's the preferred method of becoming whitelisted. Accepted: Register on KoolSource.com if you haven't already and I'll whitelist you.
  7. Ohh I see why now: You didn't verify your email account. Please check your inbox for an email from our website to verify your account. If you cannot find it in your inbox please check your spam box :)
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