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  1. EDIT: We have enough people now, no more applications please. I am intending to host a whitelisted public server, but as someone only experience in running old tekkit classic and vanilla publics, I require some help in solving a couple issues (tropicraft moving spawnpoint, random crashes that result in unoperable server until I break a block listed in the crashlog, etc) and help in optimization. (B-Team server seems to run slower than a vanilla or tekkit classic/lite server.) Assisting will ensure your whitelist spot, and depending how you help, perhaps mod/admin. Apply to my email:
  2. So, the server has been crashing ever since I first created, although, the crashing frequency has dropped drastically. I fixed the Block Oven corruption, and I have removed minions. However, we still seem to be getting many crashes. The modpack of the server is updated and at 1.0.8. I have pastebins of multiple types of crashes here. Please help! Crash #1: http://pastebin.com/L7mF4LPb Crash #2: http://pastebin.com/FN193zZJ Crash #3: http://pastebin.com/8mQSU146 Crash #4: http://pastebin.com/SLfxu8YD
  3. Oooook soo I have been trying to launch this thing for about 1 week now and it just doesn't open up.... I mean it does but it says press any button to continue, when I pressed a button it just doesn't do anything man.. btw I have been trying to launch this thing on a mac .. ,, I open it with Terminal or TextEdit... Please tell me what do I do to make it work ASAP....... TNX
  4. Whenever i try to place mod blocks like the alpha titan for example, it disappears and it will crash me out of the server…….. if u didn't understand this please do ask me again as i will try my best to describe what happens ……. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP SO ME AND MY FRIENDS CAN PLAY IN OUR OWN SERVER
  5. Welcome To ShankMC - Attack Of The B-Team About us ShankMC.Net is a high quality server network that specializes in modpacks and PvP gamemodes. Server Information Attack Of The B-Team Version 1.0.6 (Recommended) IP: BTeam.ShankMC.Net Website: ShankMC.Net Rules No Homophobia No Racism No Hacking No Spamming No Duplicating Remember to post down below if you like the server!
  6. Alright, so for the last 3 days, I have been having problem after problem with trying to get this modpack to load and be playable. Last monday, when it was released, I decided to try to run it. I only got as far as the Mojang logo before it crashed. Now I get as far as the Launcher, and it says that it couldn't download a file, as seen here. (personal information redacted for safety reasons) This is the first, and only mod pack that I have had any troubles with. I tried the "Use beta builds" as seen in >this thread but I still get the "Could not download [filename].jar" Any suggesti
  7. SERVER IP: Tags: PvP, Raid, BTeam, Mods, Grief, Etc Etc Additional Details: BlazeBox is a Attack Of The B Team server with a fantastic 150 Player Slots and 24GB of RAM so that you and your friends can survive and tough out the world courtesy of Notch! *Build your base, protect your valuables and wage war with other Players! *No banned items! *Designated Trade areas so you can be safe! [Great friendly Community - Active Fun Staff - Ultimate Minecraft Experience] We'll see you soon! Combat & The BlazeBox Staff Team
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