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Found 175 results

  1. I am making a custom modpack for my friends and myself to play with. I've made 2 modpacks on the technic platform (one of which is down temporarily - fixing after I deal with this one). I did everything correctly (I know this because I did it just as I did the other two modpacks). Anyway, I downloaded the modpack and ran it. It loaded in Vanilla. I tested it 10 times, and all 10, the same thing happened each time. Here is the modpack zip file (you'll have to manually click the download button) - https://copy.com/XRlpoHRIrF1ccGmE I made certain it's a public file and everything, so it's not that. I looked in the folder, and there was a mods folder with all the mods. Here is a link to the file (C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks): https://copy.com/Z2rD9pdvhGGcR2hw If you need logs, just tell me which logs you need, and I'll copy/paste them in. Thanks.
  2. Hey, I made my own modpack, but when I start a new world in single player it crashes. Can someone help me fix this? I uploaded the crash report. http://pastebin.com/7zZcMsaz Thanks!
  3. The Summist pack includes over 80 mods. Some mods have redundant uses, so you can choose which mods you would rather use for whatever purpose. The pack offers a mix of adventure and technology. Here is a short list of a few of the included mods. -Applied Energistics 2 -Tinker's Construct -Thaumcraft -Thermal Expansion -Minecraft Comes Alive -Extra Utilities -More! Get the modpack at: http://technicpack.net/modpack/erivunt-tek.595760 Screenshots:
  4. IP: ------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to the Vitriol post ------------------------------------------------------ This is a small server that is personal We are social and partner up with friends to build, so make sure you're social. Also you will die on this server. And since its a custom modpack somethings may happen to the map. We just finished the very stable version of the map. But, just in case you should know. We found it hard to find a good pack for us, so we created a pack of our own Our Vitriol Pack link: http://bit.ly/1b8JAip ------------------------------- Rules ------------------------------- 1) Griefing and Stealing is not allowed [Doing so will result in permanent ban] 2) Hacking [spawning items, cloning, exploits, ext. will result in permanent ban] 3) Looks around your area [Look around to see if anyone is living close to where you plan to settle. If so ask if you can live around the area or move farther] 4) AFKing [there is no afk kick but if you are going afk tell someone else on the server. if no one is on tell use on skype] 5) Chat [we are all teens to adults we may say something bad or inappropriate] *If you discriminant or insult because of {gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or mental disability both parties will get temp-ban to take and fix the issue} 6) Keep the world clean [Don't leave trees half cut off, no pillars, use land that you need, creeper holes] First warning if too common you will be banned 7) Your account, your responsibility ["My family/ or friend did it" will not matter. If your account does something, you will get punished] 8) Build Rules [Rules that are at someones build must be followed. {sign says: do not enter} you must not enter] 9) Use common sense [Any behavior resulting in inconveniences or annoyance to other player should not be done] 10) Always report [If any of these rules are broken and you don't report or tell the person doing it to stop] when found out you will be temp banned] 11) Active [If you are not active for 2 weeks you will be banned, we want active people] *Any ban can be removed if you can give a solid accuse. ------------------------------- Application ------------------------------- IGN: Age: How long have you played Minecraft: What you like to build: Something about you: Skype(you can dm me it):
  5. I downloaded Technic Launcher its been a while since I last played it....and its a new launcher as I see....I copy the Mod link (any mod at all) and paste it into the search bar on technic launcher under Modpacks and it displays this error: Broken API Link - Visit the Platform I tried typing in the name of the mod (any mod at all) it displays the same error...so I cant play anything because it displays this all the time I remember on old launcher a long time ago I could play with no problems...but on this one I cant play any mod at all because of this I have 64 bit OS and 64 bit Java installed here is the Console report when I enter a modpack link....I will attach the file I copied the report into the notepad console report.txt
  6. So I want to add a few new mods to pack on the computer I am playing on. I tried adding the .jar file of HarvestCraft to the mods folder. When try to run the game, it crashes. Here is he crash report: http://paste2.org/s3ZMa5KX Do I have to adding something somewhere?
  7. So I'm trying to make a modpack, and im not sure whats going wrong, whenever i try to open it in the technic launcher, it jusst opens in vanilla. this is the link to the file in my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/uzfxwmn8v74ss2h/config.zip?dl=0
  8. I don't see a partition in the forum list for suggestions, so I don't know if they are just like a taboo, or if I'm blind and I didn't see them in the rules, so I'm not exactly sure where to put this. My point being, I was wondering if it'd be possible to make it so that players looking for new packs could filter the packs that list their mods in the 'Mods' tab, on what is or isn't on the last, and by which packs don't list them at all. It'd be a good tool, as well as put it to the pack-makers to actually list all the stuff they put in there. I'm not aware as to whether or not this is a planned feature, but I'm a long-time player of Technic packs, and I thought I'd pop onto the forums and see if this was ever going to be a thing. Crossing my fingers that I'm not stepping on toes right now.
  9. First of all, this is my first time getting into modding so I'm not the brightest when it comes to this stuff. Files: https://copy.com/wWpCYE9TS7G6FK8a Modpack http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/totallynotminecraft.647674 I have a feeling one or two of these mods are causing my game to crash. Anyway to find out?
  10. Hello, I am trying to play Tekkit Classic on a Mac version 10.8.5 running java version 1.6.0_65. I have re-installed, and re-started everything multiple times (in different versions) and Im still having problems. The problem is that once I enter a world, either on a server or in single player I can move at first but once I stop I can't move anymore, and I can't check my inventory. I can jump by holding the space bar, and I can place blocks and open chests, but nothing else. This is actually not specific to just Tekkit Classic, but also Tekkit Light. I have searched for an answer but haven't found anything. Please help, thanks.
  11. I made a big dig server via hamachi, using the server hosting thing. We can see all the recipes, but they won't work. We see the items in TMI, but they won't spawn, and we can make the recipes, but we can't take it out of our crafting table. Anyone know what's wrong?
  12. I am trying to add Single Player Commands and World Edit to Tekkit Classic. Ive done it before but on an older version, and i cant seem to figure it out on this version. If someone could tell me how or post a link to instructions for the current version of Tekkit Classic that would be much appreciated!
  13. Are there any plugins for the realm of mianite mod pack ? If not does anyone know how to code one ?
  14. Are there any plugins for this modpack ? If not does any one know how to code them for this modpack ?
  15. Ok so i have a Forge server 1.6.4 with a few mods and i see the map mod, i see the invetory mod, i see the pixelmon sidepanel, but i there is NO blocks from the mods, not any pokemon, and i can't pick a pokemon in the beggining. Pls Help!
  16. Hello, I have recently been looking into hiring someone to patch bugs in the old tekkit classic mods for my server as I plan to rejoin the hosting community soon. Developers are paid per bug fix at a negotiable rate which can be discussed by PM. I look forward to working with some of you.
  17. When I launch this modpack on Minecraft 1.7.10 (Forge) it doesnt launch. More info: Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/03GBx41m Modpack download:https://www.dropbox.com/s/npjm2m1731d3p5v/modpack.zip?dl=0 btw gonna add this to Technic once it launches. Please Help!! Thanks.
  18. I am new to MC and have just purchased a realm from the official site. I was recommended technic launchers for modification ability, but realized, at least in TekkitLite that there is no place for entry of my realm information. (Single Player, Multi-Player, Server).Is it possible for me to enter my realm through a technic launcher, or do I have to use MC's official one?
  19. When I add modpacks through the add the link from the technic laucher i cant download them like i tried to get forgecraft but every time i try to get it to download it says Error downloading the file for the following pack: (ForgeCraft2) Updated Modpack. Failed to download dropbox and some letters numbers and Slashes please consult the modpack author
  20. it could be a search bar or you could make advanced search options. but i would like to be able to search only the modpacks that have the mod i searched for. if that makes any sense. I think it would be a great addition to the website
  21. You can come here to share any of the issues in performance, gameplay, or other problems here.
  22. I just posted my first modpack it's a PvP magical based pack. Called Blood moon wars and I am hoping to get some feedback on it. Like how to make it run more smoothly and Recommendations for mods that I can add that fit the pack.
  23. Hi All I saw That Much of People Have Problems With Modpack So I decide to Help Them and Fix Any Modpack Or Answer any Question About
  24. I'm using a Mac and downloaded the technic launcher to use the "Attack of the B Team" modpack. I opened the launcher and it ran, loaded up the modpack, and opened Minecraft like it should. The first time it opened Minecraft it said "106 mods loaded." After playing in single player I noticed that the morph and hat mods were not present, among others. I closed Minecraft and the launcher and reopened the launcher. I hit play again, and it seemed like it was downloading all of the mods for the pack again like it did the first time. When it opened Minecraft, it said "118 mods loaded" and my single player world was not there. I checked and the morph and hat mod were present this time, as well as 10 other mods that weren't there in the first launch. The launcher also did not create any kind of shortcut, and I always have to open it from the Jar file. (is this normal?) Any reason why it's not loading all of the mods consistently? Or is it not supposed to re-download the mods everythime like it appears to? I'm also not sure why any of my worlds are not saving. Any answers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Fogno
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