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  1. Oregasm is a new attack of the B-team server looking for dedicated and long term players that want to grow with the server. Few things... we have staff but are always watching the players to see who will be a good staff member. we do have some rules, for staff and players. No Advertising (mute) Be Respectful Be Ethical No Spawn Killing! (Staff beat down) No Arguing With Higher Ranks &4(Mute) No Begging &4(Mute) Swearing allowed but don't use it every sentence. &4(Mute) AFK'ing near mobspawners/grinders will result in the spawner being removed No Spamming Chat &4(Mute
  2. Hey guys I could use some help with my config files. First off in the fossil and archaeology mod, I was trying to turn off the block breaking effect that the T-Rex and brontosaurus have but I haven't had any success. Here is a copy on that file: general { B:BrachiosaurBreaksBlocks=false B:DinosaursGrow=true B:DinosaursHunger=true B:SpawnAcademy=true B:SpawnAnu=true B:SpawnShipwrekcs=true B:SpawnWeaponShop=true B:TRexBreaksBlocks=false I have reloaded that mod-pack after tweaking it and the dinos still break the blocks. Any advice? The next issue is with
  3. Im having an Issue with the large dinos (T-rex, brontosaurus, stegosaurus, Triceratops, ect.) breaking blocks, including bedrock, when they run into them. This makes it impossible to build them a cage short of creating their own island for them. Is there any /gamerule or code I can type in to turn off block breaking for these mobs? Turning off mob grieving does not work. Thanks for your time, Ram
  4. Whenever I click "play" in the launcher it loads all the files then just closes. Then it goes back to the launcher screen. Here is the error log if that helps: http://pastebin.com/m7Yw26g2 I really hope someone can help me. I know that there are a few other people experiencing this issue as well.
  5. Hello everyone, Forgive my terrible grammar throughout this post as it is very late at night and I am very tired so I don't really care about grammar atm. Anyway, because of the update to Minefactory Reloaded I began to wonder how infinite energy can be made without the Steam Turbine. Previously you could hook up an Aqueous Accumulator to the Steam Turbine and this would produce infinite energy. Now, with the new update to MFR the Steam Turbine takes in steam instead of water making this set up useless. So, how would players create an infinite energy set up?
  6. Hey I was just wondering how I could disable the stove from the furniture mod without taking out the whole mod?
  7. Hey Everyone, I have just decided to make an attack of the b-team server and was wondering if I could get some help!!! I have already port forward the server and I have also added a bunch of plugins!! I was wondering if anybody out there, could help me get started with the server. I am not the best at plugins...... so I am asking for someone who knows what they are doing. If you are interested in helping me out, then please send me a message or respond to the post. THANKS!!!!!!
  8. I've been playing Minecraft since the beginning of Alpha and Multiplayer Minecraft since it came out. Since the beginning of the essentials plugin, many server owners haven't enable useful commands that can only benefit them and their players. To help both server admins and players, I've made a list below of some of the most useful of the commands, what they do, and the permissions for them. /ignore Fixes: _____ is spamming me with PMs! Permission: essentials.ignore Description: Ignores a player. Alternative: Hire more admins to deal with annoying players. Additional Notes: Give yo
  9. IP: aotbt.businessmodpack.com TeamSpeak 3: ts.businessmodpack.com The Business B-Team server is an economy Attack of the B-Team server. Use all of your resources to try to create the best automation you can, and earn the highest amount of money you can. Open up a Business with friends, and sell items to others, or just go solo. We aim to create the best experience possible for users. If economy isn't your thing, don't worry. There are plenty of other things to do. Whether it is playing modded minigames, or just braving the pack, we guarantee you will have a great time! At Business B
  10. aspiregames.no-ip.org:55555 whitelist removed Now Running [1.0.9c] Welcome To AspireGames This is a serer which is part of the AspireGames HIVE This server has a freindly and possitive atmosphire our website is now live it will appear here at aspiregames.us The IP is : aspiregames.no-ip.org:55555 The TS IP : aspiregames.no-ip.org I hope To See You Online! Server Specs: 64GB Ram 8 Core 2 Prossesor 4.8GHz Prossesers! This Is A Dedicated Server Which Means That There Will Be Minimal LAG and 24/7 Uptime! Any More Questions Feel Free To Contact me at [email protected], I
  11. Please, someone help me, I just made a new server and everything was working fine. Then, it crashes. So I restart it and everything is fine. But right when my friend joins it crashed again. I run it and I am on by myself, the server it fine no crashed. Right when he joins the server stops and says server closed. This keeps happening and I need help pls.
  12. Please help, one day, I think it might have been on an update, I tried to play b-team and it crashed whenever I started the modpack, I have read over the common solutions page and still haven't found a fix for this, I am not a Mac, and as I said, whenever I click play, it goes through the normal downloading files-stuff and right when it's about to start, it crashes. If someone could please help me with this, then it would be awesome. (They would also get a virtual cookie.)
  13. Now I'm no expert on Technic Pack, but I know something is amiss when I can't even load modpacks on Technic Launcher. When I try loading Tekkit, which I have had no problem with in the past, it makes it to the Java loading screen, then crashes before the menu is loaded and returns to the launcher, as it always does when it is closed or crashes. More frustrating yet, when I try to load B-Team, which I really want to play, it crashes before FML even starts up. I have copied the console text from launching B-Team that shows the problem so anyone who is experiencing a similar problem or knows what
  14. I downloaded the launcher for Windows, but everytime I hit play, the launcher closes but reopens. Can someone help me figure out what to do so I can play please?
  15. Witchery Server On The Hamachi Witchcraft server I made for me and a few friends I died in the nether. Due to a glitch I've seen several times before, where dying in midair causes no grave to spawn destroying your items, I tried a witchery necromantic rite where you summon a previous incarnation of a player. My server said, "cannot begin ritual rite is banned on this server." I checked the config file for Witchery on my server, and it said that the rite was not banned, how can I fix this?
  16. yeah the title says it all tell me all the details plz cause i dont even know how to make a vanilla server
  17. Hello guys! I need help. I can't join a server.(I could before) it says ' Disconnected by Server The following microblocks are not installed on this client: tile.bop.generic.dried_dirt, tile.bop.generic.dried_dirt_161_0...' it goes like this. Please help me guys!
  18. For some reason, when ever I try to goto the Promised Land with the Biomes o' plenty mod. I get a HUGE lag spike and usually it crashes the game. Anyone have an idea why I can't do anything. I would hate to see my work to find all those gems goto waste...
  19. Hello everyone, I was wondering if you guys could help me turn off explosions and tornados. I own a server hosted by sticky piston hosting. It's an attack of the B-team server as you all know, so please help me out it would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  20. Every time I load up a world their is always one thing wrong with it or something odd about it. The first world I spawned had CRAZY alps and highlands biomes they look a lot like the far lands The second world I had never spawned any vanilla biomes until after 2000 blocks or so The third world never had any villages, all villages were like 700 blocks apart, and they were all messed up, the roads spiked up and down, house were high in the air, and They would never spawn in plains biomes Can anyone tell me what's going on? I just want to find some cool villages?
  21. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1852335-sspsmpforge-kris91268s-light-bridges-and-doors-version-17-mc-164-create-bridges-and-doors-of-light/ This is the link to the light bridges and doors mod by kris91268. I think this mod would go well with attack of the b-team and I would love to see it be added in.
  22. my friend has the same error here's her log http://paste.ubuntu.com/7090118/
  23. My launcher and mod pack are updated to the latest version which is 1.0.9c and when i try to join any serversthat are 1.0.9c it gives me this screen. Help Appreciated.http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=10ynvh0&s=8#.UyUK6vldVX8
  24. As many of you know you are not allowed to sit in cray fish furniture, I want to know if this is a unfixable bug, or if it is being worked on right now, if not, can anyone find a way to fix it?
  25. Edited post to prevent admins banning this technique from their server! Just message me and I'll send the non-edited post to you! (Of course if you're not a Admin, OP, staff or a Moderator!)
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