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  1. Hello! I'm starting a small 6(including me) player whitelisted server! It's launching in 30 minutes. If you'd like to join pm me. HURRY 5 SLOTS REMAINING!
  2. I keep getting that a sever does have micro block yet I don't know how to change versions! Plz help
  3. Hello all. Recently, I have been a tad bit addicted to this AMAZING mod pack. And even more recently, I have decided to start my own attack of the b team server! I have found a great server host but i have not bought a server quite yet. I am having a little trouble deciding what the hostname of the server should be (which is basically like a custom ip address). This has mainly been a problem because I have not come up with a name for the server yet either. So if you are one of the first people to join there are a couple of things you could possibly be apart of. a) you could help
  4. Hey Everybody! So i Currently have a Let's Play of Attack of the B-Team on Youtube! Here's the Link! So Check it out let me know what you think! Positive Feedback is always appreciated. The Server I play on is the NorthCraft Attack of the B-Team Server. It's A great No-Grief Server. Everyone there is Super Friendly and always willing to help out if you need it! So if you are looking for a Community to play AOTBT Check it out at http://north-craft.com/ (: Thanks for the support!
  5. I was playing atttack of the b team as usual, and then it was getting a litlle bit laggy so I logged off. Now, when I tried to get back on, it wouldn't load. What I mean by this is... I click on the launcher The Launcher opens I scroll to "Attack of the B team" I click "play" (I usually have it on automatically select recommended build) it starts to load and I can see the stuff its loading ex: verifying blah blah.. but then, it stops on "verifying jopt-simple-4.5.jar" and i can never get past this please help aghhhhhhh
  6. Attack of the B-Team, No Banned Items!! This is a "regular," attack of the b-team server, that allows two people to apply to come play with me, (and my brother,) and to get to bond with each-other. I am accepting only two (2) people, on the server. The current age range is 11-14 So, I'll list the requirements. Requirements : Able to Skype, without stutter. MUST BE UNDERSTANDABLE. Able to be on the server for ATLEAST 2 hours a day! Must be able to play 1.0.11a! You must fit the age requirement, this is a requirement!!!!!! Double applications ARE allowed. (J
  7. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Ouch. That hurt Time: 12/06/14 16:44 Description: Initializing game java.lang.NullPointerException at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_110439_b(Minecraft.java:559) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71384_a(Minecraft.java:419) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(Minecraft.java:808) at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:101) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorI
  8. I own a server that a few of my friends play on that we record on. We are looking for more players that would like an Attack of the B-Team server to record on. We're nothing special ourselves lol, We're just looking to get more players and have a good time. The server is hosted by Stickypiston Hosting. I plan on upgrading the server soon, but right now I see no point as there is only three of us. Rules to the server: No Griefing No Raiding Be nice and polite to others Just have a good time! It would also be nice if you would record for youtube. Application: IGN: Skype [if I accept yo
  9. I recently had to re-install my OS (crunchbang linux). Nothing new with the install, same as last time. I went and installed java 8, like I have before, but when I went to log into the technic launcher I got a message "cannot connect to minecraft.net". Any Idea ?
  10. Hi, my friends and I own an attack of the b-team server which has just worked fine until yesterday a bug or something duplicated the drops off a spider over and over causing massive lag. We already disabled mobdrops and tried to wait until all the spidereyes and string would despawn but once you are on the server you just fall through the ground whilst lag and 0fps until you et kicked after some minutes. Because that didnĀ“t work we tried to load an old back-up save the drops are still there causing lag. What else is there to do? I really need your guys help. Thanks!
  11. Every time that I leave the Nether my item transport system from project red disappears. The blocks are no longer there after I leave the Nether. I have tried breaking the "block" that I know should be there to see if the chunk would update and it would appear and it won't. the only solution I have been able to find that works is to restart my attack of the B team. IS anyone else having this issue? Anybody have any tips that I could try to see if it works? It may be that I do not currently have ample ram dedicated or something else. I am not sure. thanks for reading all of this! I greatly appr
  12. I am currently using an Attack of the B Team 1.0.9c server and just recently the "MapWriter" mod seems to have severely bugged out. The map quality was aces and had the records of everywhere I have had traveled, now (for everyone on the server) the map resets on login with horrible quality. Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks. [if more information is necessary, do ask, I am not sure what else is needed]
  13. Help! I spawned in a Nether Dragon (by vanilla, no cheating or creative) and I'm trying to feed it raw fish. I have got it up to where there's only half a heart left, but it says "This dragon doesn't follow your commands." Am I doing something wrong? I'm new to this modpack, and I can't figure it out. Please help! Thank you! *Captain Jack Sparrow was here*
  14. Hey my fellow minecraftians, I'm IDED of IDEDOnline and the youtube channel of the same name. I make tutorials based on specific mods rather than mod packs so they are shorter and easier watching and can be picked up based on the mod you want to use rather than sitting through 30 mins of lets play to learn just a couple things. I'm still new to the video recording side of things but I have a high quality setup to try and give you the highest quality tutorials for your time. All tutorials have a time index in the details section below the video to help you skip to the exact item your interes
  15. Ok, so i love to play attack of the b team but sometimes it lags me out like crazy even with optifine! my laptop aint' that good but somehow it can still play it at about 25-30 which is ok for me. But i want to know can i take out mods i dont want i tried to put the mods i only want into the normal minecraft but it keeps crashing. Here are the mods i just want: Carpeneter's Blocks Better Storage Bibliocraft Bibliowoods [biomesoplenty] Bibliowoods [natura] Biomesoplenty Food Plus Furniture Mod Liquid-XP Inventory Tweaks Morph Natura Necromancy Secret Rooms Tinkers Construct Way
  16. Hi, I get 10-20 FPS on attack of the B team with optifine on. Is there any ways no stop this lag and get around 30-60 FPS? On default minecraft i get arround 30-50 FPS. I try a lot of things and still get 10-20 FPS. Can anyone help me?
  17. Hi. I cannot get attack of the b-team to work for more than 5 minutes. I was able to play it before on my other computer (worse) I get in the game Multiplayer or single player and after about 5 minutes I cannot play. It lags to about 1 fps. I have looked everywhere and it says to change the ram from the pinwheel looking thing in the launcher in the top right corner. I clicked it and cannot get about 1gb. I get 250mb 500mb or 1gb. That's it. any suggestions? Note: I have 10gb of ram. Please help
  18. Hi I Am Starting Up An Attack Of The B Team Server! All Mods Will Be Turned On. All Of Our Plugins Have Been Installed (Nothing Stupid Just The Basics) The Server Will Be Open 24/7 Unless Maintenance Is Occurring Which Will Be Posted Here. Our Current Community Is Full Of Players That Want To Play With Others To Have Fun And We Are Very Helpuul! IP:RapidFireGaming.mcpro.co Banned Mods/Plugins: *None! Major Plugins: GriefPrevention Essentials Punishmental (Op Only) PermissionsEX There Are Some Rules To Follow: 1. No Griefing!(We Do Have An Anti-Grief Mechanism But
  19. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any cool building designs for this modpack? I have seen loads of videos about buildings in this modpack and wanted to see if anyone else had more.
  20. 1. You must be 14 or older. 2. If a guy you must have a deep enough voice where it is not annoying. 3. If you are a girl , same age restrictions required. 4.You Must Speak English. 5. If you want to setup an interview Contact me by Skype. Skype - Username - KZStrive My age :16 Gender : Male >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>If you would like to know more contact me through skype
  21. 1. You must be 14 or older. 2. If a guy you must have a deep enough voice where it is not annoying. 3. If you are a girl , same age restrictions required. 4.You Must Speak English. 5. If you want to setup an interview Contact me by Skype. Skype - Username - KZStrive My age :16 Gender : Male >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>If you would like to know more contact me through skype
  22. When i click play for attack of the B-Team, the game opens for a second and then closes itself. Please help. P.S. I am using a MAC.
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