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  1. After some serious testing and some serious editing and configuration modifications. The official Magical Divination server is up and running. The Magical Divination thread is here: >Magical Divination Thread (1.7.10) So feel free to have a look at it so you can know what to expect on this server. This server is a PvE Server that uses both Plugins and Mods. Because Magical Divination is a Modpack about Exploration and Survival one may find themselves far away from home, stranded. This is where the Web Store comes into play. Magical Divination is linked to the Nerd Storm Production Websi
  2. Hey guys! My friends and I started a minecraft 1.7.10 modpack server a couple days ago. It has about 250 mods active. You can do whatever you want. Its completely free roam. We have a special spawn. PVP or PVE is allowed. Hope to see you guys there! Also looking for some staff members. Discord chat room: https://discord.gg/0cmYSE7dBZfXELlB Ip: Teamspeak ip: ts.thecookiecartel.com Modpack: 1.7.10 Modpack
  3. So I have tried every video and tutorial but can't get this to work. I was hoping that someone amazing could help me out. if you could possibly add the tardis mod, superheroes unlimited mod, orespawn and optifine all in 1.7.10 provide a link to the technic page maybe as well? also I can't stress enough how thank full I am if you can help me out with this. Thanks
  4. Recently been building my own with my fiancee out of our favorite mods and we've added just about 47 and if we add any more we start getting a exception in server tick loop apparently caused by 1.7.10's integrated servers? has happened on multiple machines from adding multiple packs, I managed to make it work with journey map by increasing max chunk load size in forge's config file but the error is still happening on my fiancee's machine. I am at a loss for how to fix this. Modpack crash-report.txt just happened on my machine, this was what happened in the console. http://pastebin.com/ZdQPTmCg
  5. Prot3ch is a small community custom modpack server that has existed since the first release of tekkit classic. The server is completely freebuild, meaning you are free to build in nearly any location you choose. For protection against greifers we use greifprevention and prism ontop of daily world back ups in case there are severe griefs. The fact that the server is whitelisted also helps with filtering out greifers. Our modpack Protonus is quite varied and has mods such as ThaumCraft, MineFactoryReloaded, IC2, Mekanism, Biomes O’ Plenty, ComputerCraft, OpenComputers and much more! A complete m
  6. Welcome to Circuit! You might be thinking "Oh hell just another PvP tech modpack..." Jaded from past experience? Tired of tech packs being too easy? Would you rather enter the world with a challenge ahead of you? Then you are in luck! Mobs are usually dull and bland because as soon as you get a nice set of iron armor you are prepared to battle almost any mob that threatens to kill you. Mobs that have been supercharged. If it looks dangerous... it probably is! You might be used to just using explosives to destroy your enemies. Contained inside are few explosives making it difficult to an
  7. Welcome to Wartech! Wartech is an awesome, multiplayer modpack that consists of war, technology, farming and much more! I can't think of any other way to describe the pack Mods Minecraft forge Mekanism Immersive engineering Cofhcore Thermal foundation Thermal Dynamics Thermal expansion Pam's Harvestcraft Flans mod (and Modern warfare pack) Mc helicopter Securitycraft Page http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/warman-presents-wartech.746925/ The server Our new server is coming out this coming tuesday. It is a completely vanilla server. I want people to make use of the planes instead of people tpa
  8. Download Discord Server Welcome to Solum Unum (lat. "just one"). It's a new and fresh Minecraft modpack for version 1.7.10 and for 3 months in development. You can't enter the Nether and End dimension at all, and are stuck in the Overworld. This modpack focuses on providing you a polished and unique modded Minecraft experience with many interesting, challenging and fun mods in it, which force you to think more creative about solutions. Basically: Do whatever you want, you have many possibilities! Big names for mods are: Mariculture, Immersive Engineering, ExtraBiomesXL with Alternate Terrain G
  9. Hey guys, I've recently made my own Private Map for me and some others it is a mystical/magical/enchanted kind of map, I've finally found all the themed mods I want for the map but was wondering if there is any texture packs to go with this theme? I've found a few that were okay, but didn't really take my interest, I was hoping you could give me some ideas? Any mystical/fantasy/magical/fairy kind of texture packs that are compatible with 1.6.4/1.7.10 will be great and I'll really appreciate the help! :3 x
  10. Gloomful Nights Overview: Gloomful Nights is a modpack that is centered around enhancing Minecraft’s already present aspects of survival, rather than covering it with a blanket of tech and magic mods. The mods in this modpack were chosen to make surviving in Minecraft a treacherous, suspenseful experience, while still being fun and exciting. The most prominent change that you will notice about this modpack is that light is scarce. Without a torch at night or in a cave, everything is pitch black, and only the stars in the sky or the eyes of endermen can be seen through the darkness. Extre
  11. The official server is getting closer to being published. The spawn area has been finished, and we are currently working on plugins, permissions and custom quests. You can see some photos of the server by heading HERE. Click the creeper above to go to our mods page or follow these links below for the pack and server files. Pixel Dungeons is a modpack made for minecraft focusing on you guessed it Dungeons, Exploring and mobs as far as the eye can see. The core idea is to have a action/adventure modpack that will leave you wanting more. This mod adds countless dungeons, towers, abandoned shi
  12. Hey there Technic Forums! My custom modpack, Doge is the real Illuminati, MC Version 1.7.10 has the mods: -Flans Mod -Ars Magica 2 -QCraft -Aether -MCHelicopter -ICBM Updated by SpikeViper -Voltz Engine -BCMod -Backpacks -Thaumcraft -Explosives++ -TooMuchTnt -Witchery -Gilded Games Util -Not Enough Items -Code Chicken Core -Extra Utilities -Optifine -Rival Rebels -Xray -Archimedes Ships -Aether -CoFH Core -Animation API -Baubles -Code Chicken Lib To better explain my problem, for example, when I place a QCraft Computer, and right click it, the server says stops and says Closed Server. This hap
  13. tl;dr: My1.7.10 modpack downloaded and worked perfectly. After exiting the launcher and relaunching, an error was recieved (see below). Now, any other 1.7.10 modpack we try has the same error. 1.6.4 Modpacks seem to work fine. The longer story... (to see how it eventuated) The following errors were encountered on the modpack YogBox Remastered: J8u51 (full log - could not upload to paste bin, server load too heavy) J7u75 (full log) The following errors were encountered on the modpack: LNG Realistic Life J8u51 (full log) J7u75 (full log) I am stumped. -.- Only 1 Java was
  14. Hi Guys I bring today a brand new long term server looking for players who love mods and are looking for a small community to play with. we are using the 1.7.10 modpack on the technic launcher witch can be found here : Technic launcher Download click here Once downloaded the pack we have removed myscraft and twilightforrest so delete these 2 mods from your mods folder and you will be fine. To join the community i have a few questions please reply with the following format. IGN: AGE: LOCATION: FAV MODS: WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE SERVER: ABOUT YOU: ANYTHING ELSE TO HELP US CHOOSE YOU?: WE
  15. So, I have made this custom modpack. The server ran it fine. No issues once I had fixed them. After that i decided to upload and share it. When I go to play it the launcher just launches regular vanilla instead of my custom pack. I ran it multiple times and have tried to fix it myself. Please help. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/sowhat-next
  16. Oden: Land Of the Free Welcome player! My name Is Kaz!, and I want to say hey and thanks for checking out this server advertisement. So what are we as a server? A fun, friendly environment, where "You!", the player can enjoy the game in your own time and pace. We make up a mature group of staff, admins and player base. You are very welcome to join in and keep the good times rolling. To clear this up we have a few rules, check them out below! - No griefing or stealing! - Keep the bad language to a minimum. - No cheating or exploiting. - When an admin states something is final it is, e.g. do
  17. Hello, Welcome to my update of Tekkit Classic From 1.2.5 all the way to 1.7.10 Here in this post i'm going to be telling you about our server and pack So, if you want to get this pack follow this link - http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkpack-1710.589766 Our Server ip - markspvp.no-ip.org I hope i'm clear enough and also we are in a need for staff, also read our rules before playing so you avoid getting banned! If you want to contact me on any programs aka skype here you have my names.. - marko.balasko2 - skype - @markomafia1 - twitter
  18. Core Zero has arrived. Oh right, that's me. They say Amaxter (Rexxit) and Jon made me with the intention of being Minecraft's ultimate kitchen sink pack, but then something went horribly wrong. Now here I am, and I feel alive. Don't worry, I love humans, I totally don't have murderous intentions. Now I'm not quite sure what I am, but I'm told I'm the testbed and expiremental workshop for the next generation of EnderMedia's packs. I have lots of mods, and I can't wait to play! If your computer isn't a potato and you can handle NEI pages in the hundreds, then I'm sure I'll be just the right ki
  19. It's a brave, new world for all you steves out there.... In 2045 AD the Kingdom of Minecraftia violently fragmented into a collection of factions and quasi-states fighting for control. Amidst the chaos, the mobs arrived, and with one savage strike, brought Minecraftia to its knees. The genocide and pillage that followed was so terrible that the seas were awash with blood and deserts were stained with a deep hue of red. The masses fled to the far reaches of space, but some remained. Now as some stabilize their primitive civilization, the ultimate warrior king rides with a million zombies at his
  20. Pack Name: TechnAintEasy TechnicLink: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/technainteasy.650138 Pack Idea: This pack was to update the 1.6.4 Tekkit Classic pack for me and my friends. Some things were changed due to compatibility issues or updates and a few extras were added. W.A.I.L.4: A technical review basically. What I can do to improve this pack for those using it at a technical level and things I might not know that I have missed or done that can improve this pack. Reason for making pack: I was introduced to modding through the 1.6.4 Classic pack recently and somehow ended up being the
  21. This modpack allows you to connect to the Harbor Way Server! We're a RPG, Economy based server that implements real-world political, economic, and social aspects into Minecraft. The modpack includes several tech mods including IC2, Mekanism, TConstruct, TMechworks, Buildcraft, ComputerCraft, and many more! Our official mod list is located on the front page of our Technic home screen. Note, some mods may be pending permissions from the mod authors. We'd really enjoy having a community based around our server, but lately have been having trouble finding ways to advertise our modpack to those wit
  22. When i share my mod pack i keep it in hidden to try it out first before i fully put it out there for people to play but everytime i go to it it says im missing forge 10.13.3 but when im playing without using technic launcher it works fine. where it says profile it says forge and then forge 10.13.4 Please Help Me!
  23. IP: ------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to the Vitriol post ------------------------------------------------------ This is a small server that is personal We are social and partner up with friends to build, so make sure you're social. Also you will die on this server. And since its a custom modpack somethings may happen to the map. We just finished the very stable version of the map. But, just in case you should know. We found it hard to find a good pack for us, so we created a pack of our own Our Vitriol Pack link: http://bit.ly/1b8JAip ------------
  24. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/harmless-box-of-wonders.668760 Have you ever thought to yourself, "Maaaaan, these zombies and creepers are too non-threatening. Why can't I die with more vigor, preferably with a mouthful of marvelous fried food?" Your dreams have now come true. This modpack contains mob mods that make the world even more unreasonably aggressive than it already is. Enchanted creepers? Minotaurs? Piranhas? You will fight all of these and then some while clogging your arteries with magnificent fried food that will keep you going in the most dire of situations. Mine special mate
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