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  1. - Ranks And Donation Shop! - 24/7 Dedicated Servers - Great Gaming Community - Experienced Staff Members - Multiple Gaming Servers Server I.P: BteamLiteitup.net http://LiteItUpGaming.net Tired Of Playing Attack Of The B-Team? Try Our High Rated Tekkit Lite Server! http://tekkitserverlist.com/server/17572/view/liteitup-24-7-tekkit-lite-server-free-rank-great-staff Not A Fan Of Tekkit Lite Try Our New Hexxit Server! http://hexxitservers.com/server/507/view/hexacrafters
  2. 7landia77 is a great community for most attack of the bteam users we have world guard and a kind group of staff. we also have many youtubers playing on this server. we have just had some of our community build a new spawn also it is great! we are also working on many player shops at spawn this moment WE ARE CHANGING TO AGRARIAN SKIES though possibly could run bungee allowing bteam and agrarian skies at once
  3. So, I found out that qcraft portal lets players teleport to other servers so I was thinking, since I have a pvp world, I could build a portal inside, and if any other servers are interest, link portals with their server or something. That way, if players want to pvp, then can come into my pvp world and pvp my players XD so servers can pvp each other. If any server owners are interested, or you would like to know more, just comment below WOO
  4. So one of my players got pretty depressed when his steam turbine no longer worked lol. So another player decided to look for energy solutions. He found this machine some youtuber had made, and I found it absolutely incredible. So here it is. (note, I am not gonna tell you how to craft these parts.) This machine will fill up a resonant energy cell in a bout 30 seconds, give you infinite lava (1 bucket is needed to start it, then it produces enough energy to run it self and power the energy cell. And the bi-product of it is lava, which it produces more then is needed so you get fr
  5. Hi, my friends and I own an attack of the b-team server which has just worked fine until yesterday a bug or something duplicated the drops off a spider over and over causing massive lag. We already disabled mobdrops and tried to wait until all the spidereyes and string would despawn but once you are on the server you just fall through the ground whilst lag and 0fps until you et kicked after some minutes. Because that didn´t work we tried to load an old back-up save the drops are still there causing lag. What else is there to do? I really need your guys help. Thanks!
  6. Ok so I am just writing to tell about some of the issues that I have had and some that I have overcome when creating my Attack of the B-team server. Problems over come: The first problem I had was after I had setup the server running technics default server jar. I decided to upgrade to mcpc to add plugins. The problem that I ran into was that the map with the stock jar would not work correctly with the newest version of mcpc released February 1. After hours of trying to figure out what to do and hundreds of players already have joining and leaving the server I decided it was best to do a
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a warning. The server is becoming public soon but we will have another whitelisted bteam which you can apply for here. www.kingdomscity.com/bteam Hello guys, I am hosting an attack of the b team server, We are only open for people 15 years and older. This will be a whitelisted server and we are accepting about 20-25+ people to play! We have no mods removed or added, but plugins. Rules: No griefing,
  8. Can I just say, thanks Kal. U have helped a lot of ppl, including me. And your little " # Set this to just remove any TileEntity that throws a error... B:removeErroringTileEntities=false" trick is amazing when mod causes some unexpected error lol. So thanks for tht :3
  9. __________________________________________________________________________ Hello and welcome. Before you join, Please sign up at http://hexical.enjin.com And if you ask nicely, Zunkey might give you an item for signing up! Hello. We are a 3 month old server, with a pretty good player data base! ( Depends on your timezone, At the time of posting this everyones in school) We run 8.0gb ram and we are hoping to upgrade that, we have the supplies to do so, its just when we are going to do so, We run Minecraft 1.6.4 ATTACK OF THE BTEAM 1.0.9c! And we are hoping you will sign up on the site and joi
  10. Some of you may of noticed radios no longer stream in the update of 1.0.10b. Instead, whether on server or single player, it will say "unknown stream type." This is because the open blocks updated and the update requires a client side mod called NotEnoughCodecs. You can download that here: http://openblocks.info/ and just simply dump it into your mods folders. This is just client side, if you have this mod and connect to a server that doesn't have it, it wont make any difference except you can hear the radio whiles others cant. Just like optifine.I wouldn't recommend putting this into your se
  11. On YouTube I posted a question to +Generikb about transporting lava directly from the nether into the over world. This method I seen done on Tekkit LP's before I ever got it; all I ever did was dream of it. Now someone answered my post saying we might be able to send lava to the over world using tesseracts as send and receive. I am a redstone dummy and not afraid to admit it, but if there is a way to do infinite fuel using the tesseracts someone please help me by posting a vid or a detailed description on how to do it. Having a infinite fuel source would be awesome, it would benefit us all.
  12. Hello! I run a server with quite a few players, recently it has come to my attention that certain mobs (mainly or only Fossils and archeology ones) can break blocks even if your morphed into them. Now i know how to blacklist them using the morph mod so people cant greif but i have no clue what the entity names are for the mobs of the Fossils and archeology mod. It would help me allot if you can point me in the right direction or give them to me! Thanks.
  13. I just installed Attack of the B-team mod pack, the launcher installed everything but when I click play the launcher disappears and comes back after a second but nothing changes so it basically resets every time I click play. Is someone else having this issue or can anyone help me? please D;
  14. Ok so i have a server, and it runs fine, until certain players come online. Then server crashes. It is cause of their houses. When they log in, they are at their homes, and something they have built just crashes the server, while when I move them to spawn, and the login, its fine, until they decide to cheek their house, and bam, crash. So its something they have built. I am guessing it has something to do with minefactory mod, as I have heard some issues about it. So he is my question, does anyone know the machine doing it specifically? or should I disable whole mod? OR, is it fixed in the up
  15. So promised land spawns pixies with no limit, making a lag-tastic time of things. First, how can I turn pixies off in the promised land? and second, is it going to be fixed or has been fixed in update? I have a feeling Kal will answer this lol -DEL
  16. ObsitusCraft Server IP: Visit us on obsituscraft.enjin.com to see a full list of rules. This is an attack of the b-team server 1.0.9c. We welcome you to come join our server. We have a tight group of players and we are definitely looking to grow bigger. Don't be afraid, Come join us. At the moment the Plugins we have installed are: essentials Faction RandomLocationTeleporter We are looking for new Plugins in future, such as Shops and Job. Our server have a few rules that we are kinda strict on. Griefing is only allow IN the WILDERNESS No Hacking, Cursing, Adv
  17. Playing last night my world crashed after placing a red lined item case from bibliocraft onto a furniture mod table. When I logged back into my account and clicked single player the world was gone. I have a backup saved to my desktop and when I go into the saves folder in attack of the bteam it says my world is still there. I added my backup to the saves folder anyway and then reopened the client but no worlds are showing up. i have tried redownloading the entire technic client and i have reset the bteam pack itself. my question is how do i properly add a world back to my "saves"
  18. I began playing this Mod pack and found it very interesting. However if you play the mod pack in single player there seems to be missing content. Now it would seem to me that this missing content would be the Modder's job to fix and maybe patch it. I certainly hope that's the case cause there are 2 mods I know of that deserve special attention for single player to function properly as the multiplayer does as well. These mods are: 1: Tinkers Construct: The chisel you seem to munch on it like a bone instead of using it properly. I for one thought it was funny but it gets annoying after a whi
  19. Every time I try to open Attack of the B-Team, it takes a long time to load, as if it is downloading the mod pack again. Then, after the mojang screen, it goes back to the launcher, the launcher acts like nothing ever happened. What is going on? Thanks! -Epicreeper101
  20. every time i enter my friend server (1.0.8) is tell me "bad login" i read that i have to detelet and download the mod pack again and i did it and it didnt work. any one have a solution?
  21. please help. this is my first post and my english suck so please try to understand, every time i enter to the attak of the bteam is tell me "A list of ID conflict has been written to the file 'IDConflicts.txt' in your minecraft directory" so i search in youtube and is told me to go to minecraft. witch is attak-of-the-bteam folder in modpack folder, so i got this from there: if that help you. so if it happen to other people please tell me, and if it only me can you help me fix it? ty for reading
  22. when i try to enter to my friend server is tell me: "forge mod loader could not connect to this server. the mod and version listed below could not be found. they are required to play on this server Tconstruct : 1.6.X- galacticraftcore : 2.0.9 projred:transmission :1.0 projred:transportion : 1.0 advancegenetics : v1.4 projred:intergration :1.0 carpentersblocks : v2.0.2 projred:core : projred:illuminatio : 1.0 projred:compatibility : 1.0 witchey : 0.14.0 forgemultipart : mcmultipart : projred:exporation : 1.0 galacticraftmars : 2.0.9" i want t
  23. My attack of the Bteam crashes every time I open or crate a world. I've tried turning all my settings to low and i even removed some of the mods that take up a lot of data and it still crashes. Please help.
  24. i would like to sujest some new mods to the attack of the bteam to be considered as these mods would suit the pack. these mods are -Gulliver Mod (forge) -Starmine please add these as they would be great additions to the modpack http://forum.minecra...hp?f=13&t=17975 starmine http://www.minecraft...0000-downloads/ Gulliver mod btw love the modpack which is the only reason i did this and sorry for any misunderstanding
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