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  1. I downloaded the launcher for Windows, but everytime I hit play, the launcher closes but reopens. Can someone help me figure out what to do so I can play please?
  2. aspiregames.no-ip.org:55555 whitelist removed Now Running [1.0.9c] Welcome To AspireGames This is a serer which is part of the AspireGames HIVE This server has a freindly and possitive atmosphire our website is now live it will appear here at aspiregames.us The IP is : aspiregames.no-ip.org:55555 The TS IP : aspiregames.no-ip.org I hope To See You Online! Server Specs: 64GB Ram 8 Core 2 Prossesor 4.8GHz Prossesers! This Is A Dedicated Server Which Means That There Will Be Minimal LAG and 24/7 Uptime! Any More Questions Feel Free To Contact me at [email protected], I
  3. Witchery Server On The Hamachi Witchcraft server I made for me and a few friends I died in the nether. Due to a glitch I've seen several times before, where dying in midair causes no grave to spawn destroying your items, I tried a witchery necromantic rite where you summon a previous incarnation of a player. My server said, "cannot begin ritual rite is banned on this server." I checked the config file for Witchery on my server, and it said that the rite was not banned, how can I fix this?
  4. Hello guys! I need help. I can't join a server.(I could before) it says ' Disconnected by Server The following microblocks are not installed on this client: tile.bop.generic.dried_dirt, tile.bop.generic.dried_dirt_161_0...' it goes like this. Please help me guys!
  5. The technic launcher opens up fine, but when I select the modpack and hit play it loads and then the launcher disappears for a second and comes back like nothing happened. I have updated Java and the Java website told me that all previous javas were uninstalled. I have also uninstalled and installed it many times. Please help, thanks. http://pastebin.com/HEJb31FU
  6. Hello everyone, I was wondering if you guys could help me turn off explosions and tornados. I own a server hosted by sticky piston hosting. It's an attack of the B-team server as you all know, so please help me out it would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  7. yeah the title says it all tell me all the details plz cause i dont even know how to make a vanilla server
  8. Every time I load up a world their is always one thing wrong with it or something odd about it. The first world I spawned had CRAZY alps and highlands biomes they look a lot like the far lands The second world I had never spawned any vanilla biomes until after 2000 blocks or so The third world never had any villages, all villages were like 700 blocks apart, and they were all messed up, the roads spiked up and down, house were high in the air, and They would never spawn in plains biomes Can anyone tell me what's going on? I just want to find some cool villages?
  9. As many of you know you are not allowed to sit in cray fish furniture, I want to know if this is a unfixable bug, or if it is being worked on right now, if not, can anyone find a way to fix it?
  10. i try to play attack of the b-team and about 10 minutes into the game it just freezes so i just restart the game and it works for about 10 minutes then freezes again, can anyone help me
  11. My launcher and mod pack are updated to the latest version which is 1.0.9c and when i try to join any serversthat are 1.0.9c it gives me this screen. Help Appreciated.http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=10ynvh0&s=8#.UyUK6vldVX8
  12. I try to join a server and its says logging in and then tells me that the mod forge loader does not have some versions of mods installed and I have reset my mod pack 3 times! plus some times when I click play it will freeze up then say reading pack error ! Plus , Plus the server has people playing on it ! Please help ! Thanks if u can !
  13. Edited post to prevent admins banning this technique from their server! Just message me and I'll send the non-edited post to you! (Of course if you're not a Admin, OP, staff or a Moderator!)
  14. as the title says i cant sit on anything not only the furniture mod i cant sit on the passenger seat from archimedes' ships what can i do?
  15. I literally only have one key left on my keyboard that is not in use from the mod controls. I can't type anything, without menu's popping up or things being dropped or attacking something. How do I uninstall a few mods, or at least disable them, or something? I can't play and I really want to! Can someone tell me how to get rid of some? I don't need things like Archimedes ships or vehicles.
  16. my friend has the same error here's her log http://paste.ubuntu.com/7090118/
  17. I have 2 problems I use to have this thing that shows the name of the block and the creature but by mistake i pressed some thing and it doesnt show now This is mine And this is how its supposed to look like: How am i gonna fix that? and also when i try to connect ANY attack of the b-team server it gives me this error: I need help for those thanks
  18. OhGaming's Attack Of The B-Team Server IP: ohgaming3.org Hello everyone! OhGaming has opened a server for this modpack and we hope you'll come and play with us. We provide a lag free and professional gaming experience. Our server is designed for maximum stability and playability. Our Basic Rules No Spamming No Advertising No Hacking No Exploiting No Glitching These rules are common since really but, they should still be mentioned. Additional Info We run Towny on our server. Our community has been around for over a year and we plan on being around a lot longer. We provide so m
  19. I'm having an issue of when I click play on the Technic Launcher that Minecraft will open show the Mojang logo for a minute or so then crash out back to the Technic Launcher. I would appreciate help.
  20. I am hosting a whitlisted server and i am only accepting 10 players you need to send an application using the following IGN: Age: Skype: Average time you'll be on the server: Why do you want to join? Will you follow the rules?
  21. I think they should add the time control remote mod when the update the modpack to 1.7
  22. What i am looking for-im looking for a Whitelisted Attack of the B-Team Server to join and play and make some new friends on Age-17 Skype-TrentArchibald Rules i will follow-No griefing No spamming No killing unless we are joking around No stealing peoples stuff Why i want to join one-none of my friends play mine craft so it can get boring at times
  23. Can someone plz help my game keeps crashing when i join a server I get in the server then it closes Plz help me i want to play B-Team
  24. Whenever I click "play" in the launcher it loads all the files then just closes. Then it goes back to the launcher screen. Here is the error log if that helps: http://pastebin.com/m7Yw26g2 I really hope someone can help me. I know that there are a few other people experiencing this issue as well.
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