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  1. when i try to join my server i get the following message. Forge Mod Loader could not connect to this server The mods and versions listed below could not be found They are required to play on this server Morph 0.6.0 My modpack is 100% up to date please help
  2. I am finding problems making my own Attack of the b team server. This morning the new update to minecraft 1.6.4 came out and now I need to update my server though they have not updated it on the main website. Please help! If possible, send me a link to the download. Thanks .
  3. Any Ideas why Galactic Craft 2, IC2, and Buildcraft ores aren't generating in my mod pack worlds? (Except Uranium for some reason.) It doesn't seem to be the configs. I enabled them in IC2 and Galactic Craft 2 Its a Private Pack just for myself and a friend. -Link Removed- If this isn't the right place to post this I apologize I couldn't see a support forum. Thanks for any help in advance. Edit: Seem to have solved it, I'm not quite sure how though..
  4. Hello Attack of the B-Team server owners.My name is jake and I bought a server to play with my friends and wanted to add plugins to make it even more fun.But sadly I never used McPc before and even after watching the videos how to install McPc it just would not work for me.So I am here asking for help if anyone is kind enough to help a new McPc user out. My McPc Problem? Like I said never used it before and I downloaded the latest build then placed it in my Attack of the B-Team server folder and ran the server and it would not work.Could someone please explain what I am doing wrong and
  5. So, me and my friends have been hosting and playing a server, but we need more things to do. We want to get Tekkit v1.2.5c working for the server, but I can't find the download file anywhere. I've read around but couldn't find anyone else who had the same issue actually getting an answer, so I would really appreciate the support. We have client side 1.2.5c(Version 1.6.4 of Minecraft) but the server is still only 1.5.2.
  6. This is an idea from me and my server team. We plan to own a very large hub server. Now the problem is there will be multiple servers in which it will be a modpack. Having multiple servers and most modpack servers. Now the idea is, to have a launcher that is essentialy built of the design of the Technic Launcher exept the side bar would be the Servers and there modpack. To have the modpack install with the server in the server list allready, as a regular modpack. But the issue is how would it be possible to connect to the minecraft login servers? Aswell as what would be easiest
  7. I'm making a technical modpack, and some of the mods may conflict, so I'll need to generate config files. I want to run the pack locally on my computer before uploading and adding to technic. The tutorial I watched told me that I should test, but not how to. Do I do it via the vanilla launcher, or the technic launcher? Thanks! NB: The conflict is a biome id conflict (BOP and Twilight Forest).
  8. when I download (The Pioneers Pack) mod pack and hit the play button does not come up I made this mod pack so if a solution needs me to change something I can but i cant find the problem help pleas
  9. When I open my Tekkit Classic server it doesn't load everything and will not work. LOGS:
  10. So I have been playing hexxit for a little while and it always works when I start the launcher. Now, every time I try to join my friend's server, it just crashes. It just started doing it last night and I tried restarting my computer but it still doesn't work. Does anybody know why?
  11. I was playing on the server bt.sanctuaryscove.net:22222 last night, and it worked fine (I played it on the latest version). I tried playing it today, and I logged into my account fine... but when I choose what server I want it just closes the launcher. I don't even know anymore, HALP D:
  12. Hello, I have been playing Hexxit with my friend for a few weeks now. We just built our base and we had lots of good stuff, but then I messed up badly. When I was about to start the server, I opened the "minecraft_server.jar" file. Now almost everything we had is gone, except for the Vanilla items. Is there any way to undo this? If there is, please let me know, thank you! Regards
  13. Hi, I have been trying to set up an air lock using rednet and pistons instead of Galacticraft air lock because I simply don't like the idea of a door just appearing in an empty space. The idea is that it would consist of 2 doors and 3 buttons as shown below: (Button) - <Door1> - (Button) - <Door2> - (Button). When a button is pressed one door with close instantly and another will open after a short delay, about 2 seconds should be enough to seal the room. I have played around for quiet a bit with PRC and managed to figure out a way that should theoretically work, but
  14. I recently accidentally renamed one of the .jar or .class folders in my b-team folder. I tried deleting the files and re-downloading the launcher but it didn't work.
  15. im running a tekkit server from this site with the mods provided. none of them are working on the server, yes I also have them on the client, when you go to place a modded item it disappears.... Someone please help!!!! Chris
  16. I have made a working version of my custom modpack- compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. I am trying but failing to create a server for the modpack. Take note of this: I had to remove bspkrsCore, Armor Status HUD, Status Effect HUD, and Treecapitator (the last 3 mods are dependent on bspkrsCore) to get the modpack to work on Macs and Linux. The modpack worked on Windows with all these mods, but for some reason when these modpack contained these mods and was running on a Mac, the game crashed. I'm stating this because I think a problem of a similar nature might have to do something with
  17. Hi I don't know if im posting this in the right place but, I have tried raising my alocated technic ram but, Unfortunately I can only go up to 1 GB. I have Windows 64 bit operating system and I have instaled 64 bit Java. Still it is not letting me alocate more then 1 GB. Please Help. thank you
  18. When I try to play attack of the B- team, it starts to run, but then freezes on "Processing Version". I have a mac and I was able to play before, but not since yesterday. please help!
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