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Found 169 results

  1. 24/7 FND Warpack Server for minecraft 1.5.2 The title says it all, I have got a 24/7 hosted server using the FND War Pack open to the public. For more information on the modpack of which can be found here: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/fnd-war-pack Server Rules: PVP: allowed Steeling: Allowed Base destruction: not allowed Banned items: Redmatter/antimatter/hypersonic/nuclear explosives and missiles Why not donate? All and any donations to keep the server running are welcome at [email protected] via paypal Server IP here: MASMadness.mcnode.net custom spaxcraft 128x texturepack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q6vfradgsqkshdn/Sphax%20PureBDcraft%20128x%20MC15.zip
  2. hi guys again I need help!? I am not sure if anyone else has this problem but on my hexxit my not enough items doesn't work but on all my mates computers it does. if you have had this problem your self or have an idea on how to fix it plz tell me.
  3. For some reason, even when I log out, log back in, morph back into my skin, take off my hat, and even spawn in a new Proto Titan, I can move up and down but I can't turn side to side, it worked last night and now it's 100% broken, is there ANY SOURCE OF A FIX? I spent too much time making this Mech which is now virtually useless because it's broken.
  4. The problem is that ProjectRed is replacing a lot of the EnderIO items with Draw Plates and Wool Gins. This basically makes the mod useless as I can't craft items or upgrades necessary for the mod. The items being replaced include, but aren't limited to: All capacitors and all powders. If someone could look into it and find a solution I would appreciate it. Also, the issue is not an issue with ID Conflicts as I'm not getting any notifications of any conflicts. The platform url is here: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/verdes-technological-modpack Thanks for the help.
  5. Okay so were too start? I have my own custom modpack running off my own custom server. I am the Owner of a very popular Attack of the B-Team server "DrewKraft". We are currently Beta testing our own mod-pack under white list. I expect crashes and issues, as so we can fix the issues before we post the server to the public in a few months. Here is the meat and potatoes. We are running our 1.6.4 mod-pack on the MCPC+ build. We have unlimited bandwidth and RAM with an E-5 Exeon CPU. From what I was told, a Moderator of mine right clicked a dragon egg from the dragon mounts mod and It crashed the server. When I restart we are all hanging in mid air with a crash followed about 30 sec later. I'm not sure exactly sure of the issue as I removed dragons mounts with out any resolve. I'm pretty dang sure we have some form of corrupted chunk or entity error.A fix would be grand. Here is my Crash report with all the info including a server log from launch to crash. Server log-- http://pastebin.com/zFKx1nHF Crash Report-- http://pastebin.com/MzD9tRT4
  6. I host a private Tekkit Classic server for my friends and I to play on. I would really like to add the Applied Energistics mod to my server, but a few hours of google hasnt helped. Does anyone know how to get AE working on a classic server? Or am I just going to have to upgrade to full Tekkit?
  7. 31trainman

    Mod perms

    I helped to create a modpack for a community and went about getting perms for it. But am know wondering who holds the perms to the mods in the pack? Is it me or is it the owners of the community?
  8. Hello everyone, I need help and I have suggestion. I wil start with help. Do someone know modpack with this mods: Bibliocraft / IC2 ( Industrial Craft 2 ) and Mrcrayfish's furniture mod? It will be cool if that mod pack which I search would be without Biomes O Plenty. And now about suggestion. Here in technic platform could make search with using selected mods... Just like my asked help. For example: Select mods which you want to have in that modpack. And when you selected and pressed on button 'Search' it shows you modpack in which is those mods which you selected. Hope you understand my suggestion and please help me find modpack with those modes which I typed to have in that modpack. Thanks.
  9. Hey, i was wondering of adding a new mod to the modpack, the mod is called 'Smart Moving'. It is basically a parkour based mod which adds in a bunch of new features and animations to the game, e.g. new physics. It is also one of the best mods in the world!!! It also is a fun, cool thing to add to the game since attack of the b team is meant to be a fun, building modpack unlike the others which are most industrialized modpacks. How we can use it in AOBT? - Since we have micro-blocks and carpenters blocks it adds a whole new feature since in the mod you can climb up half gaps, eg stairs/slabs stacked on each other. - With advanced genetics we can fly, and there is a new flying animation in Smart Moving which would work create with advanced genetics flying. - Crawling in Smart Moving, Flans Mod, loads of cool guns and snipers. With the crawling we can hide in the tall grass with our snipers, picking people off. Great for adventure maps/ pvp servers! - Diving, diving is a cool feature and it allows you to dive into anything! Great for building adventure maps/ rp servers, such as Assassins Creed servers. With this new parkour feature we can re-create Assassins Creed in AOBT and also as AOBT is also a building modpack, we can add vast amounts of detail into the maps and make it look more realistic. Feature which are in Smart Moving: Climbing only via gaps in the walls Climbing ladders with different speeds depending on ladder coverage and/or neighbour blocks Alternative animations for flying and falling Climbing along ceilings and up vines Jumping up & back while climbing Configurable sneaking Alternative swimming Alternative diving Alternative flying Faster sprinting Side & Back jumps Charged jumps Wall jumping Head jumps Crawling Sliding For more information look at this video:
  10. I made a hidden custom modpack a while ago, and I'm playing it with friends. It's called Modders In Space: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/modders-in-space.340368 And it happened to us several times, on my server, that ALL of the stones underground disappeared, and only bedrock, ores, and dirt were left, except the trees and houses we built and other stuff above the surface. I was lucky, because I make backups once some stuff is done. But it's still a very big problem. IMPORTANT: I'm pretty sure it's important, at the land I am there's "red granite" underground instead of normal stones, it's in one of the mods, and it's probably a problem with this block. Please help me, any help would be very appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: Please help! P.S: Maybe it's the wrong section? I'm not sure where I was supposed to post it, so please move it if needed. Sorry.
  11. Hello, I was just testing the new mods so I'd be sure if everything's ok to put into the .zip and pop it up on drop box. But turned out there was a crash ...Please Help Crash: Thanks for taking your time reading this and I hope the problem gets solved ASAP
  12. Hello everybody, I have a problem during the installation of all modpacks, do you have a solution please ? Sorry for my bad english i'm french
  13. Ive done some searching and havent found a reason or solution to this. I am running the latest Attack of the B-Team client and downloaded the latest server package. I run the server fine, all up and running perfectly. However, while everything else works (were avoiding known things that cause lag such as the Dubstep guns and so on, and it is only four of us maximum at any one time), we all notice that none of us can use the Morph mod. Whenever we press [ (the brackets), the little side-sqaure/interface comes out, but is completely blank. It will work for each of us in a singleplayer world (where it shows our character there given we have no morphs to go into), but on the server that box is completely blank, translucent and clear. No player icon shows in there. Also, killing things does not force us into a morph and does not show up in the sidebar. None of us know why, although somehow magically one of the other guys got it to work for about 10 minutes (he cant remember what he did though ). Im wondering if anyone else knows the cause or how to fix it? This is really the only thing glitching out in the pack for us so far that we really would like to have. Thanks! Update: Also notice the tree decay speed is back to normal as well on the server, instead of super fast like we each have in singleplayer
  14. Main Enhanced Survival 1.7.2 Modpack Topic Leave your ideas, questions, and bug reports here!
  15. Hello, I just finished making a mod pack that me and my friends will be playing on, but there seems to be a server crash. I am pretty sure the problem is because of that there are client-only mods in there, but i need help to highlight them and get them removed. Crash:
  16. I am looking to start an Attack of the B-team server. This server is hosted by mcprohosting. I need mature staff to help me run it! Positions: 1 Co-Owner (experienced and fund contributor) 1 Plugin Manager 2-3 Builders Just to get started. Rules: NO Griefing NO Spamming NO Hacking NO Advertising Raiding is allowed, but not encouraged. Pvp is allowed This post will be periodically updated! You: - Position you're applying for? - How long have you played minecraft? B-team? - Age? - Have you been staff before? - How often will you come online? - Any other skills? - Why do you deserve the position? - Anything else? The more effort you put into the application, the more you will be noticed! Thanks for your interest!
  17. I am compiling a modpack, and I was just wondering where the crafting recipes for mods are located. I'm assuming they are within the executable java/.zip folder, but where are they typically located from there?
  18. gamar356


    you guys should add the archimedes mod so we can hijack all the buildings and stuff
  19. Please delete. Made huge mistake (i.e. this is not MC 1.6.4, that Tekkit not Tekkit lite... ugh..)
  20. I love the Attack of the B-Team modpack but there is one great mod that will perfectly fit in there and that is Ars Magica 2 by Mithion. I hope other people want that mod in the modpack too and you defently need to check it out because it's so COOL!!! They won't got any issue's for getting the mod into it because this is what it says on the forum page: Your mod pack needs a link back to this forum post You cannot make any money off of the mod pack You cannot claim that you made any part of the mod, and you must give credit to the author of the mod (Mithion) So I want that mod in the modpack and maybe many more!!!
  21. I have a private modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/modders-in-space.340368 It work all fine, and I also played on a server with a friend a little while ago. Yesterday I tried to update it. I first tested it on my computer, both server and client, and they work. So I uploaded it to dropbox, copied the right link (I know which), and updated the modpack page. But when I tried to update (in technic launcher) I got an error. I also try removing the pack and reinstalling, but I still got the error. So I rolled back to the version I used to play with my friend, but I still get this error! And in dropbox I clicked share>get link>right click download>copy link. For some reason it suddenly stopped working! This is the error: https://www.dropbox.com/meta_dl/eyJzdWJfcGF0aCI6ICIiLCAidGVzdF9saW5rIjogZmFsc2UsICJzZXJ2ZXIiOiAiZGwuZHJvcGJveHVzZXJjb250ZW50LmNvbSIsICJpdGVtX2lkIjogbnVsbCwgImlzX2RpciI6IGZhbHNlLCAidGtleSI6ICI4MHpqdHFienMzdjQ0eTIifQ/AAIE62QI_NPxS8KlvV8y2lbzV4_bjQiZHoxsS8vB4zCtng?dl=1 Please help me!
  22. Seriously, it's way over due. New blocks/things: Ancient times: -Fern trees -Smoking dirt -Mud -Pure Radioactives-A block consisting of 1-5 Radioactive particles (RPs) used in many other builds. -nests -Dino eggs Middle ages: -Round table -Cauldrons (can be used to make vats of soup) -Torch levers -wizard chalk -Thrones -Spiked stone -Crystals: Used in magic or as a power source. 1930-50s: -Concrete -Block of meth: Can be used as a power source. -Crates: Can be used for storage or to hide in -Elevator blocks Future: -Cobalt stone- used in buildings made from lapis and cobble -Pnumatic tubes -Generators (don't power anything they just blow up when broken) -Testla coils: Shock anything near them if powered by redstone -Security shields- used by the virus for protection, needs a specific item to break (such as a stick or oakwood plank) New builds: (From an ancient crafting table (uses logs instead of planks) -Spear-throwable sword like damage, built from a flint and two sticks. -hatchet-throwable ax built from three flint and two sticks -Reins: Leather and string, allows for one to ride a triceratops (or horse) Staff: Magic crystal (ore), and two sticks. Left click to shoot lightning. Good for powering futuristic devices. Sheild: Used to defend against all forms of damage, but only works when held. Chalk: Can be placed and linked on a floor for teleportation magic. Tommy gun: Dropped by gangsters or built with iron and gunpowder. Fires bullets in rapid, inaccurate fire. Riffle: Same concept different build, more accurate, but less rapid. Pistol: Much more quiet, but still deadly. Shotgun: Loses power at long range. SUper powerful close up. fedora: When worn, causes gangsters to ignore you. Pinstrip armor: Allows for the penetration of speak easys and skyscrapers, made by putting string on either side of a piece of armor. Elevator: Jump to flash to the elevator block above it, crouch to flash to the one bellow it. Meth beakers: Used to create meth, a drug that will harm you if held for to long but can be used as a fuel for time travel. Laser: Like a gun, but less splash damage, but more power. Uses radio actives and iron. Remote: Uses iron an lasers, will activate any receivers it's linked to. Receiver: takes redstone signal from and transposer or remote transposer: when activated sends redstone signal to it's linked receiver. Radioactives suit: Add leather and cobalt stone to all 4 armor pieces for radioactive armor, it's needed to enter apocalyptic areas, nuclear test sites (1930-50s), and the pre-historic times. Invisible armor: Made from nothing flowers and leather armor pieces. Time-device: Your ticket to time travel, requires 2 power sources (meth, radioactives, crystals), 4 ender pearls, two diamonds, and a clock in the center. This can be used in many ways, by it's self it can send you back in time to any of the dimensions, but could break at any point, leaving you stranded. On the other hand, one can make a time portal out of crystal blocks in an end-portal type frame, one block of which would be a flux capacitor, which one can put a set time device in to get it to work, however, while this will never break there is no way back without building a new device on the other side. Time flux manipulator. Place one of these down and wait, once you push the triggering mechanism EVERYTHING you would have done sense then would be erased as you are sent back to when you placed the manipulator. if your past self sees you or is altered by you they become a paradox and will try to kill you. After a set amount of time however, the manipulator will die and can't be used. If you kill your past self, you'll die as well and end up back where you would have spawned with your old inventory. Crafted with a time device and a New mobs: Incorrectly spelled Dinosaurs: -Small Paradactile: works like the regular bat. -Triseratops: Big guy, harmless unless attacked, eats leaves. -T-rex: Big guy, hazarous, will eat you, but somewhat rare. -stegosaurus: Big guys, harmless, eats leaves. -Mother paradactile: Big guy, lives on the top of a volcano boss creature. Middle ages: Wizards: Some heal you, others will act like witches. Some will become skeletal archers. dragon: like the ender dragon, only it's confined to a castle, breaths fire, and can't heal it's self. Boss creature. Knights: Most are neutral until you come into their castle, dark ones are always hostile. Villagers: like testificates but quieter. 1930-50s: Hobos: Will attack you if you have anything valuable in your hands. average people: don't pay you no mind. mutants: effects of the manhattan project, green testifacates that would later become creepers blow up in your face, meanwhile zombies come forth from the creators as well. gangsters: Fire guns at you when you're alone or attack them. They also can do drive-by shootings. Boss: King pin of the gangsters, typically will do the same thing only with much more help, has his own limo, and has a MASSIVE amount of HP, also when he dies other gangsters die too. Drops a fedora. Future: Aliens-like endearmen, will be common but won't hurt you until you hurt them. Robots: some are fine, other rouges are like armored zombies. Mutants: slime-like creatures that come from acid pits. Futuristic: Weird new villagers from utopian, space, and steam-punk futures. Virus: The boss in all the robot's minds, hidden in an apocalyptic city area, it will send it's robots after you to stop you, killing it will turn all robots into non-rouge ones. Oblivion: Paradox: Looks like the player it'll attack, but is meant to kill them. Time agent: Will kill paradoxes, and you if you're near a paradox. Ancestor: Actually spawns in any timeline and will be illuminated by a green aura, killing them will cause lightning to strike and both a time agent and a paradox to spawn. New biomes: Volcano: Self explanatory, spawns in ancient times Thick jungle: Spawns in ancient times Grass fields: Spawns in ancient times Middle ages: Castle+town: Trade with villagers or visit the king's treacherous maze of a castle. Dark castle: A scary keep that houses a dragon in it's basement, and loot! Fields: Contain lots of wheat and the occasional windmill. Grasslands: A large area of grass planes and small hills with stone paths along the way. 1930s-50s: -Citys: Massive areas with lots of roads, flashy signs and at least 6 types of buildings: 1:Sky scraper: Big building,goes up to the top of the world. Awesome. 2:normal: just a simple housing area 3: Theater: used for all types of things 4: factory: Yep, those are still here, and super hazardous. 5: Broken: Mid-distruction likely due to a cause of mysterious fire. 6: Secret base, it looks like a normal building, but secret passages can come out to a gang's speakeasy. -Hooverville: Tents and Hobos, yeah… Not pleasant. -Suburban areas, cookie-cutter houses occasionally holding a meth lab. -Test site: A massive crater, super radioactive. Future: -All ground is a futuristic chrome-cobalt with electric red skys. cites appear with whole buildings made of glass. A system of pneumatic tubes fills the underground (can be used by player). Some cites are destroyed by nukes and left in burning pits of despair. Skyscrapers still exist but more futuristic. Oblivion: Pulls any other types of area from it's time and surround it with "nothing" a white block that does nothing. There are also some flowers called "nothing flowers" that can turn you invisible. New dimensions: -Ancient times: Dinosaurs, big pits of tar, and dangerous meteors and radiation, radiation suit is needed to survive here. -Middle ages: Knights, castles, fields of wheat, wizards, windmills, and dragons roam free, join the cult of the square table and help the knights of notch send scum back into olden times. -1930s-50s: Industrial skyscrapers, and gangsters roam the streets, arm yourself with the most gangster weaponry known to man in a fight against turfs and politics. -Futuristic: Fun little area, lots of machines,killer robots, ray guns, remotes, and a whole new outlook on possibility. -Oblivion: The land of broken time: While mostly consisting of a barren white landscape with the occasional "nothing flower" (which can be used to make invisible dye for leather armor), there are some broken pieces allowing different time periods to collide. So How this will work: You'll get in, and start playing mine craft as usual until you find either crystal, radio actives, or make a meth beaker (and by extension meth). Then you can use that and other materials to travel to one of a few places. A time device works by first being dormant, right clicking with it will bring up the time-hub allowing the player to select a destination. Once selected the time device glows enchanted-like and when held directly in your hot bar will slowly allow you to travel in time neither-portal-effect-like. When you travel you will always spawn at point X=0,Z=0 in that world, and when you travel back you will always spawn back from where you last slept. If you have no bed, then from your original spawn. You only have one option: the middle ages. You arrive, and your time device takes 1/3rd damage (for examples sake lets just say the time device will break with 3 travels every time for this guy) You're in the middle of a large field of wheat. You pass a windmill and approach the town. You enter and are stunned at the massive castle, you enter it and are attacked by vicious guards. You keep running until you enter the throne room, there the king will trade you one dirt for an iron sword and a book. The book will ask you to bring him the head of the dragon who lives in the dark castle. After a brave adventure of dragon slaying, you return and the king gives you a reward: A silver stop watch. With this in your possession you now have the ability to travel to another dimension: The 1930-50s. Jumping back to the present and then dropping back into the 1930-50s, your time device breaks upon re-entry! You look around and begin to wonder how you would get back. After a bit you're jumped by mobsters who reluctantly start to shoot you down. You end up killing the boss and taking his fedora, and a silver stopwatch allowing you to completely surpass the gangsters. After a bit more exploring you find both a hooverville, and a meth lab, and a nuclear test site. You manage to re-manufactor the time device and return to the present… from meth. Now this time you end up splashing forward to the future. You arrive and are supper perplexed by the amazing pneumatic abilities, and electric buildings and atmosphere. All is highlife until a broken pneumatic send you to a deescalated wasteland of fire, brimstone, corrupt robots, and a big virus-lair. Using your skills you manage to destroy the virus and take yet another stop watch before returning to the present. Now you notice your watch is nearly broken, so you use your crystals, meth blocks, and radio actives to build a portal which you place your time device, set for the prehistoric era. Unfortunately, the radiation start to kill you upon entry! You planned for this however by using another time device earlier to create a time-flux-manipulator. Unfortunately, you didn't think t through as you are still in the prehistoric era, only allowing you to kill your paradox self. Once your paradox is killed. You end up (with your paradox's inventory) in the land of broken time: Oblivion. After scouring the area, you find a time agent, which upon death drops a time device and a silver stop watch, allowing you to return to oblivion upon whim. Now you have your suit and everything! You venture into the prehistoric era and battle dinosaurs galore! And you get to ride a triceratops! Eventually you get to battle the great pyradactile earning you the last silver stop watch. upon using it, a message appears stating that for more timey-whimey-fun one will have to either wait for or download/install an extension/add-on mod! Some add-on ideas: -The delorean -tardis adventures -Hg wells collection -Colonial era -Modern day -Steam-punk future -Civil war -World war -Ice age Not going into details on that but lets see what you have to say!
  23. Hey guys, xEvo here, just found this awesome mod, and was wondering who else wanted it added into Attack of the B-Team?! The mod is called Mo' Bends, and is made by Gobbobb__Antivirus this mod adds mroe shape to players and mobs giving them more personality, here is a link to the mod's page: http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/146-mo-binds-steve-have-forearm/ Thanks for reading!
  24. I has 2 mods that should be added to attack of the b team that I think are awesome and they are, like hexxit, the infernal mobs mod and the extra utilities mod they are both awesome mods and also fun and should be added to attack of the b team if you with me comment to this plz
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