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  1. Hey Guys I Started A Brand New Attack Of The B-Team Server!!! If you want to join... Put your... Username: Age: Skype (If U have One): Do Your Record?? Yes Or No: If Yes Whats your Channel and : How Many Subs??: How Much experience Do You Have With The ModPack?? 1-10: Are You A Builder, redstoner, Explorer, or all of them: Are You A Good Builer?? 1-10: Are You Going to be Active??? Tell Me How Long/When you can/will come on: Will You ever Donate (Wont Affect Chances Of Getting Picked): Will You Help The Community?: Why Should i pick you out of everyone else??: Rules No
  2. I have noticed that in Attack of the B-Team the ores are more common and frequent then in vanilla minecraft. Any idea to what mod is doing this? I am currently assembling a collection of my favorite mods and I want to implement this feature.
  3. So, I am playing in an AotBT server, and one of the guys spawned in a Tropicraft Portal. Bad thing, she did it near to my house, and it turned all the chunk in an indestruvtible one, like the one at spawn. So, now, I can't use any of my items or destroy stuff in my own house. How do I solve this? Is there a way to destroy the portal? Can the admin solve this? Am I screwed?
  4. Hey everyone, ___Leaf___ here. You may have been on my tekkit server, and that was fun! Well now I have a 90 Slot server, with the Attack of the B-Team modpack and the plugin Factions on it! And YES! it is survival! Anyone that wants to play is welcome, On my servers I encourage amazing builds, keeping the land generally good looking, and making LOTS of jokes! The server ip is: mc7.fadehost.com:25674 Rule wise Im not much of a nag, but I do like it when everyone can respect each other and have a good time. The server will be up permanently for at least a year, so no need
  5. I made an attack of the bteam server with hamachi but i cant get on to it please help this is what i put in my server properties #Minecraft server properties #Sun Apr 13 21:59:34 BST 2014 generator-settings= op-permission-level=4 allow-nether=true level-name=B-Team enable-query=false allow-flight=true server-port=25565 level-type=BIOMESOP enable-rcon=false force-gamemode=true level-seed= : server-ip= max-build-height=256 spawn-npcs=true white-list=false spawn-animals=true snooper-enabled=true hardcore=false texture-pack= online-mode=true pvp=true difficulty=3 player-idle-timeout
  6. ObsitusCraft Server IP: Visit us on obsituscraft.enjin.com to see a full list of rules. This is an attack of the b-team server 1.0.9c. We welcome you to come join our server. We have a tight group of players and we are definitely looking to grow bigger. Don't be afraid, Come join us. At the moment the Plugins we have installed are: essentials Faction RandomLocationTeleporter We are looking for new Plugins in future, such as Shops and Job. Our server have a few rules that we are kinda strict on. Griefing is only allow IN the WILDERNESS No Hacking, Cursing, Adv
  7. I recently downloaded Techic Platforms on my Macbook Pro Retina. Whenever I try to play Attack of the B-team Nothing happens. it verifies various ".jar" file. A java file pops up on my dock and then dissapears after a few secs. any suggestions on how i should fix it. Here are my specs: Intel core i7 2.4 GHz, Nvidia GT650m 1 GB ram, 8 GBs of memory.
  8. Hello! I'm Rain, and I'm the owner of Rain's Box of Fun. It's a pretty new server. IP FAQ (Not really) Are there plugins? Nope. I don't like plugins so make sure you hide your base well! Can I have OP? Nope. You seem not to care about your server, are you hosting it yourself? No, I'm not hosting it myself. The server is being rented from Akliz. do u even lift bro? Si Why do you not like plugins? I've had some troubles with plugins in the past. I also just like servers that don't have a forum and plugins. Meaning that there "Locally Owned and Run"
  9. I cant get Attack of the B-Team to load. It will just take me to the launcher
  10. So I'm not sure if the current Attack of the B-team pack has the BiblioCraft mod or not. i have seen generikb bdouble0 and chimneyswift playing it in their videos where they say its on there but mine does not have it. I assume it's because maybe mine isn't completely updated or something but i can't seem to find where to update at if someone could help that's be awesome
  11. i have every thing downloaded for the server moved the files and did the op and white list. says: 'java' is not recognized as a batch or external command , operable program or batch file thingyou>dontneed>toknow>thefilesname>pause press any key to continue ... i do and it closes. i like to mess around with coding and i know something is wrong in (or with) it please help me this thing bla>bla>bla you don't need to know that, it does not affect it in any way shape or form except the ...>pause that stopped it i have that know it said it could not crea
  12. Okay, so on my attack of the b-team server, me and my friend play and it used to all work perfectly. But recently when we are both on the server it crashes. It seems that having one person on the server is fine, but when a second person joins the server crashes. The crash report is below, if anyone could help that would be extremely helpful. Thanks. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // This doesn't make any sense! Time: 3/31/14 6:37 PM Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 at java.util.ArrayList.elementData(Unknown Source) at java.ut
  13. Hi, I get 10-20 FPS on attack of the B team with optifine on. Is there any ways no stop this lag and get around 30-60 FPS? On default minecraft i get arround 30-50 FPS. I try a lot of things and still get 10-20 FPS. Can anyone help me?
  14. Hey guys I could use some help with my config files. First off in the fossil and archaeology mod, I was trying to turn off the block breaking effect that the T-Rex and brontosaurus have but I haven't had any success. Here is a copy on that file: general { B:BrachiosaurBreaksBlocks=false B:DinosaursGrow=true B:DinosaursHunger=true B:SpawnAcademy=true B:SpawnAnu=true B:SpawnShipwrekcs=true B:SpawnWeaponShop=true B:TRexBreaksBlocks=false I have reloaded that mod-pack after tweaking it and the dinos still break the blocks. Any advice? The next issue is with
  15. Im having an Issue with the large dinos (T-rex, brontosaurus, stegosaurus, Triceratops, ect.) breaking blocks, including bedrock, when they run into them. This makes it impossible to build them a cage short of creating their own island for them. Is there any /gamerule or code I can type in to turn off block breaking for these mobs? Turning off mob grieving does not work. Thanks for your time, Ram
  16. Hi im not sure if this goes on this forum or on the Servers forum but here goes. Im having a hell of a time disabling the right click on a couple of items and i cant for the life of me find a plugin that fixs my issue. I started my server a day ago and it just went public and i have a couple banned items id like to get off my banned items list because i dont see them being banned on other servers. So i was wondering if there is a plugin that exists that will allow me to Disable the right clicking of these items because they can grief protected areas. 1. Needle Gun (Can bypass protections by
  17. Hey I was just wondering how I could disable the stove from the furniture mod without taking out the whole mod?
  18. I've been playing Minecraft since the beginning of Alpha and Multiplayer Minecraft since it came out. Since the beginning of the essentials plugin, many server owners haven't enable useful commands that can only benefit them and their players. To help both server admins and players, I've made a list below of some of the most useful of the commands, what they do, and the permissions for them. /ignore Fixes: _____ is spamming me with PMs! Permission: essentials.ignore Description: Ignores a player. Alternative: Hire more admins to deal with annoying players. Additional Notes: Give yo
  19. Please, someone help me, I just made a new server and everything was working fine. Then, it crashes. So I restart it and everything is fine. But right when my friend joins it crashed again. I run it and I am on by myself, the server it fine no crashed. Right when he joins the server stops and says server closed. This keeps happening and I need help pls.
  20. Hey Everyone, I have just decided to make an attack of the b-team server and was wondering if I could get some help!!! I have already port forward the server and I have also added a bunch of plugins!! I was wondering if anybody out there, could help me get started with the server. I am not the best at plugins...... so I am asking for someone who knows what they are doing. If you are interested in helping me out, then please send me a message or respond to the post. THANKS!!!!!!
  21. Hello everyone, Forgive my terrible grammar throughout this post as it is very late at night and I am very tired so I don't really care about grammar atm. Anyway, because of the update to Minefactory Reloaded I began to wonder how infinite energy can be made without the Steam Turbine. Previously you could hook up an Aqueous Accumulator to the Steam Turbine and this would produce infinite energy. Now, with the new update to MFR the Steam Turbine takes in steam instead of water making this set up useless. So, how would players create an infinite energy set up?
  22. Please help, one day, I think it might have been on an update, I tried to play b-team and it crashed whenever I started the modpack, I have read over the common solutions page and still haven't found a fix for this, I am not a Mac, and as I said, whenever I click play, it goes through the normal downloading files-stuff and right when it's about to start, it crashes. If someone could please help me with this, then it would be awesome. (They would also get a virtual cookie.)
  23. Now I'm no expert on Technic Pack, but I know something is amiss when I can't even load modpacks on Technic Launcher. When I try loading Tekkit, which I have had no problem with in the past, it makes it to the Java loading screen, then crashes before the menu is loaded and returns to the launcher, as it always does when it is closed or crashes. More frustrating yet, when I try to load B-Team, which I really want to play, it crashes before FML even starts up. I have copied the console text from launching B-Team that shows the problem so anyone who is experiencing a similar problem or knows what
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