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Found 9 results

  1. Introduction: Hello my name is Jake a gamer and former co-owner/admin of many types of servers. Im here today to introduce the Helix.The Helix is a new group I am founding to start my career as an individual owner. Sincerely, Jake Miller p.s. Lot of reading but I worked hard please at least read won't take long and shows how hard I'm trying. Information: Services: Server IP: Custom Hostname: helixnation.provisionhost.com We Recommend using the Custom Hostname since it will never change.While the main Server IP could be changed when upgrading the server. Website: http://helixnation.enjin.com/ Plans: 1), I will begin by hiring a rudimentary(Basic) amount of staff to operate a functional server.Please keep in mind I will hire more players to become staff just would like to hire a few who can help manage till we get situated. 2), after creating an appropriate staff I will build the server from the ground up until it's ready for players to adventure into the world.In this step, we will add plugins,ranks,website,etc will be setup. 3) Release the server for players and allow them enjoy.We at Helix are founded to let players experience the unknown. What about after the server is made? 1), make the game more fun for players even if it's the tiniest thing like a new plugin or adding a different building.We will try to make sure the server players are happy as much as we can within reason. 2), hiring a specialized plugin maker has been an idea of mines for a while.While other servers owners felt it would be just too expensive to hire one.I will do whatever is necessary to fix problems between modpacks and plugins. Rules: Yes, the rules we want to run a functional and stable server and to keep players protected.You might be bored with rules having read them over and over in various servers.But I agree there usually the same.So I dont force my players to read the rules.Because the rules are basically to act appropriate.Though I prefer if you did read them since we may have a few not on other servers.To make sure you dont get jailed/banned please read them. Respect Staff/Players at all times.Even If another player has started an argument you should be cool headed and report to a staff member.Unless if its employee then you talk to a superior. PvP/Raid allowed.This allows death when in battle and allows to grief while in a battle against another, group/clan but it does however not protect you if you bypass protections.Other than that you can mostly do as you please in raiding if it follows our terms. Hack/Third Party Software.Are banned and should not be used to allow fairness between players.Breaking this rule is not something we look upon well in Helix.And reporting it is important. Rules & Policies may change at any time so its best to review the full list when you're able to. Banned Stuff: Right now we have banned certain items in the game which can cause problems on the server.To permit that not to happen we banned a few things.But unlike other servers were going to unbaned them real soon.Were going to hire a proposal to fix problems and allow use of all items. Full List Coming Soon.
  2. Hello and welcome to the place of this brand new server. I'm looking for people to play with, and learn this new mod pack together with :-) The server is hosted from Denmark, timezone GMT +1 - so it will be best if you are around that timezone Server rules: Age 18+ (Due to youtube adult content, you MUST be 18+) no exception No spamming! Don't beg Don't ask for staff No minion griefing! (Use minions on your land only) Use common sense! Don't use in game chat to report a player.. if needed you must do it via. skype Application form: IGN: Age: Skype: Country: Why do you want to join the server? How long have you been playing Minecraft for? How often will you be online? Will you willing to help other players? About yourself: Have you read and agree the rules? You must send the application in a PM to Mission X
  3. Ever since I created my Attack of the Bteam Server, it has been crashing. I was hoping 1.0.9c would help fix these crashes, but it hasn't. I still had to delete minions, but that hardly effected the server at all. The crashes that keep occurring are not due to corrupt chunks. It crashes due to "Exception in server tick loop" and "Ticking tile entity". How can I fix this? Exception in server tick loop: http://pastebin.com/qEeKRgeN Ticking tile entity: http://pastebin.com/1jrWfcbv
  4. Any time I play the game and build something on my daughters world I use NEI and go into cheat mode. in both 1.0.9b and 1.0.9c cheat mode is just absolutely broken. it does what recipee mode should do. I'm really confused and have tried everything. help me please.
  5. I have recently opened up a private server for a few friends and am looking to expand to some players, if interested please fill out the application below. IGN: Age: Reason for wanting to join: favorite mod: mod experience(how long have u been playing with mods): Skype(Y/N): Remember the more thought in ur app the better chances of getting in forgot to mention, we also have no plugins installed. Rules: - no greifing - dont prank too far - dont steal other peoples stuff - cant break into other peoples houses(find a legit way in) - dont exploit bugs/glitches
  6. When I updated my launcher for AotBT to 1.0.9 to enhance my adventure map, then launched it, the launcher disappeared for a few seconds. It then came back up without opening up AotBT. My launcher for AotBT always worked on 1.0.8, it also worked once on 1.0.9b. I hope this gets fixed. -BedrockHadez
  7. Can someone plz help my game keeps crashing when i join a server I get in the server then it closes Plz help me i want to play B-Team
  8. I was fiddling with an oven, and then the game crashed. The crash log says something about it so that's probably related. I noticed it wouldn't cook modded foods (rice bowl) so I tried putting some vanilla food in it, and the rice at the same time to see if that would somehow work, and then......I kinda broke the server. Either that, or because I broke the oven which is the last thing i did before it crashed (the food wouldn't cook and it wouldn't let me into the GUI, so I'm guessing it was because i tried the vanilla and modded food together). Here's the crash report: http://pastebin.com/cpb7sqpp Any idea how to fix this?
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