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  1. So I have been playing hexxit for a little while and it always works when I start the launcher. Now, every time I try to join my friend's server, it just crashes. It just started doing it last night and I tried restarting my computer but it still doesn't work. Does anybody know why?
  2. im running a tekkit server from this site with the mods provided. none of them are working on the server, yes I also have them on the client, when you go to place a modded item it disappears.... Someone please help!!!! Chris
  3. Hi I don't know if im posting this in the right place but, I have tried raising my alocated technic ram but, Unfortunately I can only go up to 1 GB. I have Windows 64 bit operating system and I have instaled 64 bit Java. Still it is not letting me alocate more then 1 GB. Please Help. thank you
  4. When I attempt to open Hack/Mine from my technic launcher, it will not open. The little loading bar thing on the side loads, then nothing happens. If I click play again it's just the same thing. I've used Hack/Mine on my computer before and it has worked fine. It's been a couple months or so since I used it last. Other modpacks are working fine for me. Please help!
  5. Okay.... so basically is there any way to turn off the falling leaves from the trees animation/feature off? I think its lagging my game. If not, then is there any way to make Attack of the B-Team run better? More Fps?
  6. When I try to play attack of the B- team, it starts to run, but then freezes on "Processing Version". I have a mac and I was able to play before, but not since yesterday. please help!
  7. Hello everyone, Yesterday i started hosting a server for the B-team modpack, everything was fine. Now today i moved my host files to my laptop to host it on there. Portforwarding and all the configuration of setting up a server is done. Now i get this weird message: http://www.imgur.com/OCDL0gR I installed the server & client in the newest version Does anybody know how to fix this please? Greetings, QuatzGaming
  8. I have made a working version of my custom modpack- compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. I am trying but failing to create a server for the modpack. Take note of this: I had to remove bspkrsCore, Armor Status HUD, Status Effect HUD, and Treecapitator (the last 3 mods are dependent on bspkrsCore) to get the modpack to work on Macs and Linux. The modpack worked on Windows with all these mods, but for some reason when these modpack contained these mods and was running on a Mac, the game crashed. I'm stating this because I think a problem of a similar nature might have to do something with
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