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  1. Hi, I offered an access to Minecraft to my best friend. I installed it on her computer, and then installed the Technic Launcher, to allow her to join me on my aotbt server. I was asked to run Java, so I downloaded a 64bit of Java 7. It worked fine, and I was able to get AOTBT and vanilla easily. But when I clicked on play, nothing happened. Well, I say "nothing", but it was like the technic launcher disapearing for the Mojang screen, but Mojang never shows, and we're back to the launcher. I tried to uninstall it, delete the .technic file, restart the computer, install again, change java versi
  2. i first had the launch.bat file problem with java and memory and whatever, then i fixed it. i then re opened the launch.bat file when i fixed it and it loaded somewhat then it said it crashed. here's the crash-report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Don't be sad, have a hug! <3 Time: 6/21/15 11:10 AM Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: reifnsk/minimap/ReiMinimap at mod_ReiMinimap.getVersion(mod_ReiMinimap.java:15) at cpw.mods.fml.common.modloader.ModLoaderModContainer.getVersion(ModLoaderModContainer.java:418) at cpw.mods.fml.common.L
  3. I'm building a galacticraft space station, and boy howdy is it fun. Has anyone found out a way to oxygen seal ProjectRed item transport pipes? I want to run them outside the station hull, so people inside can watch items whizz by outside the windows.
  4. I made an attack of the b team server for my friends. They can join, but the problem is that none of the mod items are working. Place down an item belonging to a mod, it disappears. Adding a mod item to the inv will come up with it does not exist, something like that. Please help me.
  5. Since the latest update, I have been having problems getting my world to load on Attack of the B Team. Any suggestions to help fix it? I already reinstalled both technic and the mod pack itself multiple times, setting it in beta instead of the stable build, deleted my resource pack (it was causing issues anyway), uped my java memory (at 4gb) but it still doesn't load my world. Everything is blank like the chunks aren't loading but everywhere not just one little location like normal chunk loading errors. I can see the sun when its day, the moon at night, and clouds, but no ground. Please help
  6. I know how to port forward and start a server up but I need an answer to this one I start up launch.bat and it all works fine then I see an error saying that Forge could not launch that is stopping me from making the server (This is on Java 8 BTW) I try Java 7 and get this java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar BTeam.jar nogui 'java' is not reconized as an internal or external command
  7. Here is a little tutorial I put together to help solve the missing sound problem! The video should explain everything, and if not, feel free to message me for help! http://youtu.be/t6GBIT3dpmY I worked out also that the fonts problem is fixable by just loading the game, changing to the default texturepack, closing the game and restarting it. Then just select your chosen texturepack.
  8. Hello, The server i made for me and my friends crashes when one of them want to connect. here's the Crashlog (sorry i don't know what's the important part) : ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Shall we play a game? Time: 14.12.14 14:42 Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.NullPointerException at co.uk.flansmods.common.teams.TeamsManager.tick(TeamsManager.java:136) at co.uk.flansmods.common.CommonTickHandler.sTick(CommonTickHandler.java:32) at co.uk.flansmods.common.CommonTickHandler.tickEnd(CommonTickHandler.java:25) at cpw.mods.fml.common.SingleIntervalHandler.ti
  9. So my attack of the b team was working fine but two days ago it started loading up to the mojang sign (pre menu) and kicking me back to the launcher. Has this happened to anyone else and does any1 kno how to fix it.
  10. So basically i was curious about bases in attack of the b team so show em off! Me myself would love to show my base but i don't have one yet :/
  11. I'm using a Mac and downloaded the technic launcher to use the "Attack of the B Team" modpack. I opened the launcher and it ran, loaded up the modpack, and opened Minecraft like it should. The first time it opened Minecraft it said "106 mods loaded." After playing in single player I noticed that the morph and hat mods were not present, among others. I closed Minecraft and the launcher and reopened the launcher. I hit play again, and it seemed like it was downloading all of the mods for the pack again like it did the first time. When it opened Minecraft, it said "118 mods loaded" and my sin
  12. Hello Everyone! We are a new server looking for a fun group of guys too play with! Looking for people 15+ years of age We just want to form a fun community of people, like you see in mindcrack This server is based in the East Coast of The United States - No banned items (currently) - 24/7 - no lag - Morph mod is disabled We will be a small community of around 10-15 people. We might add more if we are interested. Prefer it if you play often haha don't really worry about rules other than the obvious stuff like no griefing and no stealing. Please put these things in your applicati
  13. Hello, Is there any way to make an infinite power system that doesn't require maintaining? Thanks, John
  14. Attack of the B-Team Hello, I've created a new server. (And hopefully my last, this is getting old.) This time, I probably won't be turning it off and walking away, I'm tired of being bored without people to play with. So I'll continue on with my server, at the new version of 1.0.12a! So, I'll just lay out the new and improved rules for my newest server! First, I'd like NO PVP, without my jurisdiction, and permission from the other member. I'll allow a maximum of 10 people accepted, afterwards I won't be accepting any more members. I'm trying to prevent myself, and my
  15. Personally I think that Mekanism and Chisel should be part of the Tekkit Pack and although there is no way this could happen I think that there should be other modpacks that for example, only include magic mods like blood magic and thaumcraft. Reply what you think below and if I made mistakes (which I probably just did by saying "reply below") plz cut me some slack its my first post
  16. I started a small server on my computer using the files provided by the technic people, but morph mod isn't working (I get an empty square as me and I can't morph into anything), and I cant craft any of the blocks from other mods. The hats mod doesn't put me in hat hunting mode even though I said to in the config file. None of the ores are generating, Biomes O' Plenty doesn't work even though I specified to use it in server.properties, etc. It seems like none of the mods are working. Can someone please help me? Edit: Biomes O' Plenty works when I put in single player world data into my ser
  17. SERVER NAME: DEFENSE of the B-Team See what I did there? No?... okay, never mind.. Hello everybody, We're a small server, hosted by MCProHosting, with about 23 slots, but we're not looking to host that many people as we don't want to be overwhelmed. To start with, we only want five new players, preferably people who are trustworthy, friendly and, er, not prats. The world we're on is fairly new, so the few of us already on the server don't have much of a headstart. It is PvP, but that is not the sole purpose. Take the Mindcrack CrackPack server for example. We are aiming fo
  18. The North-Craft Network is over two years old and consists of an Attack Of The B-Team server, an Vanilla (Regular Minecraft) server, as well as an Direwolf20 (FTB) modpack server. We created our Attack Of The B-Team server this year in the month of February. We know what we are doing and we have friendly, experienced, and dedicated staff members. On all of our servers we try our best to have the best community possible and have no lag whatsoever. Not to mention that all of our servers have a no-griefing policy as well as PvP disabled, so if you enjoy those types of servers, then our commun
  19. does anyone know the seed chim uses with his friends? please help!
  20. Hello! My two friends and I are hosting a Modded Whitelisted Server. ATM, We are constructing the server(Spawn, Config, Rules, Etc.) The Mods are Attack of the B Team and a few others. Mods: Others To apply please reply with a filled out application. Here is the Application Form; Minecraft Name: Age(We Don't Discriminate): Skype(You must be able to do a Voice Call): Past experience in; Whitelisted Servers, Modded Servers, The 2 combined(This can only help you): Are you a good builder( Can only help you): Are you willing to donate at least $5 after settling in the server(Ca
  21. Attack of the B-Team, No Banned Items!! This is a "regular," attack of the b-team server, that allows two people to apply to come play with me, (and my brother,) and to get to bond with each-other. I am accepting only two (2) people, on the server. The current age range is 11-14 So, I'll list the requirements. Requirements : Able to Skype, without stutter. MUST BE UNDERSTANDABLE. Able to be on the server for ATLEAST 2 hours a day! Must be able to play 1.0.11a! You must fit the age requirement, this is a requirement!!!!!! Double applications ARE allowed. (J
  22. --------------------------------Closed----------------------------------------------
  23. I can't open the favorites menu for the Morph Mod. I'm in the latest version of the Attack of the B-Team modpack. The ` (circumflex/tilde) key doesn't do anything. I tried changing the control but no matter what I rebound it to, it wouldn't open up. It's really annoying when you have 20+ morphs and you have to keep scrolling to find a single mob I want to be. Anyone know a fix to this?
  24. Hey, i was wondering of adding a new mod to the modpack, the mod is called 'Smart Moving'. It is basically a parkour based mod which adds in a bunch of new features and animations to the game, e.g. new physics. It is also one of the best mods in the world!!! It also is a fun, cool thing to add to the game since attack of the b team is meant to be a fun, building modpack unlike the others which are most industrialized modpacks. How we can use it in AOBT? - Since we have micro-blocks and carpenters blocks it adds a whole new feature since in the mod you can climb up half gaps, eg stairs
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