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Found 119 results

  1. Server is no longer tekkit lite, but has become the "Clones Modern Modpack" official server. As well as a TPPI server. I have asked the admins to remove this post all together, but if you play on the tekkit server then feel free to ask me on the forums for the map. forums: or Thanks for all the love and support, and I hope to see you all on our brand new modpack within the next few weeks. -Jared
  2. Community Website: Mod pack Link: Server IP: RULES: only 5 simple rules. 1- Respect Staff 2- You May do Anything you want, EXCAPT on the SPAWN world 3- No greifing or stealing on the Spawn Island. 4- NO spamming chat with ANYTHING 5- Do not Harrass other players.whil on the spawn world Server Information: The server and pack were made for our community to enjoy Exploring and PvP adventuring together. The Main thing though, is to NEVER LOOK BACK! Its all about having fun with greifing and raiding. Even the MOBS get into it. We've added many mobs like Elemental creepers that will greif the world. (configs have been heavily tweaked) we have creepers that will stalk you, zombies that spawn in the daylight, skelies that fire arrows, or explosive arrows. We do offer a Safe World.(spawn world) where you can buy plots (as there avail) to build and save your loot safely. Many of the MODS, will help you to progress and be WAAAAY overpowered. So suit up.. and get ready to fight! UPTIME: 24/7 About the community: Our community is a place for free thought.Each week we plan something for the community to be invloved in. Rather it be on our community server, or on someone elses.... We host Live Broadcasts, Lets plays, We also search all over the internet to bring you the best Mods, Maps, servers, Plugins, websites and youtube videos to check out. All things relating to Minecraft. Server Owners are welcome to submit there server to our listing. Though the reviews are submited by REAL players on that server and checked for accuracy. Our community as a lot of Long time active members who have stayed with us since the begining and have gone on to be great staff members.In our community, you dont just join in 1 day and become OP the next.. you have to work hard and be a part of the community, you have to stand out from the crowd, make yourself known. but, just a warning, we do like to 'lightly' troll our players (noting major, maybe you come back from exploreing to find your have a parkour challenge hidden under your base. or your floor made of wool as changed colors slightly, or maybe theres suddenly a few more trees around you.. or a random mob... who knows, its always fun and light, to help your time with us be more exciting, if you notice us trolling, and ask us to stop, we'll stop. mainly, we just want to help make your time on our server a fun adventure! either way, we try not bother you, we just let you explore and enjoy the mod pack on your own or with your freinds. But, our community will gladly help you out if you ask. WHITELISTED SERVER: to be added. simply respond back here (may take a few days to repsond...) or go to: you will have to join the community before you can submit a form on our website. otherwise, respond to this thread with your: IGN: Why you want to join the server? Thats it. simple and easy. Server Plugins we use: Essentials, horse protect, gringotts, NOLOGOUT PvP, and a few others for namely for admins and staff to use. WORLD information: Spawn World : only admins and staff build here. though, you can buy plots as they become available to be able to have your own space to build privatly. PVP WORLD: /warp world. This is where all the action happens, its reset as needed. NETHER and END worlds: These worlds are reset once per month or As needed. Twilight World: This world has a large border and is reset once every 6 months. DEEP DARK: very secretive and hard place to get to. But its fun to find. Staff are able to access this world easily, and may invite you to come over and play with them. MYSTCRAFT Worlds: 5 mystcraft worlds are offered per month to explore and adventure in. Thesse worlds are made by ADMINS only. and offered to the public for free. At the end of the month, old worlds can be bought or sold thru our economy shops. YOUTUBE WORLD: this is a speacile world uploaded only for youtubers to record lets plays on. each month, we feature a new downloaded map which youtubers can plan events on and invite members of the community to join in on there adventures with. ONLY Youtubers and ADMINS are able to access the warp for this world. All other players need to be invited by a youtuber or an admin.
  3. This is a new server come and join us! Factions and its allowed to raid, team up with some friends. Its played on tekkit classic Not much banned items, give ideas if something should be unbanned. This server need staff and players so Join right now! Our server is very friendly Ip: //jonis1837
  4. New B-team server with simple rules, no banned items, a ton of fun. If you want to have a good time roaming the modpack of b-team then join us. We literally just had a world reset so that our players get the most fresh experience. We are looking for great builders to help with spawn. You can send in an app at for staff. If we get 10 players on we will do a drop party at spawn. We hope to see you there. Ip:
  5. IP: YipeGaming Networks is new so please expect any sudden changes and bugs and glitches
  6. Tekkit Worlds IP: Website: Tekkit Worlds Description: Tekkit Worlds was a thought when I first started playing Tekkit a year and a half ago, and now, I finally put that thought into a server. We enjoy meeting new players and having fun together. We hope to grow a community where all ages are welcomed, and hope to open newer servers later on. An extensive economy based server with auctions, a marketplace, and even ranks that require to be paid! We enabled Factions with the economy mode so players have more of that economy feel. Griefing and Raiding is ALLOWED! Uptime: Our servers have a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and any updates only take a minute or two of downtime! Plugins: PermissionsEx Factions (Economy Mode) floAuction TekkitRestrict MoneyDrop PaidRanks WorldBorder WorldEdit WorldGuard Enjin Minecraft Plugin Votifier StopThatLag LagMeter Multiverse-Core Multiverse-Portals Essentials SignShops SignUtilities Player Ranks: Player (First Joined) Member ($500) Student ($1000) Graduate ($2500) Technician ($5000) Engineer ($10000) Scientist ($25000) Physicist ($50000) Doctor ($100000) Genius ($250000) Banned Items: We have no banned items! Only items restricted to certain ranks, which every player can unlock them all, even if you are not a donator!* *: Any donation ranks automatically unlock every item. Media: Spawn (Overhead) Players Spawn Here Normal World (Players) Mining World (Gets Reset Weekly) Anarchy World (No Restrictions) Nether Portal (Public) Donator World (Just for them) Marketplace
  7. Dragon Slayers is a Skyrim based mod pack. There are four factions that member's can choose: Thieves Guild; ran by Owner, ViSualMaSSacr3. Dark Brotherhood; ran by Co-Owner, DarkMozark. Companions Guild; ran by Co-Owner BigDrewskii. Mages Guild, ran by Moderator OS_Reaper. Each faction has their own special events from having PvP arenas, Contracts for assassins, Gaining money from stealing, and education for Thaumcraft. Learn more about our server by simply joining or going to: Come join the fun and become a Dragon Slayer! --------Our server Specs-------- Four Specialized Factions, PVE, PVP, Thaumcraft, Blood Magic, Custom NPC's and Intense custom boss mobs. Intel Xeon E3 Processor, Unlimited SSD Storage, Unlimited bandwidth Server IP: You can download our Custom modpack here! Don't forget to give us a +1 if you enjoy our mod! ----------Permissions and Licensing---------- Artifice by Shukaro Biomes o' Plenty by TDWP_FTW Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper Chisel by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN Darwin by Manchou Dragon Mounts by BarracudaATA Enhanced Portals 2 by Alz454 Hats by iChun Liquid XP by immibis Minefactory Reloaded by skyboy Morph by iChun Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod by Mr. Crayfish Natura by mDiyo Not Enough Items by Chicken Bones NEI Plugins by Mistaqur Open Blocks by Mikeemoo Pam's HarvestCraft by MatrexsVigil Project Red: by Mr. TJP and Chicken Bones Random Things by lumien Secret Rooms by AbrarSyed Statues by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN Sync by iChun Thermal Expansion by King Lemming Tinkers Construct by mDiyo Trailmix by iChun Waila by Prof Mobius Warsmod by Resinresin Waypoints by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN Witchery by Emoniph GuardsMod by vikydrone
  8. IP : Website : Modpack : B-TEAM - Latest Teamspeak (often full) : NO BANNED ITEMS We are an experienced community who have been running official and custom modpacks for over a year. We know what players want and we always aim to deliver it in the best way possible. On our servers, expect to be recognized as an individual and not as a number. Our main rules for this server are as follows: - Be courteous of other users - No advertising or 'I'm from planet minecraft' bullcrap - Do not try and abuse bugs or exploits ( this includes crashing duping etc ) - Show some respect for staff, they are all helpful - Try to vote as often as possible ( it helps us grow and nets you some goodies ) - Swearing is allowed but don't go overboard with the insults. Our main plugins for this server are as follows: - Factions - Global Market - TeleportSuite - Backtodeathpoint
  9. [1.0.12a] NO WHITELIST!!! Server: Team Speak: Website Featuring a hardcore Factions server, A PVE server, and a Towny server. The Factions server features hardcore game conditions with pvp griefing and raiding, a true test of survival and warfare. The Pve features a more toned down gameplay style with keepInventory enabled and upgradable claim protections based off of Greif Prevent. We now have a B-Team Towny server. Play with friends and build a community. NONE of the servers have banned mods! Yes this means that you can witch people! We have zero banned mods and 9 banned items. Unlike other servers that pretend to have no banned items, we believe in transparency on what is banned. The server uses custom grief prevention plugins and anti hack utilities to ensure the best B-Team server in the world. With a consistent server frame rate of 18tps lag is nonexistent. We do not pad our numbers, our average players online is 95. Banned item list
  10. Connect to: Website: The server has only been freshly opened again to the public due to being offline for a few months. The NiTRO-MC Network has been around since September 2013, The network was under a different name then as "Tech-iT Craft" The Server is managed by background staff you might never see on the server. We're more than happy to accept donations from our fellow members, we have a page for this on our website you can make a donation knowing you're supporting our team which works day and night to bring you, new innovative gaming experiences. If you do choose to donate you will be rewarded with a large amount of perks and items to show your support to the server, a long with a new shinny rank. If you have any further questions regarding the server or donations feel free to message me (NarcoticHD) or drop me In an email. (address listed on the website). We're currently hiring staff! If you wish to apply, Please do so on our website/forums.
  11. Hey we are a new Attack of the B-team server looking for players. Dedicated hosting from Ashburn VA. Aiming to get the server into a fun PVP state and am open to suggestions on how to do so. Morph currently disabled. Additional mods required: ATG 1.6.4 Factions is installed as well to get the ball rolling on people teaming together. Things I want to introduce later are ... Some sort of economy. Jobs. Event weekends ect... Let me know if you are interested and would like to join the fun. We also have TeamSpeak.
  12. We are an Attack of the B Team server with knowledgeable and fun staff! Only necessary banned items to keep the server up! We have plugins such as PermissionsEx, Factions, TabColors, WorldEdit and more to come! PVP and Raiding is enabled! Drop parties and random events/mini games are presented by the Staff! Be sure to read the rules when you join! Come join us today, we're waiting!
  13. IP: Note: will have jobs that anyone can be assigned to coming up in the next month, these will give out cash to players who complete them successfully. Some of the jobs include real estate of your own homes (must be approved by jared to be in spawn), para-medics (have kit medic), hitman, and much more! So why join EFTL? -We have a interactive spawn, meaning you can buy player shops in a giant mall, buy fully protected apartments for you and your friends with in game cash (this is also accepted via donation, or acceptation of moderator application), and much more! -We have a fully functional forums on our website, The forums allows you to ask questions, post your mind, and even apply for moderator status! -Speaking of moderator status, we have a moderator rank pick in about a month for the best applicant on our website! -Then Last but not least, we have random drop parties, server wide events that give out lots of in game cash, and a nice, yet rule based, staff selection. ​What will the experience be like? -We are working on votifier right now! -Auto-Restart system that tells you every so often when the server will restart. -You may have the owner come by and pimp your house for no cost. -friendly players and staff willing to help -And much more! So give us a try, even if your on the fence. We may not have a lot of people yet, but trust me, I will do everything in my power to change that! -Jared (Owner of Elite-Factions)
  14. Hello! We at detune are proud to bring you a server filled with fun and freedom! There are a few rules to follow, see below! It's pretty simple, and I got most of the rule ideas from Terra Tekkit Factions, because hey, they're good rules! Thanks John01dav! Your ideas for rules are fantastic. I agree with every one of them. Anywho,Lets get talking business. Detune tekkit is a brand new server with no removed mods, little rules, and only a few banned items, which are as follows. 1# mining turtles 2# Sacred sapling 3# Anti personnel module 4# all florbs (Grief) 5#(misc) The rift function of the rift blade. Sorry, some people will just spam them and that's not cool, yaknow? We have a mooshroom outside of spawn for your food needs! Bowls are not provided. We have had players from the site of origin, Detune, on for a week or so so there are a couple structures, like the one with a force field outside of spawn. WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN ADMIN WHO KNOWS HOW TO USE PEX AND OTHER TYPES OF PLUGINS HAVING TO DO WITH PEX! List of plugins: Banitem, Essientials, WorldBorder (Somewhere between 5-10K on every side, the border is circular), worldedit, Factions. The rules are: No griefing other factions If you take over territory of that into your faction, you may do as your faction leader allows (even if that is griefing) if something is unclaimed, you must first claim it to grief it. You may claim something, grief it, then unclaim it as a fair way to get around this rule. Be respectful to all other players, whether or not they are staff. This includes good sportsmanship (No, admins and moderators are NOT hackers. Admins aren't allowed to spawn items for their own gain excessively. A fully powered powersuit is a nono unless it's earned.) No hacking. This includes but is not limited to Flybots (flying armor is ok) No exploiting. This includes but is not limited to dupe bugs, pvp-bypassing bugs, and the like. No hate speech: EG, sexism, racism. Overly sensitive players aren't expected to stay long. No trolling (within reason) You may not ask for ranks. Do not whine about things, including acts of god or staff you do not like. Crying admin abuse is a cry for banning. If you don't like something take it up with me. Contact me on skype through: Lonlynekoman. You must also apply for staff this way. Uptime is expected to be 24/7 365/Y. IP is Port is 25565 if needed We have a kind community, and we offer a forgiving and relaxing place to play minecraft. Give us a chance! (Our spawn! I worked hard on it!) There will be a little surprise for those who join!
  15. IP: So why join EFTL? -We have a interactive spawn, meaning you can buy player shops in a giant mall, buy fully protected apartments for you and your friends with in game cash. (this is also accepted via donation, or acceptation of moderator application) -We have a fully functional forums on our website, The forums allows you to ask questions, post your mind, and even apply for moderator status! -Speaking of moderator status, we have a moderator rank pick in about a month for the best applicant on our website! -Then Last but not least, we have random drop parties, server wide events that give out lots of in game cash, and a nice, yet rule based, staff selection. ​What will the experience be like? -We are working on votifier right now! -Auto-Restart system that tells you every so often when the server will restart. -You may have the owner come by and pimp your house for no cost. -friendly players and staff willing to help -And much more! So give us a try, even if your on the fence. We have had a lot of road bumps along the way, one recently that forced us to restart with the server to what you see right now. We may not have a lot of people yet, but trust me, I will do everything in my power to change that! -Jared (Owner of Elite-Factions)
  16. I just wanted to get the word out about the tekkit server I work on that just went live. Its raid/pvp/grief so you can pretty much do whatever you want. Hope to see you there. IP: *snip*
  17. This Server is a Modded server with the mod Voltz in it you can get that in the technic launcher but its also a normal faction server. Combined it makes a awesome server! Come join! IP:
  18. Exodius Tekkit Classic Factions, Economy, Plots, Shops No banned items Complete freedom! IP: Entire Country of Russia here! On our server, you have complete freedom. Build whatever you want, wherever you want, use any item you want. Make your own plot or faction, start a war with another faction; It's all up to you. Plugins AuthMe ChestShop Essentials Factions FactionsPlus Jobs LWC NoCheatPlus PermissionsEx PlotMe WorldEdit WorldGuard Vault
  19. Hey guys, just wanting to advertise a relatively new hexxit server. I think there is a lot that sets us apart.. Our staff is very active Unlike many servers, our staff is almost always on. We don't have a lot of stupid rules Raiding, pvp, faction wars, we allow it all, not to mention we let you use the tools at your disposal to get into bases, such as hookshots and electric staffs. Instead of limiting you, we allow it. You'll just have to be smart when making your base.. If anything goes badly, our staff is almost always on to monitor it. So instead of making a whole assortment of custom plugins to limit you down to sticks and stones, we rely on our staff to monitor what goes on. Now you may ask " Won't that break our experience, won't we get raided all the time?" My response to that is this: it's a pvp server, it's a raiding server. I'm not just going to say deal with it, I say be smart, fight back a bit. Don't long for a peaceful time.. Raid others, strike back.. And there is no world limit, so feel free to build a base as far out as you want.. Not to mention our staff is fair and reliable.. Have fun! IP ADDRESS IS RIGHT HERE hexbox,g, You do need the "25566" at the end.
  20. Thunder Network Welcome to an epic new 24/7 Voltz Server! This is an Server where Raiding/PvP/Griefing is Allowed! We Currently own a Crack Pack server and decided to go VoltZ! IP: Website: (W.I.P) Rules No Spamming No Swearing Don't Disrespect Staff Don't Ask For Items/ranks/gm Don't Advertise Other Servers Don't Use Any Hacks PvP/Raiding/Stealing Is Allowed Be Polite No Power Abusing(For Staff) Have Fun Type: /Rules in game to see all the rules! Plugins ChestShop RandomTeleport Worldborder Factions TimedRanker Essentials CookieMonster GraveStone Banned Items Item Router (Dupe) Theoretical Elementizer How To Join Open the Technic Launher and choose the recommended version of voltz. then use the ip:
  21. 10gb 160 plus slots Server is in NC 2.0.4 Welcome to QuCraft 24 members and growing. We believe war and peace. With multiverse we have one area all out war and one where you become mayor of your own 200x200 plot of protected area. We use multilingual to aid any from other languages to speak clearly in their tongue it uses google translate. We use McBans No racism or sexual themes are tolerated Our staff do not tp to you and target you or I will put my staff of McBans personally. We we do go to war all staff including owners are striped of power and place in a clean area. Staff goes to war 2 to 3 times a month Chests are placed all over the landscapes that are duds to motherloads of items Some have a password with sign that when you tell owner you get ingame money up to 50k plus the items in cheast. We encourage war We banned tracker, antimatter and readmatter. Will be unbanning antimatter in a month. We run a clean server. we do curse but not in every sentence. We have tutorials on faction base raiding and how to do it. Our moto is Trust no one but our staff. I and qugere moderate with an Iron hammer. Usually we are kicking staff for abuse. Now we have some of the finest you will find anywhere. After the wars we have the winners get serious prizes after all a militia is only as good as its weapons and we distribute top of the line. We do not give things away (we do at times) but your gonna have to show your here to stay. We will be competing with other servers in a monthly all out war to gain prizes. Our website is Any owners of other servers contact me we can setup times for wars and offer prizes to each when one of our teams have won. We will set up refferees
  22. [NTGClan]Attack of the B-team [Factions | PVE | Creative] NTGClan is a growing community with currently only Attack of the B-team. Soon we will have minigames and our own modpack! Banned items - Mag force - Presents - Betterstorage backpack - Ender backpack Most of the items that are banned on other servers did we patch/recode! 1 Factions Like to grief? Like to PVP? Then factions is the right server for you! The experience of Attack of the B-team with an awesome plugin that everyone knows, factions. On this server you can grief every base you find with minions/TNT/Whatever, kill the players that are in the base you are trying to grief and be the number 1 on the server. Everyone will be affraid of you, who doesn't want that? IP: Website: Teamspeak: 2 PVE This server is almost the same as the factions server. But you can protect your land more. How? With flags. You can protect against everything from TNT to PVP. On this server you can also grief other players, but if they bought the right flags you can't. So if you like griefing but don't like people griefing you, this server is the one for you! IP: Website: Teamspeak: 3 Creative Like building everything you want without crafting everything? Then creative is the right server for you. Building everything you want in a 30 by 30 plot on the first world and 64 by 64 on the second world. IP: Website: Teamspeak: Coming soon *Agrarian Skies *Minigames *More coming soon Oh and we are looking for staff! Take a look at this post:
  23. Hello Technic players its Slentards here asking for your guys help. I am apart of a new server and we are looking for people that can build. The Server IP:
  24. Trivia Craft is a well developed and professionally ran server. We welcome all types of people, and can answer any question you may have. Some of the details: IP: Some plugins: Factions, CombatLog, MobArena, DisguiseCraft and others, anymore needed can be added with ease. Staff: lammie108, chelseadevil, Byrofooty. We are also currently recruiting Mod's and other types of Staff. You can apply on our website, which can be located in-game. Rules and more information can be found on the server or website, or through skype. If you need any more information don't be afraid to contact us through this post or server. Hope to see you soon!