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Found 2 results

  1. I'd just like to say that I had a great time playing with all those that signed up and played and explored the modpack with me. Sadly the server is no longer online as not many kept on playing after reaching end game items. Hey everyone, So I just got into playing Attack of the B team and it's a bit boring playing all by myself! That's the reason I've made this whitelisted server, with just a simple application you could be one of the members here I hope you join me and the others currently playing. The rules are: Be nice, have fun, and don't grief other's builds even if they are not claimed. Banned items: There are none other than the fairies from the promised land are disable due to causing tons of client lag. Uptime: 24/7 unless some maintenance is planned. Players: I'm looking for friendly people willing to spend a few hours every day or so to explore the modpack with us and have loads of fun! The server is running on Cauldron with some bukkit plugins such as PermissionsEX, GriefPrevention, DayVote, Vote, ClearLagg, Essentials, ChestShop, IcePvP and lastly Prism for block logging. IP address is no longer online I have a teamspeak server for this as well at no longer active for any of you that would like to be able to speak with others while you play Whitelist Application: IGN (Minecraft name) - Age - Why do you want to join this server? - How often would you play? - Do you use Teamspeak? - Any other info you feel is necessary -
  2. Hey there everybody =), we are going to Start a 24/7 Attack of the B-Team server this night, and looking for new Members to join. There aren't many rules but there are some: - No griefing, if you do so, you will get permanently banned from the Server. - No offensive Language, dont harras someone else just because you mad. - Play! Don't join the server play one or two days and get never online again. If you join the server you dont need to play every day or every free minute, but to see someone online is better to get a dead body on the server If you aren't online for 2 Weeks (without telling) you will get removed from Whitelist! - PVP is allowed if both parts accepted the pvp. - No Gravestone destroying. - DONT DESTROY ANYTHING from other players If you join the server, you are able to play wherever and whatever you wan't, you wanna be a Witch? Go for it! But respect the whole Rules above with it! So no bullying no random teleportations and especially no raising a volcano on someone's base! =) Be sure that persons you are building in biom's they are living accepting that you are building there! Pranks are allowed by following the rules above. Spawn town will get build by server Admins and get raised by everyone Shops in town are very welcome =) Please fill in: In Game Nick: Skype: Age: Country: Modpack Experience: Basic Online Times: Favorite Mod: Why do you want to play on the Server: What do you like to do on the Server: What should we know about you:
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