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Found 175 results

  1. Behold: Project Spacequest is a modpack about aspiration in any which way possible, whether it be for the sky, for the depth in the earth, for other, never before heard of, mystical lands, or so much more. The pack is designed for player independence and journey through many different means, all following into two categories: Magic, and Tech With the dedicated server (recommended for best experience) players will have conflicts and struggles as they all go forth in an attempt to dominate the universe by whichever means of their choosing. The pack is currently RELEASED Available solely through the Technic Launcher. To download, simply go to the modpacks tab and search "Project: Spacequest" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra Stuff:
  2. My Technic launcher was working perfectly fine and then just stopped launching modpacks. Also my technic launcher onlylets me choose a max of 1gb when I have 8gbs of ram please help. I even reset my pc to see if it wuld fix the problem and nothing. Heres a link toview my logs because its too big of a file to attach here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8g5-oqKFK9jbXJYaHQyUkRSQ0E/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hi, so I made a server and modpack update on my custom modpack. I tested the mod's manually, to see if it worked on client side and it does. It works completely fine. Now, I decided to load them into our server and I hit start and it keeps crashing. Crash Log is attached below. Technic ModPack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/forsaken-borders-trinity-smp.847533 DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/86befahk1chnv6f/forsaken-borders-trinity-smp-1.0.zip?dl=0 Please help me urgently! crash-2016-06-14_15.24.11-server.txt Any help? @AetherPirate @plowmanplow
  4. To explain what is happening to me right now, I want to make a modpck for my buddies and I and it s downloaded perfectly fine. The problem is that none of the mods are loaded in the game. so it like playing vanilla minecraft. If anyone here can help me with that problem using Skype or something is welcome. BTW I'm on Mac
  5. Our Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/turtlecraftsmp-s5-pack.848876 IP Given when Whitelisted Rules: rules.TurtleCraftSMP.com Turtlecraft was made to offer a kind environment with limited banned blocks and a lag free expirence. Server is expected to run 99.99% of the time The Pack requires about 1-2 GB of ram to run but we recommend having 3-4. We have a community spawn, Discord dank memes, pretty much all you could want in a community we want good players in our server that will be on, that's why we made our Inactivity rule which can be viewed at Inactivity.TurtleCraftSMP.com Applications are at apply.TurtleCraftSMP.com We have ranks on the server but they are not paid. You rank up as you play on the server PLEASE USE [email protected] for help I will not be viewing comments
  6. Alright, so my friends and I wanted to start playing some Attack of the BTeam again, this time on an unlaggy server (the last time it was hosted on my computer). Sooooo, I've turned my Bukkit server that is no longer used (hosted by OwnageHosting) into a BTeam server... or atleast attempted to... I deleted all the Bukkit files and made it vanilla again before adding the extracted BTeam files. Everything went fine but the server will just not start, no matter what.Console: http://pastebin.com/PJQsRGF6 After waiting forever for that one mod to load this pops up... Spoiler: Console Part 2 http://pastebin.com/LRxWvMvN FileZilla: ((apologies for the awkward formatting...I've been copy&pasting this around websites, as I've gotten no responses yet...)
  7. I am currently trying to make my own modpack. I did this successfully (you can download it now and stuff), but when I tried to make a server all the tutorials uselessly said "remove server side mods, things like dmg indicators and minimaps". That's great, but I don't know which of my mods are server side mods. Instead of testing every mod one by one, can someone please tell me out all these mods which ones I put in the "Mods" folder in my custom modpacks server folder? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/429117797/sdssd.PNG Sorry idk if this is the right place to put this
  8. Please help I have made my own modpack (not published yet). When I open my modpack, the forge mod loader and Mojang screen appears for some time, but then suddenly technic launcher closes and it brings me to starting screen ! Sometimes I don´t even see Mojang screen. Other modpacks works normal. Please help. ;-) PS. Sorry for some grammatical mistakes. I have: -Windows 10 64-bit -Java 7 Log file: http://pastebin.com/NM4CRbG8
  9. Welcome to the official TerrorCraft thread! Description: TerrorCraft is one of the longest running, widely played, and customization-ally advanced servers there is. The server has been around for nearly 3 years so far, and has seen over 11,000 players log in and try it out so far. The setting is a world filled with horrors and darkness, which you wake up in with no memory. By completing quests, gaining power, fighting bosses, and exploring huge cities and dungeons, you can slowly piece together the story of the strange world, and change yourself from being a victim to a hero. Features: 100% original soundtrack, with a different background track for every town, dungeon floor, and boss fight Completely custom world, designed to play like an RPG. There are over 100 game areas to explore on your journey Over 100 quests to complete, with bonuses for completing all of the content in each zone as you go along A story-rich world. There are over 1000 NPCs to talk to, each with their own special dialogue, shops, and quests Tons of epic weapons and armor. You will rarely go unrewarded for the battles you fight! Extremely dynamic environment. This is a horror RPG after all! Lighting and sound effects are used to create an immersive environment Highly customized plugins and mod configurations, to ensure a completely unique experience with minimal load on the server and your client Custom textures. The primary texture pack is not original, but many textures and skins have been developed for new content unique to the server Survival mode areas! You can still collect blocks, break stuff, and build stuff outside of story areas! You can even protect what you create, lock chests and doors, etc. No whitelist! Updates! New content from balancing fixes, bug fixes, quality of life updates, and whole expansions are always being developed and released! Earn custom titles as you complete game content to show off your achievements! 24/7 uptime! Server has auto restarts, and has been around long enough for all the bugs to be worked out. Seasonal events Much, much more! How to play: Just add our pack, found HERE Once you have installed the pack, just click on the multiplayer option and connect! The server is already included in the server list when you install the pack. Rules: Basically, just be nice to each other! The server is extremely self sufficient, as there is no way to grief other players, and PVP is turned off. The only rule you can break is to be offensive etc. in chat, which will get you a warning and potentially a permanent mute. Players caught exploiting bugs without reporting them will be permanently banned (don;t even try, it is very easy for me to see when someone manages to do this). Screenshots: Videos: http://www.youtube.com/embed/K2FfDIDoKm4 Website: http://www.tinyurl.com/terrorsite If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to post here and I will answer you personally! I hope to see you online soon!
  10. Hi all. I have been playing technic for a few years, but finally got an account on the forums today becuase I encountered a serious issue trying to add bukkit plugins to my server. Im following this guide: I get to the part where I have downloaded the cauldron installer correctly, opened libraries, gone to the sf folder but its missing an important file called: trove4j Without this file it doesnt work. Can someone reply a link to 1.7.10 cauldron with all the correct files needing to make this server have bukkit plugins? The cauldron files I can find on the internet are incomplete and missing this file. Thanks guys!
  11. Ok well hello to whoever comes along to help, My name is SeanBod and I'm just an average college student and streamer. I am brand new to the scene of modpack making and I'm coming a cross with some problems...of course that's why I decided to make this post to see if someone could guide me in the right direction. So I don't know much more than what I have researched and online or have watched on youtube. Here is the set up of the mod folder which everyone says to set up (https://gyazo.com/a4a748524411b4be6fe3aab09a1cc85c) it has the bin folder with my selected 1.7.10 forge universal file renamed as modpack. The mods folder has all the mods that I got downloaded from (http://mod-minecraft.net/) this website. Most files are in executable jar files and some are in winrar zip archive files as seen in this picture (https://gyazo.com/80d606298662a0b95fdbcf1bc156bab6). My first thought is I can't have winrar zip archive files in there or it would be messed up, but maybe you can answer that. Then my next thing is no one ever does more then not enough items in there actual videos. So do I need to add each mod one at a time and get the config files or is the config files supposed to be empty until that person launches the modpack? Also I am using media fire as my direct download because dropbox doesn't have a free share file, and copy is going down in May. I have also changed the url a couple of times to quote on quote fix it so it is a direct link for download. And then the other question is after I zip the entire modpack am I just uploading the zipped file? Because that is what I have done, I uploaded the entire zip file which included zipping the bin, config, and modpack all at once. Or am I just missing something? Also something to keep in mind this is just some of the mods that I'm looking to put into my pack, this is just the first 43. Also that there are some 1.7.2 mods in there but some people have said that they would or could work fine with the 1.7.10 modpack that I'm making. And I also have attached this picture of all details on mods (https://gyazo.com/d13c4e58f30d29605caeda68a3542c39) for those who would like to take a look at it if it does help with seeing file types and size. Thank you for your time for reading this and taking your time to answer if you do have any tips or solutions for me.
  12. Server IP: This is the official release of TekkitCore's Attack of the B-Team server. We expect that while playing the server, you're mature and polite to other players. We are aiming towards a mature, family friendly community. I made this server because I've been working with servers for 5 years, and I have regained my love for Minecraft. Attack of the B-Team is one of my favorite modpacks out there. I decided to go public because I merged with a gaming network that didn't yet have a Minecraft division. I know that with my knowledge and troubleshooting skills that come along with a minecraft server, this can be a great opportunity for everybody. I have plenty of experience owning, managing, and moderating servers. I hope to see you play with us! Server Rules: Use Common Sense No duplicating/exploiting No hacking/cheating No griefing server structures such as spawn No items or mods are banned. If people decide to exploit bugs with mods to grief spawn or cause any internal server damage, then we'll have to start banning things. Info: Expected Uptime: 24/7 Teamspeak: ts.squadgaming.net Our Website Our primary server plugins: ChestShop CoreProtect Essentials Factions (with Factions+) WorldEdit Vault Votifier Banned Items:Block Mover - Bypass to griefEntity Mover - Bypass to allow mobs into spawnLuggage - DuplicationMagnetic Force - Force TP to playersMaster's Staff - Bypass to grief spawnPresent - Duplication
  13. I have made a custom mod pack.(I do not take any credit for any of these mods). I have also put it into a website that works (media fire). I can also download it in the Technic launcher. But when I try to launch it (play) it turns into vanilla mine craft and not into the modded mine craft I wanted. I am using the version 1.7.10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!! I couldn't find a video on my problem that would fix it so I appreciate you spending your time to help.
  14. My friend and I have been working on a modpack in the regular Minecraft launcher and everything was working just fine. So we compiled it into the Technic modpack format and posted it to the Technic Platform to download it. We installed it and pressed play, but nothing happened... The launcher would disappear like the game is launching, but then it would pop back up immediately and no trace of Minecraft could be found in my processes. Please help me, I'm so confused because it worked fine on the vanilla launcher. Technic Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/darke-magyk.775028# Technic Install Link: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/darke-magyk Raw Files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pwd8jha77zl0kj/darke-magyk-1.0.zip?dl=1 Thanks in advance.
  15. when i click on the install button on technic launcher it starts installing then stops immeditly how to fix i am also on a mac
  16. So I have tried every video and tutorial but can't get this to work. I was hoping that someone amazing could help me out. if you could possibly add the tardis mod, superheroes unlimited mod, orespawn and optifine all in 1.7.10 provide a link to the technic page maybe as well? also I can't stress enough how thank full I am if you can help me out with this. Thanks
  17. Hello, I'm the Owner of the Never Ending Day Modded Server, the server is not big yet, but after a couple reviews it got some great feed back. We need help with some plugins and new fresh great ideas, building and some other stuff : )So, if you want to apply for staff, or just help us with some things please join us. If anyone want's to make a Trailer for the server, that would be awesome : ) Mods: Morgh, Nevermine, Tconstruct, Stev's Cart's... and a Bunch more : ) Technic Launcher ModPack : http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/never-ending-day Copy this link and put it into your Technic Launcher Search Bar on the top left of your Technic Launcher MODPACKS. (Do not click on it) The modpack is still not public, but it's getting there. Server ip: ned.mcph.co Have a great day, I hope to see you there : ) JppetC
  18. - Max number the server can hold is 400 - Depends where u are - must spend Minium of 5 hours - no inactive mods Basiclly i got a server hosted holds 400 people max it has got tekkit classic on there so got all the old stuff mods but i need a staff who can help me build builders require proof before u get the job it has got a ts adress as well that works so any one want to apply fill out this list Application Form IGN: Skype (required): Availability: Previous staff positions: Current server positions (are you staff on another server): Why should I choose you over another applicant?: When did you begin playing Minecraft (rough estimate): You find somebody that needs help, but it being rude about it. What do you do?: Anything else to add?: good luck
  19. can someone pls make a working mutant creature's mod on technic it would make my day cus technic is the only auto installer of mod to mac pls make a
  20. Hello, I'm sonniccub or princess rainbow sparkles (I'm a guy and no I'm not gay I just have that name because I like it when people get rekt by princess rainbow sparkles) I've been making a mod pack for me and my friends to play on (same generic story everyone has heard 1,000 times) and an error message popped up when I was trying to download it so it could be tested and it said "Error downloading a file for the following pack..." and I've been trying to fix this for a while but I've gotten no positive results from my pack I can leave a link to it somewhere in here if anyone is willing to help. Thanks. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/j8w4bvvkpuqy5nc/dontworry18peeps.zip?dl=1
  21. So I'm playing Tekkit Classic, and I'm getting a little bored so I want to add a mod like Millenaire to it, but I don't know how to, please help me
  22. Hey there Technic Forums! My custom modpack, Doge is the real Illuminati, MC Version 1.7.10 has the mods: -Flans Mod -Ars Magica 2 -QCraft -Aether -MCHelicopter -ICBM Updated by SpikeViper -Voltz Engine -BCMod -Backpacks -Thaumcraft -Explosives++ -TooMuchTnt -Witchery -Gilded Games Util -Not Enough Items -Code Chicken Core -Extra Utilities -Optifine -Rival Rebels -Xray -Archimedes Ships -Aether -CoFH Core -Animation API -Baubles -Code Chicken Lib To better explain my problem, for example, when I place a QCraft Computer, and right click it, the server says stops and says Closed Server. This happens with more than just QCraft, for example when I spawn in a Mecha on Flans mod, or when I placed Tentacles in Thaumcraft or Ars Magica 2. I do not see an error in the console when this happens, all I see is a Server Received Stop Command. Any explanations? Thank you! I run Cauldron on my server! Plugins: -Essentials -Essentials Anti-Build -Essentials Chat -Essentials Protect -Essentials Spawn -Lockette -Multiverse-Core -Multiverse Portals -World Edit
  23. So... I've been trying to do this for a while now, but I haven't had much luck. Anyways, here's the rundown. Whenever I play vanilla there's a few mods I like to use. Notably, I really can't play the game without optifine since my computer is crud. In the past I've modded the .technic/modpacks/vanilla/bin/minecraft.jar directly by applying the appropriate optifine to it and this works, but I'd like to add more mods like Inventory Tweaks (cause sorting is a pain sometimes ). Well.. I've done some examining of the files in the bin/ directory as well as having read the "How to make a modpack." guide so I thought I'd try and twist the vanilla pack into a forge modpack. Afterall, when I examine other modpacks I have installed I can see that the bin/modpack.jar is essentially the forge universal for the appropriate version of minecraft. Well.. I replace the vanilla/bin/modpack.jar (which just contains an empty directory) with the appropriate version of forge and that's about as far as I get. When I attempt to launch the vanilla pack it crashes. Every time. I did some digging into the logs and found this: [21:10:46] [main/ERROR] [FML/]: There is a binary discrepency between the expected input class ty (ty) and the actual class. Checksum on disk is 8c2cd3f1, in patch c7c760cb. Things are probably about to go very wrong. Did you put something into the jar file? [21:10:46] [main/ERROR] [FML/]: The game is going to exit, because this is a critical error, and it is very improbable that the modded game will work, please obtain clean jar files.Now, I've searched around and from what I can tell it indicates that the minecraft.jar is not correct. This doesn't make sense since, supposedly, the minecraft.jar is an unmodded version of 1.8.7. So I did more digging... Using the official minecraft launcher I installed 1.8.7 and did an md5sum on .minecraft/versions/1.8.7/1.8.7.jar and .technic/modpacks/vanilla/bin/minecraft.jar Lo and behold, the sums are different. So.. as far as I can tell the official vanilla modpack is downloading and installing a modded version of the 1.8.7 jar. (I have a theory that it's different because the pack is "Solder enabled" though I don't really know what that entails..) In conclusion, can anyone give me a hand? All I want is to be able to add mods to the official Vanilla pack (by dropping them in the autogenerated ".technic/modpacks/vanilla/mods/" folder). I could install a "Forge 1.8" modpack, but then what do I do when the official vanilla pack is updated to 1.9 in a few months? Wait for a Forge 1.9? Seems rather counter-intuitive when, supposedly, the official modpack should support modding. Any suggestions?
  24. Welp, another day, another modpack, another bug. This time I've managed to get my modpack to load and open, but it doesn't have forge or any mods installed. I've tried getting universal forge for 1.7.10, placing this into my bin folder and renaming it to modpack.jar. Creating a modpack.jar and placing all the contents of the forge into this jar. Unzipping the forge file the creating a modpack.jar which includes all the forge files. All of these have the same outcome, the modpack loads but doesn't have forge installed. I have even installed forge onto my client and copied the generate configs into my modpack but that doesn't change anything. I have tried both dropbox and copy.com, thinking it may be the host but that hasn't changed anything. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/mscience https://copy.com/tpexo8g4ycBsYwmG?download=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mdzk7ltu2so618i/Modern Science.zip?dl=1 Hopefully you'll have an answer for me!
  25. Hello I am running a Tekkit server but, I want to add MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod, Ferullo's Guns Mod I wanna add these 2 mods and some more in the future But when I add them in the mods directory, I try to login to my server but it says that I dont have these mods I dont want people to have them, But I want users to use them from the server, Not else For more info,I converted Tekkit into MCPC+ 1.6.4
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