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Found 175 results

  1. I love Attack of The B-Team but there are some mods that i think will make Attack of The B-Team more open for other players. Like I think mods like IC2 or DartCraft would be amazing to add! Please think about these mods to add to Attack of The B-Team!
  2. Hey guys, and, I know that there are a lot of mods that people want added, but, what are some PRACTICAL and POPULAR mods that you think need added? Now, I'm going to post 4 that I think may be useful. Tinkers' Construct; This is probably one of the best mods out there, who agrees? Tinkers' Mechworks: C'mon, you gotta admit, this would be useful beyond reasoning. Thaumcraft 4; It adds so much content! Plus, it is one of the best mods of all time. MetaWords Mod; Archimedes' Ship Mod is just outdated, so is Redstone in Motion! C'mon, this would prevent crashes, which means a lot less fixing for the modpack assemblers. Do you guys think there should be more(Better?) mods? Reply to my post what you think, and try to make this post popular for the Tekkit guys to see! Peace~ UnknownShifter
  3. Every time I load up a world their is always one thing wrong with it or something odd about it. The first world I spawned had CRAZY alps and highlands biomes they look a lot like the far lands The second world I had never spawned any vanilla biomes until after 2000 blocks or so The third world never had any villages, all villages were like 700 blocks apart, and they were all messed up, the roads spiked up and down, house were high in the air, and They would never spawn in plains biomes Can anyone tell me what's going on? I just want to find some cool villages?
  4. So I've been playing around a lot over the past days with the mods in this modpack, and I think I have found my definite favourite mod. While the witchery is fun for trolling people and Tinkers' construct is cool for making tools, it's Advanced Genetics that has a special place in my heart. It is easy to set up and as soon as you get this rolling you get all of these fun abilities at your disposal. My favourites are infinite milk and the grass eating gene. So what are your favourite mods guys? leave them in the down below!
  5. So i wanted to add the mod Craft Guide to my server because its easy for me to find the crafting recipes and what an item is used for in a simple click and my friend has the mod added to her hexxit and so do i but when i put the mod inside the mod folder for the hexxit server and launched it it for some reason just go stuck at "loading NEI" and just doesn't load anymore.... if there's nothing i can do i guess ill deal without but if you guys know a way please help me thank you
  6. I literally only have one key left on my keyboard that is not in use from the mod controls. I can't type anything, without menu's popping up or things being dropped or attacking something. How do I uninstall a few mods, or at least disable them, or something? I can't play and I really want to! Can someone tell me how to get rid of some? I don't need things like Archimedes ships or vehicles.
  7. I have been having huge server problem to where it says I'm missing mods. The server is correct, updated, and should be working fine. I updated my Technic Launcher and reset it, re-installed it, nothing works. Here's a picture of my problem. http://prntscr.com/30m7op (EDIT: Won't let me post pictures so I had to give out a link)
  8. Click here and follow instructions at the top: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/diabolic.284161 Mods list: The modpack has been made to make it much harder to get to endgame and this has been done by adding gregtech to make the cration of machines a pain, and also by adding hunger overhal and Iguana tweaks for tinkers construct which makes it so you need to level up tools through Tinkers construct which will then allow you to mine certain things. The diabolic modpack has its own server that everyone is welcome to join as long as you follow the simple rules at spawn, the overworld is custom made which means that there isn't going to be any modded ores but that is ok as we have a portal to the Mining world where you should place your quarry and also there is a portal to the end. There are traders setup around the spawn to swap money for items, to get money you need to go to the bank and trade mob heads. Picture of the world map [14000x14000]: Q: Can i have the server files for me and my friend? R: No Q:Why does my game keep crashing? R:Allocate more ram, if it still happens tell someone on the website: http://diretech.enjin.com/diabolic Q:Do you have a website? R:Yes, here is a link http://diretech.enjin.com/diabolic Q:Can i use a different map mod? R:Yes if you add it yourself. Q:Did this used to be Forgecraft 3+ R:Yes but i decided it was to easy to get to endgame so i made this
  9. Hello everyone, I really think BigDig is getting a little bit old and rusty and it needs a good old update! I'm not saying it needs the latest hightech... Just a couple bugfixes and some new mods! I would suggest mods such as veinminer maybe! I really like BigDig and i'm part of a gaming community that hosts a BigDig server... And we'd all really like to see that BigDig is still alive and being updated! As for that matter i wanna ask if there is gonna be an update in the upcoming month or not? And if not, if we can discuss it! I'd like to know how many people on the forums agree on the fact that BigDig needs an update! So please just give this topic a thumbs up to show you want the update or reply with your own opinions and ideas! PS: Sorry for my bad english... I'm dutch
  10. i would like to sujest some new mods to the attack of the bteam to be considered as these mods would suit the pack. these mods are -Gulliver Mod (forge) -Starmine please add these as they would be great additions to the modpack http://forum.minecra...hp?f=13&t=17975 starmine http://www.minecraft...0000-downloads/ Gulliver mod btw love the modpack which is the only reason i did this and sorry for any misunderstanding
  11. Hello i suguset adding the force feild mods mabye the you will die mod and icbm
  12. My friend and I want to add Buildcraft and Portal Gun mod to Attack of the B-Team. It works fine on both of our clients, but when we add the mods to the server, it ends up crashing. Localhost doesn't even work for my friend. We downloaded the mods for our clients, and got the Buildcraft and Portal Gun server files from the Direwolf20 FTB pack. Anyone know what our problem is? If you need any info, feel free to ask. -robblie_bob
  13. Hello our there!!! I have put together a modpack in the technic laucncher, tested it with te native vanilla in technic launcher, and even got it to download into my PC. So ithought it was all working, opened it from technic launcher. It loads very long at the mojang logo, but I think thats OK because I have got nearly 90 mods installed. Then I wanted to create a world which has worked perfectly when testing on native vanilla. Now it stucks on the dirt background with "building terrain" or something. When I waited, it did work after some time (only once), but then the game itself was laggy, taking ages to open any (chest) inventory and building new chunks. Now my question is: How do I get to fix it (It´s a modpack for me and my friends making a server on nitrado)? Is there another solution than deleting some mods, because for the modpack it would be very nice if all mods could stay and I would realy fu ing hate it to redesign it over and over to find the perfect lag rate) (It is not because from my computer, because on native vanillia it has worked perfectly) Mod´s list: My Specs: Acer Aspire 7750G Intel core i5 2,3 Ghz 4 Gig RAM 64bit If you could write me back, there are some more infos: I´m probably going to delete artifice, and morebiomesxl (or sth like that) If I´m havingf any other expensive mods, please write me some of the most RAM-taking ones....
  14. Hello! I really want the mystcraft mod to be included in this modpack. It fits in with the scary theme, what with the numerous scary world modifiers. It's endless fun And it's intresting! Do you think this is a good idea? Feel free to tell about any other mods you wouldlike to see in this modpack!
  15. In the Attack of the B team modpack, a mob exists called a Nightcrawler. Does anyone know what mod they are from, and how and where they are obtained? I know they are in the game, because there is someone on my server why has a Nightcrawler Morph legitamately. He claims it was from witchery, but I can't find it on the wiki.
  16. For modpacks, my all time favorite is Treeit, but Tekkit Lite back when it was new was my favorite back then. I love all the mods in those packs and nothing conflicts with any other mod (also Treeit in the next update is going to have my mod Quartz 'N' Steel, which I'm happy about). It's fun to play, not too easy or too challenging, and multiplayer is the best. Also booze. Lots of booze. As for my least favorite, Attack of the B-Team. I know most of you will be pissed, since it just came out and is really popular, but I just hate it. It's overpowered, has almost no progression or reason to do anything, it's missing lots of mods (and has a few that I'd prefer if they were missing), and it's generally just crappily put together. As for mods, I can't really say what my favorite mod is overall, they all have different uses, and I'm not going to be a dick and say my mod is the best. I'd have to say Buildcraft and IC2 are among the best, because they're basically essential to modpacks and have so much mods built off of them. Other mods I like are ExtrabiomesXL and Biomes O' Plenty for the new biomes they add (those mods together, along with Highlands which is like a EBXL expansion, make over 200 biomes!), GrowthCraft because of the new, not overpowered farming options (also booze.), and Special Mobs because it makes the game more challenging, and not many mods these days are strictly challenge adding. There's also some mods I like because of their game mechanics, but kind of dislike because of the way they were made. Thaumcraft, for example, is awesome but the models/textures are ugly and annoying (this goes for any mod with non-16x textures and not cube-shaped models, because it doesn't look Minecrafty, but it's not so bad). I feel the same way about Tinkers Construct, because the custom tools and stuff are great, but it's a bit overpowered (3 iron for a vanilla iron pickaxe, 1 iron for a tinkers iron pickaxe; free repairs and tool renaming without an anvil; tools never technically break) and ignores vanilla game mechanics (why can this sword be made on a crafting table, but this other sword needs 3 special blocks, a casting mold, etc.?). Also Galacticraft is cool because you can go to space, but the mobs and other features of the new planets weren't very well designed, and the bosses are stupid. However, I still generally like those mods, despite their flaws. As for mods I really don't like, I'd have to say Dartcraft, Advanced Genetics, Mo' Creatures, and Modular Powersuits. I'd include Morph on the list, but it wasn't really meant for balanced survival use. That would be like hating on the Dirt to Diamonds mod. Anyway, I don't like Dartcraft because it's useless, overpowered, stupidly made, and generally terrible. As for Advanced Genetics, just no. It's probably the only mod that I absolutely hate everything about. It's way too overpowered, as well as contradicting its own usefulness, the main premise is stupid, and it completely ruins the game because why do anything anymore if you can fly, teleport, are immune to almost everything, never run out of hunger, and have infinite potions? Also the texturing is horrible, probably the worst of any mod I know of, but that's barely worth mentioning compared to how bad the rest of it is. Anyway, ranting aside, the other two mods, Mo' Creatures and Modular Powersuits, I don't really *hate*, but I dislike them. Mo' Creatures mainly because of the textures and models, which I know I've been focusing way too much on in this thread, but it's really annoying to play and enjoy it when everything is so ugly. It also goes against vanilla Minecraft in its ugliness, because the wolves and skeletons it adds look nothing like vanilla skeletons and wolves. I don't know what Dr. Zhark was thinking, maybe he wanted to show that he puts effort into his mod instead of copying vanilla, but it's really annoying and looks terrible. As for Modular Powersuits, I love the mod itself, but I dislike when it's in modpacks, especially in multiplayer, simply because it removes the need for any other kind of armor. Also if you enable HD textures, it looks really ugly, this is Minecraft not some Halo ripoff made in the 90s! So what are your favorite and least favorite mods and packs?
  17. Guys please help! i was able to add attack of the b-team but when i try to add infamy or anything else it says "Invalid technic platform delivery URL" SOMEONE PLease help me!
  18. I have decided to want to use TMI instead of NEI for attack of the b-team. It won't allow me to remove NEI, and when I try to run both at the same time, NEI shows up and TMI doesn't, even if I turn NEI off. Can someone please help me?
  19. Hey guys! First off, let me start by saying the mod pack is AWESOME. It fits my needs perfectly and I love it. Been playing it for dayz! I never used a Technic pack before because all the mods were so... industrial and complex! Too much work to figure out and everything. This one is the perfect balance of fun and complexity! But, I have some suggestions! I almost wrote this on GenerikB's video but I figured the forum was a better place. First: CraftGuide- There are so many mods in this pack and not everyone knows how to craft everything. There is probably a way to find the item in NEI or TMI and find the recipe but I cant seem to find out how. (If anyone can tell me, that'll be great!) Second: Optifine- Well, obvious reasons! It boosts your frame rate and it has that handy zone thing going on! Also, theres probably a way to add it manually but I can't figure out how and I will most likely mess it up! Last but not least: TreeCapitator- I love this mod and it would go perfect with the mod pack because so many trees are really big and complex and really hard to get all the wood! I hope you keep these suggestions on your mind when you're looking for "more mods" to add. Thanks! EDIT; Handy ZOOM thing going on for Optifine, SORRY
  20. im running a tekkit server from this site with the mods provided. none of them are working on the server, yes I also have them on the client, when you go to place a modded item it disappears.... Someone please help!!!! Chris
  21. Have you made a really nice base and nowhere to post a SCREENSHOT? Do you want any MODS implemented that already aren't? Well this is the THREAD for you! Post any of these TOPICS here!
  22. Seen any BUGS on your client lately? Have you made a really nice base and want somewhere to post a SCREENSHOT? And have any MOD suggestions you would like implemented? Well this is the THREAD for you! Post any of these TOPICS here!
  23. Hello everybody! if the attack of the b team creators see this then you should listen carefully! I want to suggest you to add 2 new mods which are: 1) ThaumCraft 3 2) IndustrialCraft 2 I really think them both will make this modpack even greater and more awesome than what it's already is. Thx
  24. Alright, here's the dealio. I'm trying to set up a server for the first time ever. Never done it before, and for whatever reason, I cannot seem to find a guide anywhere online that can help me. I heard that Technic was an easy way to set up a server, and I wanted to install some mods as well, so that brought me here. But I still have no idea what I'm doing. So here's what I need. A simple, step-by-step guide to creating a Hexxit server that my friend and I can play on in layman's terms. Can anyone help?
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