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Found 119 results

  1. Welcome to Evolvecraft Gaming Network Do you love Runescape? Or maybe even WOW...... Maybe any decent mmorpg? Well if you answered yes to any of the above then you are at the right place. I introduce to you, Runescape in Minecraft!!! Now this is not going to be an easy journey, you will have to grind just like in most all mmorpgs. There is over 25 skills to master and level up, there is a 1 of a kind economy system with merchants! The list goes on and on. Best of all, you are able to do all this on a dedicated server where you can join your friends or even enemies! Yes, there is pvp, it will not be easy but I promise you this.... It will be challenging, which lets face, Minecraft is no challenge. Your journey awaits you!!! (the server is already in your server list when installing the modpack) but just incase: Link to modpack: Ip: Website:
  2. We don't have any major rules on our server just don't make the server lag. We have a lot of good plugins installed to make the game play more enjoyable for the players join our Discord server.
  3. I'm running a private tekkit classic server and I have other plugins on that are working but factions doesn't work it says do /help factions then it list one command /factions that doesn't work and i'm getting this message in the console. [WARNING] [Factions v1.6.7] Non existing factionId 0 requested! Issuing cleaning! 2016-11-07 12:30:24 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.7] Reset faction data (invalid faction) for player ytg1 2016-11-07 12:30:24 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] ytg1: /help 2016-11-07 12:30:30 [WARNING] [Factions v1.6.7] Non existing factionId 0 requested! Issuing cleaning! 2016-11-07 12:30:30 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.7] Reset faction data (invalid faction) for player ytg1 2016-11-07 12:30:30 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] ytg1: /help factions 2016-11-07 12:31:01 [WARNING] [Factions v1.6.7] Non existing factionId 0 requested! Issuing cleaning! 2016-11-07 12:31:01 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.7] Reset faction data (invalid faction) for player ytg1 I just found out the fix if anyone else has this problem this version worked for me.
  4. Hello Technic Community, I would love to share the amazing network called Prestige Networks! Servers: Pixelmon 3.5.1 ( Vanilla (Factions, Skyblock, and Survival) ( Tekkit Classic ( Tekkit Legends ( Features: Tons of custom content and patches. Highly experienced staff team. Great development team. Funded by people who have income. Fair rules for all servers. Rubust economy across all servers. The server has 24/7 uptime. Coming Soon: Tekkit Lite Hexxit Vanilla Minigames & Creative CS:GO Servers Website: Rules: Major Plugins: PrestigeLegends (Custom) PermissionsEx Essentials Vault Votifier Grief Prevention Core Protect World Edit World Guard Game Modifications: Chunk Loaders are disabled. FAQ: How old is the server? We are roughly 3 months old. Can I be staff on this server? We would entertain applications from anybody. As long as they are created on our website. Why do you own a server? To be honest, our leadership team loves gaming; and more importantly the community that comes with it. All of leadership is passionate about making the best environment for players. Because we all come from backgrounds of being staff & players on multiple other servers, and understand what you want. If you have any questions or suggestions (We would love suggestions), please post below.
  5. Welcome to HexTekk Tekkit Legends! Join us: Towny PvE - Survival PvE - Skyblock PvE - Factions PvP - Come check out this awesome new mod pack on our powerful dedicated servers! We will do whatever it takes to give the players the best experience possible that means custom mods/plugins to fine tune the server! We now have multiple servers for different ways to enjoy this awesome modpack! Now features a teamspeak server for the players to use! Features -Player shops (Buy a shop in spawn) -Donation Packages (Get cool nicknames and prefixes) -Factions PVP world (Raid and grief allowed!) -Relax on your own island in the SkyBlock world! -Towny Survival (Make a town recruit your friends!) -Great Staff! Every great server needs great staff! or check out the website at
  6. Modpack website link: Server Ip: (You don't need this ip if you install the modpack, they mudpack already has the server pre added into the multiplayer tab) Server Rules: No cursing extensivly No hacking No racism(Unless it has to do with WW2 RP) No Spamming No threats irl(In Real Life) Don't ask for staff unless it's appropriate timing You can make suggestions, but please don't make them sound heartfelt. Use common sense Most of all have fun, and please explore all boundaries of the mudpack! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Server Desc: This server is the official server for the custom modpack AllOutWar-A.O.W! In this server there is Factions, mob money, and a shop so that you can buy rare, and maybe needed things. This server is small for right now, so it would be perfect for modpack/server suggestions! There is even a warp wild to get you far far away from spawn. Obviously this mudpack is based off WW2 so expect lots of vehicles and guns including, planes, tanks, AA, car, and of course guns, lots, and LOTS, of guns! This modpack/server is made for mature players, so keep that in mind. The uptime should be about 98%, the other 2% being downtime for modpack updates or downtime from the host, +Note I will schedule downtimes! We will have a lot for you and your friends to do, so join today! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The uptime should be about 98%, the other 2% being downtime for modpack updates or downtime from the host, +Note I will schedule downtimes! 24/7 Uptime is expected! If the server goes down for any unexpected reason, I ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are hopping for smart, common sense using, and loyal, happy players! We want to see a player that stays on the server and watch as the server/modpack grows into an amazing thing! We love players who give smart suggestions, and have some knowledge on mods! Any Player who loves guns or vehicles are welcome here! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List Of main plugins: GroupManager Factions Mobmoney ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Staff as of Aug 5 2k16: Owner/Dev/ModpackCreater: MasonIsOriginal Co-Owner: Carlwstover Helper: Wanted Helper: Wanted ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ∆Thanks for viewing this post, Ill be happy to see you on!∆
  7. I'm trying to raid an inactive faction they have two layers of obsidian expect for the floor. Is there anyway I can't break through the obsidian. I've tried every exposive, I've tried matter cannons and enderpearling. MFFS is banned on the server so I can't use that. Is there anything else that I could make or use to break or get through it ?
  8. Our server is a Survival Tekkit Classic server with friendly staff and high-quality plugins. We're always ready to help and our staff are always knowledgeable enough to know what to do. Our staff are trained and our server is, and always will be, fun. We have barely any restrictions, state-of-the-art anti-cheat and unbeatable anti-grief. Join today at for a dose of tekkit-ness! We are in need of players and staff, so be sure to join! IP ADDRESS: Banned items: 1.Nova Catalyst 2.Nova Cataclysm 3.Nuke 4.Industrial TNT 5.Black Hole Band 6.Destruction Catalyst 7.Catalytic Lens 8.Cannon 9.Cannon Ball We do not have any unnecessarily banned items. Our server is extremely powerful and can handle most items that appear laggy on other servers. These 9 banned items are only banned because they could disrupt other users' gameplay or cause major places such as spawn to be griefed, even after world protection is used. Rules: 1. No harassment 2. No bothering staff for no reason 3. Don't annoy other players 4. No griefing of important buildings such as spawn (These are world-guard and faction protected anyway, so I don't see how this could be possible) 5. Have fun!
  9. Welcome to NightLine Tekkit We are a new server but with experienced owners. We have our own custom plugins and everything is configured, re coded and optimized for tekkit. We have grief protection, rollbacks and land protection that protects your stuff even from equivalent exchange items. The server is almost lag free with minimal latency and we have done our best to configure everything in a way that suits everybody. IP: Rules: 1. English Only Chat - We do not intend to cause any cultural offence with this, but we think it keeps the chat "clean". 2. No Griefing. 3. No Hacking or Exploiting of any kind. This includes duping. 4. Respect everyone - We do not tolerate bullying, abuse, racism, homophobia or discrimination of any kind. 5. PVP IS allowed, But this does not mean you can go around killing everyone because you are further ahead in the game. Please have a valid reason for using PVP. 6. No spamming the chat. 7. Use common sense. - If you don't think what you are doing is morally right or allowed, don't do it. 8. No trolling other players or staff. 9. Don't ask any staff for items - You won't receive any. To keep our server lag free, prevent griefing and generally make it a better experience for everybody we have disabled a few items from being crafted. The following items that you cannot craft on our server are: 1. Ring of Arcana - This bypassed spawn protection, and is therefore disabled. 2. All Chunk Loaders - Although a very useful and fundamental part of Tekkit, they cause mass lag and therefore we have chosen to disable them. 3. DM Pedestal - Relating to a dupe bug and causing lag, we have decided to disable this item from being crafted. 4. Watch of Flowing Time - Caused server wide player lag when in use. 5. Evertide & Volcanite Amulet - These bypass all forms of protection we have and I was unsuccessful in making them use the proper block place events with Bukkit. 6. Mercurial Eye - A very destructive item that bypasses protection. It is uncraftable due to this. If you are wondering about the numerous duplication bugs in tekkit, They are all patched. We have several plugins including custom coded ones by the owners that aim to optimize the server and your experience on it. All major game effecting plugins are listed below. Plugins: 1. Core Protect - This allows us to log events from each player, therefore giving us the option to rollback grief. This includes EE items such as a morning star. 2. World Edit - Although this is primarily an admin plugin, it can be used to move your stuff around the map, and rollback grief as we have it fully configured with snapshots. 3. Factions - Although this plugin is associated with griefing servers - which we are not, it provides a great base plate for protection. Tekkit items cannot break blocks in claimed land. 4. Essentials - Provides a great platform for the players to interact with each other with ease. This could be setting a permanent home, or teleporting to a friend. We are a new server, and even though we are experienced tekkit server owners and have put hours into optimizing our server, things will not be perfect. We ask that if you have any bugs, issues or any suggestions that you post here, or get in contact with _HighVoltage or _Jakeee. If neither of us are around to cater your needs check for another staff member to help you out. Here are some photos of our spawn: Thankyou for taking your time to read our sever post. We hope to see you on our server. Regards: The NL-Tekkit Team.
  10. Note to staff: I am not Coolax, I am head of marketing and management, and I have his permission to post this. Coolax-Gaming Attack of the B team Server ip - Server website -
  11. New and friendly server made by a muti server owner, Blazing War, A stop for Warriors to pick up a sword and fight it out, While Playing Factions With some of the Best mods, A LOT of tech mods, Adventure mods, And More!, Please Rember we are still WIP IP is AUTO
  12. About the Community OhGaming was established April 2012. It began as a small Voltz server during that time. As things changed and grew so has OhGaming. We've tried different things from Big Dig, Tekkit Lite, and some other default Technic Modpacks. While we feel these modpacks are great we still wanted to bring more to the community. This is when we started creating our own Modpacks. Our goal is to provide a unique fun experience through custom modded content that you're unable to find other places. Our content is built for Multiplayer, playing online with others, and we structure our Modpacks and in game worlds around this. We believe it's the Multiplayer that makes Minecraft so great. Meeting new friends, learning new things, and even killing others in combat. All of these things together make the online experience. OhGaming is here to enhance all these things and give everyone a great community to be apart of. We're professionals at what we do and with our solid knowledge of Minecraft modpacks you'll have years and years of fun! Community Rules Our rules are simple. No Advertising, No Spamming, No Hacking, and No Exploiting. Of course these are a general concept that everyone should know. We don't allow abusive players, hackers, or activity that will ruin the fun for the other players. We offer a multi-database logging system that tracks player activity. This means we'll catch anyone who becomes a threat to others, anyone who griefs, and anyone causing problems for those enjoying the modpacks we provide. View the Complete Rules Here Forums | Facebook | Twitter
  13. IP: Custom IP: Dedicated server. Survival focused with factions and a well thought out and tested ban list, to ensure we keep the integrity of the PvP and survival aspects, check the full list here: For even more survival, food also no longer has EMC, grow farms, harvest, slaughter animals! Hacks are not only monitored, but banned! Come check our site out, registration will upgrade you to member. Main plugins: - Factions, Mobarena, SwornRPG, Essentials, Signshops
  14. This modpack is called Destruction and Despair, it is strongly focused on pvp, raiding and being mean. If you want to kill people, swear in chat, blow up peoples bases, this is the place for you! Modpack Download: The server will automatically be in the servers list, simply click multiplayer and join! Discord Server: You can go to the discord to receive support, simply message one of our staff members or use the help channel! Common issue(Old java version crashing minecraft): Staff Application: Donation store: Server info: The server is about 2 weeks old. We are dedicated, experienced, relaxed and respectful staff. The server is a factions, and if you are raided, you can not come complain to us. We have weekly events such as drop parties, pvp arenas, and dog fights where people get in planes and blow eachother to death!
  15. Modpack: Star Wars Awakening + Server Hello, I am DmerFTW I have just released a server on my modpack today which features many custom features like a star wars custom campaign (WIP) I intend to also add fun plugins to fit the star wars theme. Some mods that are on this modpack are Parzis star wars mod, IC2, computer craft, optifine, custom npcs, Decocraft, and much more to come. I hope to make my server unique from others and if you have any suggestions either another mod(will be trying to add warpdrive btw) plugin or just something to add to the server in general you can either email me at [email protected] or just msg me on the server :D. I do need staff BUT I do not want people to just come on for that reason, I intend to make this modpack fun for everyone so people don't just have to look for getting a higher rank like Helper. Another thing that I will add to the Star Wars Awakening server is random strong holds, allow me to explain. I will build strongholds that hold valuable treasure but they strongholds will have guards. Also when I have Warpdrive I either intend to make a death star to give more of the star wars theme or just have a contest to see who makes the best death star. Like I said before I want to make this server and modpack very fun and unique and I would love to listen to any comments or ideas about the modpack or the server. Keep in mind also this server is a WIP so much more will be added shortly. Note: Also if you never heard of Parzis Star Wars mod yes you can use the force in many different ways. Also there are vehicles as well :D. Well I think that about wraps it up if you have any more questions just ask me on the Server or just email me at: [email protected] :D. Also here is the link to the modpack:
  16. Complex-Gaming [Tekkit Legends] About Us Complex Gaming, was created much like any other server, a few people with a dream. Me and my fellow staff and developer team worked day and night perfecting the server, and now it times to put our IP out there for the rest of the world to see! We spent about 1 month, making this server and let me assure you, it was well worth while. We hope you find time in your day to come check us out, if not please no hate move on and be happy! Server Information Server IP: Server Website: Plugins: We have a wide variety of plugins including but not limited to, factions, mystery crates, essentials, chest shop, random teleport and much much more! Server Description: Were a brand new Tekkit Legends server, with a custom made spawn, custom plugins, factions incorporated into regular survival, an extensive shop, player based shops and much more. Not to mention our extremely friendly staff and community. Extra Details: Were looking for mature and friendly players to help grow our community! Everyone is welcomed until they prove otherwise and disciplinary action will be taken. Current Staff Lineup Owner - MrSupremacy Co-Owner - SwagSwoops Co-Owner - Darkmaelstrom Head-Admin - Violater Admin - Platypus666 Helper - RichUnclePenny Helper - Quazzi Note: We are accepting staff, apply on the website - Server Rules: [1] Do NOT advertiseother servers in anyway. [2] Do NOT typeany links without permission. [3] Do NOT spam chat for any reason. [4] Do NOT disrespect players, or staff. [5] Do NOT use hacked clients or any form of hacks. [6] Do NOT type racist or sexual remarks. [7] Do NOT ask for OP or staff. [8] Do NOT use excessive profanity. [9] Make SURE TO check outthe server website ---> Hope you come check us out! See you soon travelers.
  17. Dear community, As of today the DeltaForce Gaming tekkit classic server is a fact. Its currently running strong with Nitrous hosting on a good 4GB of ram. The server is aiming to give players the long term rewards, using mcMMO and Ontime to regulate ranks we hope to achieve this. The ultimate goal is to have no banned items at all and after fixing all the beta bugs we expect to unban items every patch. To resolve all beta bugs it is very important that you report bugs to the staff as soon as you encounter one, this way we can ensure your gaming pleasure and server stability. Permissions include: Factions, Economy, MobBounty, TreeAssist, chestshop and many more! To join our tekkit classic connect to: Our rules: 1. Don't Hack 2. Dont dupe 3. Dont ask for items/ranks 4. Dont spam 5. Dont be an asshole 6. Use common sense 7. DONT GRIEF for an extended description on what we consider grief please click here For full info join our Website!
  18. Website: | Server IP: MC.APOCGAMING.ORG:7865 For more information on our servers, network, status, wiki's, launchers, pack pages, and more checkout our server page here: Read the information below on how to get a instant lvl 3 rank upgrade! APOC is a community of gamers and a independently hosted minecraft network. We believe in offering as many choices as possible without restricting gameplay. If your a griefer, raider, like to pvp, or pve, or build stuff in peace, or join a faction and town and conquer your enemies. All of that and more is possible on APOC. APOC hosts over 26 minecraft servers and grows more everyday. So even if you get bored with one server we have plenty more to offer afterwards. Meet friends and play together across our vast minecraft network. We have staff members online 24/7 across the whole network that answer tickets and website chat frequently. If you have a problem please report it and we will try our best to help you! Gameplay Types on APOC: Protected Building: Building on our Sanctuary world gives you a griefing, raiding, and pvping free world to make your creations on.Griefing & Raiding: ALL worlds besides Sanctuary, Towny, and Creative are griefing and raiding allowed.Exploring: Go to our Resource world to checkout all of the dungeons our server has to offer.Mining: Resource world is reset monthly to make sure everyone has plenty of ores and resources to harvest. This also makes sure dungeons are fresh and ready to conquer.Survival: All of our worlds but Creative are survival based worlds.Towny: Build a town and expand while defending it from invaders from other towns.Factions: Want to be a part of something bigger? Join a faction with friends and declare war on your enemies in the Factions world. Griefing, Raiding, PVP, ETC are all allowed here.World Edit: Want to have fun with world edit? Well this comes at a price. All supporters have access to the Supporter world which they have access to world edit in.Role Playing: With our custom APOC-RPG plugin, MCMMO, And RPG mods on APOC you have custom gear, mob drops, dungeon spawns, upgradeable effects and auras, skills, and so much more!Economy: Do you like being a merchant? Our server rewards for everything. And we do mean everything! Mining, Killing players or mobs, digging, crafting, enchanting, repairing, smelting, voting, even being online you get rewarded for. With the money from these rewards you can rent or purchase a spawn shop plot and build your own customized store with items you choose with prices you choose. Economy can also be used to trade, buy items at admin shops and player shops, buy claimblocks to claim and protect more land, buy protections for doors, chests, etc. And even fund your faction in its war efforts by controlling more land.Worlds & Information: Spawn | 1000x1000: This is our spawn world, we have rules, information, mini-games, admin shops, buyable player shops, etc here for all players to use and access.Resource | 10000x10000: This is our mining and exploration world. There is no protections here. Claiming land by personal or faction means is not possible and pvp, griefing, raiding is allowed. Dungeons spawn here and the world is reset monthly to ensure a fresh amount of resources and dungeons are available to players.Sanctuary | 10000x10000: This world is the most protected world on our server. You can build what you want and play how you want without worrying about pvp, griefing, or raiding.Factions | 10000x10000: As the name suggests this world is for factions only. You can wage war on other factions, claim land, take over land, grief, raid, pvp, etc.Towny | 10000x10000: This is our towny world for the Towny plugin. There is no PVP here. And areas protected there is no Griefing or Raiding allowed.Modded Worlds | 10000x10000: These worlds are from mods such as GC Moon/Mars, Underdark, Twilight Forest, ETC. No claiming, factions, lwc, towny are allowed here. PVP/Griefing/Raiding is allowed here.Server Information: Server Host: None, Independently hosted on a Dedicated Server.Server Features: Deadlock Detection, Crash Prevention, Lag Spike detection & location, 24/7 UptimeServer Slots: 50+ (Supporters have a VIP slot and can go over the 50 cap)Server Whitelist: NoServer Banned Mods: NoneServer Banned Items: Chunk LoadersServer Gamemode: Survival / CreativeServer Plugins: (50+ | Server Moderation plugins not listed) MCMMO, Factions, Towny, Essentials, APOC-Payday, APOC-RPG, APOC-EndReset, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, GriefPrevention, PRISM, iDisguise, ChestShop, UltimateArena, and many more.Server IP: MC.APOCGAMING.ORG:7865Server Website: http://apocgaming.orgServer Teamspeak IP: TS.APOCGAMING.ORGVoting & Rewards: Voting n our network is loaded with benefits from instant rewards like exp/economy/diamonds/+more to ranking up and unlocking commands/plugins/homes and much more.For each vote you get instant rewards which vary from server to server.For each vote you count towards your voting rank which is displayed on your name tag. The higher your rank goes the more you unlock.Vote ranks give giant bonuses the higher you go. From higher homes to complete ore and plugin boost kits.Reviews: Like our servers? Let others know what you have experienced or your opinion on our network by replying to this topic with a review!Please refrain from posting any support requests on this topic. We can help you by submitting a Support Ticket (LINK) on our website.If you like our server, dont forget to vote on our poll and like the original topic!Level 3 Unlock Request: While our server is NOT whitelisted we will accept whitelist like requests to give you a head start on our network. Our servers run on a 13 level voting rank system. You start at LVL0, register to the site for LVL1 and vote for every level onwards. Level 3 unlocks towny and factions among other things. If you post on this topic with the information requested you can request staff to promote you to LVL3. Registering and getting the LVL1 upgrade is still required. This makes sure people are registered to the website so it can track and log votes. This helps us rank you up when you have reached 25, 50, 75, etc votes. The information we need? Just your minecraft username. Thats it!
  19. Aerithis MMORPG Open Alpha begins. Aerithis MMORPG Features a ton of things you wont see anywhere else. In-game menu system, no commands required by players 9 Classes with over 160 Skills Custom Lore system with over 25 Different lore attributes Custom Jewelry System with its own attributes Custom Player Shop system with Marketplace Stalls and supports being offline Custom Minigames Custom Player Attribute System Custom Chat system Vendors, Banking, Mail, In-Game physical currency. Custom armors, weapons, materials, blocks, and items. Custom Resource Pack Dual Wielding, Shields, Quivers, Staves, Projectile Weapons and more! Custom Painted World Dungeons and Raids Seperate Factions World Seperate Marketplace world Tons of other custom features! We welcome you to join us. Screenshots We will be keeping the server online, and whitelist disabled for open alpha. All are welcome to play. Our Technic Link The IP is We also have our own custom Launcher but I suggest Technic if you are already familiar with it. Not to advertise my own launcher but it is an option, and easier for me to update our players mods or resource pack. As well as being pre-configured. You can download the custom launcher here The zip version if that doesn't work for you
  20. "All has fallen into chaos, as magic returns to the world. Magical beasts are falling through the cracks into our world, while the dead rises again. Fight for your life with friends, or pick off those less fortunate than you..." We're starting up a brand new modded factions server and we're taking PvP'ers of all types! Come and join us for the return of magic to the world, and the apocalypse that follows it. We're still currently in beta builds, but we're now opening the server to the public. We'll happily accept any feedback or suggestions out there from experienced players, just drop your comments on our Technic page. Modpack Location: Server IP: (will be included by default in the next pack build) Here's your chance to join something new! Be warned though, this pack is not for the faint of heart, you will die...
  21. Down for Migration Will be up after Christmas.(Hopefully) Happy Holidays. Hello and welcome back to... TechnoCraft | Reloaded It's here. It's bigger. It's better. It's just the same as it used to be. Whale come back to TechnoCraft guys! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For those of you who did not enjoy the great experience that was TechnoCraft, it's basically a non-profit server with very few plugins, apart from Factions, Essentials etc. that was started about a week ago. However, the owners did not have time to keep it going, and so it went down. So I, took it upon myself to create a new server, in the same style as the original. Hop on, and give it a try! Yours sincerely, BritishBiscuit. P.S. People who played on the old server will get the veteran rank!
  22. Hello! and Welcome to BIOBLITZGAMING. This server is brand new and really needs staff positions that exist still are: Head-Admin,Admin,head-mod,Moderator,jr.mod,HEAD-builder (you get creative and permission to build anywhere!),Builder and Helper! IP: IF you want to apply for staff first play for a minimum of 1 weeks! Email me at:[email protected]! HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY!!! Server will not be up all the time but most of the time ;D
  23. Hello! and Welcome to BIOBLITZGAMING. This server is brand new and really needs staff positions that exist still are: Head-Admin,Admin,head-mod,Moderator,jr.mod,HEAD-builder (you get creative and permission to build anywhere!),Builder and Helper! IP: IF you want to apply for staff first play for a minimum of 2 weeks! Email me at:[email protected]! HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY!!! Server will not be up all the time but most of the time ;D
  24. Hello! and Welcome to BIOBLITZGAMING. This server is brand new and really needs staff positions that exist still are: Head-Admin,Admin,head-mod,Moderator,jr.mod,HEAD-builder (you get creative and permission to build anywhere!),Builder and Helper! IP: IF you want to apply for staff first play for a minimum of 2 weeks! Email me at:[email protected]! HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY!!! Server will not be up all the time but most of the time ;D