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Found 62 results

  1. Whenever I try to join a server, the "logging in..." message appears, then Attack of The B-team crashes! can anyone help?
  2. When i go to a server, it let's me play for about 10-30 minutes but then freezes and crashes and usually crashes the computer too. What do i do? Help would be appreciated.
  3. __________________________________________________________________________ Hello and welcome. Before you join, Please sign up at http://hexical.enjin.com And if you ask nicely, Zunkey might give you an item for signing up! Hello. We are a 3 month old server, with a pretty good player data base! ( Depends on your timezone, At the time of posting this everyones in school) We run 8.0gb ram and we are hoping to upgrade that, we have the supplies to do so, its just when we are going to do so, We run Minecraft 1.6.4 ATTACK OF THE BTEAM 1.0.9c! And we are hoping you will sign up on the site and join us in the server! We are a no grief/raiding server, but PVP is enabled. ___________________________________________________________________________ Rules: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Be nice 2. Do not break any graves 3. Dont swear excessivly 4. Dont raid or grief, Pvp is enabled but Rule Number 2 applies. 5. Be logical 6. Respect all staff 7. We support a postitive community, Keep it that way. 8. Share with others. 9. If you kill someone, let them get their graves and items. 10. Dont ask for ranks or items, Apply at the sites in the forum. 11. Minions are our only banned items. 12. Respect all rules including this one 13. Dont break the rules or take a sledgehammer to the face! <-- Unofficial rule 14. Staff can tp to players to make sure they are complying by the rules 15. Empty Rule node 16. Empty Rule node 17. Empty Rule node So, Please follow these rules and we hope to see you soon on the server! It really helps us if you diamond to. If you ask nicely zunkey will give you another item :3 Check your timezone! people are in-school so thats why the server is "Empty" ___________________________________________________________________________ Updates: ___________________________________________________________________________ ** Did some work on java. Java should lag WAY less. This was implimented at 4/5/2014 12:37PM (Confirmed to work) ** Quests removed ** Got golden shovel grief protection plugin ** UPDATE, NOW UPGRADED ALL RAM FROM 3.5 TO 8.0GB ** We are Doing our worlds in seasons. This year is only Season1 ** Server will now auto restart upon /stop or crash. Server auto restart now confirmed to work! ** Join the tactical strike force, We will conquer the "racer" clan. The only place they will be "racing" to is to their mommiez.
  4. Hi! Together with 5 friends from a previous, now closed, AotBTserver we are starting our own 10 player slot server and we are still looking for 5 more players! So do you want to play on a friendly, community based server, can be online a minimal of 3 hours per week and are over the age of 16, then this is the place for you! So far we have 2 people from the Netherlands, 1 from Sweden, 1 from Australia and 1 from America! So wherever you're from, as long as you speak a decent amount of English and fall within the criteria, you can apply! Server IP: Server rules: No griefing, no stealing, no swearing, no being a bully. Breaking these rules will result in a permanent ban. We do not have any mods removed, the only three items that are not allowed to be used on the server are: Mr.Crayfish's oven cause it's bad mojo, the player interface and poppet shelves cause they load chunks. The server runs with no plugins and will restart every 3 hours to prevent lag. The expected uptime is 24/7. In order to apply you must fill in the following form: In-gamename (for the whitelist); Country of origin (Iits okay if you want to keep it private): Age: Do you have skype? And if yes, are you willing to be in a skype group?: Motivation for wanting wanting to join: Confirm you are human by typing a random string of characters (Example: eadfdafe):
  5. I have a really bad ping only when on Attack of the B Team, in vanilla minecraft, my ping is 30, when in AotBT, it can be from 250 to 2000. Anyway to fix this?
  6. I was fiddling with an oven, and then the game crashed. The crash log says something about it so that's probably related. I noticed it wouldn't cook modded foods (rice bowl) so I tried putting some vanilla food in it, and the rice at the same time to see if that would somehow work, and then......I kinda broke the server. Either that, or because I broke the oven which is the last thing i did before it crashed (the food wouldn't cook and it wouldn't let me into the GUI, so I'm guessing it was because i tried the vanilla and modded food together). Here's the crash report: http://pastebin.com/cpb7sqpp Any idea how to fix this?
  7. Today I started renting a minecraft server from plugpayplay.com however, after trying to run AOTBT on it, I can't get it to work. Everything I try ends up with none of the modded items being able to be crafted. please help. I also get these errors as I try to spawn in items using NEI: '> And placing chisel blocks turns them into the non chiseled form. I imagine it's the server not loading the mods, but I don't know how to fix it.
  8. SERVER IS CURRENTLY 1.0.6, PLEASE DISREGARD TITLE FOR NOW. Hello, its Khudnirn back with a server for AotBT, some of you that played Magicians Cookbook may remember me. So first lets talk about the elephant in the room. This ISN'T a dedicated server. Uptime will not be 24/7. However, I am a reasonable man. I will drop my Raidcall Channels details, if you are online, and the server isn't up, you simply jump on raidcall and type "Hey khudnirn, can you turn the server on?" and I will happily oblige. my TZ is GMT, i'm usually up very early, and don't go to bed until stupid times, so I can usually be found in RC from 9-10am, until 2-3am GMT. Now that's out of the way, Heres my Ten Commandments. 1. Any mistakes in the Application and it will be automatically rejected. Feel free to try again (This is simply an idiot test to get rid of undesirables which undoubtedly didn't read the rules either) 2. To minimize stress on the server, and my brain, only 1 Archimedes ship moving at a time please, unless given permission to do otherwise. 3. No Griefing. At All. Griefers will be banned or banished to a special circle of hell reserved for Griefes, where you spend an eternity being griefed by everyone, and during every task. 4. No moaning. I cannot abide whiners. So don't do it. 5. Do not ask for OP. Ever. It wont happen, and I will probably just kill you lol. 6. Do not ask me to make changes to the server or rules. I will make changes under my own steam, not on the request of others. 7. PVP will be organised and consensual. don't just run up and kill someone, however do ask if they want to fight all you want. 8. Any dispute between players I will take as full hearsay unless proof can be given. Which can be done easily. Screenshot, send the file to me on Raidcall, then the culprit will be banned. 9. If you damage the landscape in any way, fix it. That goes for hideous minion holes, Nyanping explosions, TNT, water, lava, anything. 10. Keep it civil. We're all fellow minecraftians here. No need for hurling abuse. Also, don't ask me to add your friend in game, get them to post on the forum. The Application: (As a warning, type your name as your in game name reads, if it has capitals, type them in capitals, I will be copy and pasting from this thread to my server files, so I wont interpret them at all, just CTRL C CTRL P. Also, I will fill in the application to show the format. Name: Khudnirn Age bracket: 20-30 TZ : GMT Best thing you ever built: my 6 axis frame/motor moving spaceship on tekkit, with nuke bomb bay and quarry/oil pump. Why this server?: Because I own it. The server details are The Raidcall details are 6951607 Details with the Raidcall server: # Feel free to use it, we have several channels for all different games # Don't feel that you just need to use it to get the server up, feel free to join us in our chat # Even if you aren't playing with us, but other friends and need to use a channel, we will happily accommodate # Respect my authoritae # Keep it civil, don't swear if a young person is on, other than that I'm sure the adults don't mind a little profanity. See you inside!
  9. Hey Everyone! I am looking for people to join my Attack of the B Team server, it will be a small server with only about 5-10 people... The reason I am doing this is because I would like some people to play with instead of playing in singleplayer all the time, and I don't want to join a big server because they have mods banned or they are all foreign. If you are interested, simply add me on steam, http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047848001/ But if you don't have steam, just add me on skype, nick.rushton21 Thanks if you come and help out, experimenting, building and most of all, having fun and making friends.
  10. IP: MoralCraft: Choose your side, good vs evil! Website: www.moralcraftservers.enjin.com Features: 24/7 hosted externally Friendly staff who do not abuse powers PVP/PVE (PvP is only active outside of claims Very few banned items (explosive flans mod (c4, claymore, explosive rounds), minions, and mechs) Anti-Grief All morphs allowed! Ranks are now set up! This is a NEW server with 50 slots, no whitelist, and very basic rules just like everywhere else. PvP is active outside of claimed land. Over 700 starting blocks and you can gain more as you play! Note: Currently working on adding economy! Time to farm and make some money! Hope to see you there! ~DeityKiller
  11. So im having an issue increasing the block limit from 2048. I found the correct file, and I used to run a server so I was very used to opening config files in notepad and editing things like xp cost, xp loss on death blah blah, however, since the swap from batch files to run servers to these java buttons, the docs have changed. so I know I need to look for Max_chunk_blocks or whatever it was, remove 2048 and type the desired number. However there is no number. theres barely any text, all I see is symbols, Ankhs, dots, male and female symbols, TM symbols, crosses, arrows blah blah, how the hell do I edit this to increase block limit?
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