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  1. Hello, I have tried over and over to load up the Blightfall mod pack however, it says i am only using 1GB RAM and i require 2GB. My PC has 12GB RAM and uses most of that for other packs. i have the same issue with a few other packs, can anyone suggest a solution. I have a 64-bit up to date Java and OS
  2. The launcher will not open if 64-bit Java has been installed, even if 32-bit Java is also installed. 32-bit Java has to be the only Java present on the system. My one and only workaround for this at the moment is to install 64-bit Java on a thumb drive and plug it in AFTER I've opened the Technic Launcher, so that I can choose it in the Java settings and increase the max RAM available. If 64-bit Java is installed on the system, the launcher will load for less than a second and then close, and then a Java error report will be saved where the launcher is located. Attached is one such error
  3. I'm having trouble playing any of the mod packs since technic only allows me to add up to 1 gig if memory, and everything keeps crashing. Any solutions?
  4. Hi Technic Team! I have been seeing posts from people who are trying to run large, resource-intensive modpacks on older machines that can't handle them. For example, I was just over on Talonos' issue tracker trying to explain to a user why Blightfall won't open for someone who has only 1GB of RAM to dedicate to Minecraft and is running a 32-bit OS. This got me thinking - why don't you integrate a feature into the Technic Launcher that will allow modpack creators to set recommended minimum specs to run their modpack, and if the launcher is running on a PC with lower specs will warn users that t
  5. MrNeroy

    Hexxit RAM problem

    Hey guys. I've got a problem (which seems to be RAM-caused) when I try to play Hexxit. After installing the Technic Launcher and Hexxit, everything works fine for once. But when I try to play it again, I always get the 'shutting down internal server' error and minecraft keeps teling me it has run out of RAM.. I tried to allocate different 'sizes' of RAM to it (1GB, 2.5GB, 3GB, 4GB and even 6GB), but nothing seems to work... The only fix I found is to delete the .technic folder and reinstall everything, which is getting pretty annoying after a while... Also - sorry if this wouldn't really belo
  6. So im trying to allocate more ram to minecraft in the techniclauncher 1.7.10 pack and i set it to 14 gb out of my 16gb becuase i was getting annoyed at the lag and it still wasnt solved with that much ram.... so i updated java to the newest 64 one for my pc and that didnt work. i checked my control panel and system stettings advanced.... looking for some java_options or something but that wasnt there eiter so then i just cheked my snooper settings and found a bunch of jvm_arg.... there was 1,2,3,4,5,of them it looked like this (i would have put a screen shot but it said i could upload greated
  7. Everyone is always talking about what "plug-ins" and "Modpacks" they use. But I'd like to know what hardware specs one should have for a decent, Forge based, 100 slot, 24/7 server. With a heavy modpack such as Project: OMNIUS. (Not much known, but it still kicks my processor's ass. Even with 7Gb allocated to java.) Top rendering, and high graphic performance would be preferred. I'd advise everyone reads the Global Rules here: http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/16-global-rules/ If you don't know, but have a dedicated PC for a server yourself. What are it's specs?
  8. i was trying to play the Trekkie modpack on my new computer with 16gb ram 13 ram free and when I launched the game I was running at 15 for then realize the game was only running at 1 gb ram so I went to check my launcher settings and all their was was -512 my -768 mob and 1 go how do I fix this plz help.
  9. So either the search bar is broken or I'm blind, I tried searching this up but there were no results. I made a pretty heavy modpack, and I'm wondering how I can bump up the launcher memory past 7 GB. I know, that's already a ton, but I have 47% of my allocated memory used up and it lags like crazy. I remember the good o'l days, when you could allocate any amount you specified.. Is there anyway to give it more ram, or am I doomed? Or am I just blind, because that's also possible.. :| Also, I do have the latest 64-bit java. guess its kinda obvious, since I already have 7GB, but I just thought
  10. After scouring the internet, I have not been able to find any fixes to this issue that work for me. I'm not sure what the issue is anymore and I am reaching out to all of you genius individuals. C:(users\me\[location]\[location]>java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar BTeam.jar nogui Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for 3145728KB object heap pause. Press any key to continue Now, of course i've altered everything i can. I changed the Xmx3g to a higher amount and it issued the fatal error: The specified size exceeds the maximum representable size. error: could
  11. Hello Guys, first of all: I'm german, so my english is not the best and i hope you understand it :/ i have a problem with Hexxit (1.5.2). Every time when i play it is my ram completly occupied .. i have 8gb in my computer and hexxit is 5gb assigned, but after ca 30 minutes when i'm ingame used hexxit all 8gb ram. So i can do nothing with my computer. my system: Windows 7 64bit 8gb ram has any one an idea to solve this problem? greetz, Skaii
  12. Hello I'm Subek i got small problem i got 8 ram in my computer but i can use only 1gb ram to Technic launcher pls help
  13. Whenever i try to go into the options for the technic platform, it only gives me the options of 512 mb, 768 mb, and 1 Gb. I have a 64 bit Java, and i have 8 GB of RAM. I assume this is also why whenever I try to start up a modpack, it goes until where it would normally go to the minecraft menu, then shuts off the technic launcher. Anyone else having this problem or found a solution?
  14. Is it possible to load my all my Tekkit mods, plus a few that I added, to the regular Minecraft launcher? If so, how can I do it and what are some precautions I should take?
  15. I have a server I play with my friend, and just him, and I host the server on my computer. I have a total of 8 GB of RAM; a maximum of 2 GB is used for the server and 4 GB is used for the launcher (or MC 1.6.4). Is this a good use of RAM or should I change the amount allocated? I also added Traincraft and a few other mods and I want to know if it'll be enough to load all the entities
  16. So, my friend recently introduced me to minecraft:tekkit, which is really fun. But recently, I've been receiving a lot of lag issues, looking through forums and asking people have led me to the conclusion that I did not have enough RAM Previously, the max amount of RAM I could allocate was 1GB(which was causing lag issues) But now, after installing java 64 bit, I can allocate up to 14GB(my laptop has 16GB ram, with 14GB available) Problem solved? Apparently not, even though I can allocate up to 14GB, my game will not run unless it's at 1GB. I remembered I found a website where this du
  17. even when I assign 4gb memory in the launcher options, crash reports stil report a lack of memory. I´m running on a 64 bit windows 7 computer with 8gb ram and 3gb Vram. I´ve been trying to fix this for 12 hours, someone please help me....
  18. Can I allocate more ram than 16GB?
  19. Hey everyone, currently I can allocate only 1GB in the technic launcher but I need more as the attack of the b-team mod is pretty fat. Im running with java 32 bit and I have 1 stick of 8 GB. Do I just need to download java 64 bit? thanks
  20. I run a B-team server and I need to allocate more RAM to the server. I have 64 bit java and 64 bit windows 8. If I've missed a forum that already discusses this, I would love a link. I have an allocate.bat but I'm not really sure if it's relevant, where it needs to be, or what the text inside needs to be specifically for B-Team.
  21. So I were just flying around exploring in my world, as the whole game crashed. There were no crash log, it only said shutting down internal server. Now I can`t even load up the save before it instantly says shutting down internal server, and exits the game. Still no crash log. I`ve tried boosting my ram all from 3gb-7gb, with neither of them working. I have read some posts on the forums, but I cant seem to find one that would solve my problem... :/ any help/tips?
  22. Whenever I try to generate a new, or load an old singleplayer world, it gets stuck at "Building Terrain", I have left it run for a half hour, and it never manages to load the world. When I try to connect to a multiplayer server, it connects fine, however it has TREMENDOUS lag. It also tends to crash randomly with no error, straight to the desktop. Things I have tried: -minimizing all in-game options (render distance, smooth lighting, etc.) -allocating more RAM (incrementally, 5GB was the stopping point) -reinstalling tekkit with a clean launcher and .technic folders -reinstalling java -
  23. Hi, I wanted to host a server and chaged my ram in the .bat file to -Xmx3584 and -Xms2048 when i started the minecraft server and a freind joined the control panel said Memory Use: 239 mb(1% free) but why cant it use more ram when i gave it more? pls quick answers i want to play with my friends
  24. So I'm trying to run the Ultra Modded Survival modpack from CaptainSparklez's YouTube channel and I can run it up until I go to load the world and then it runs out of memory. I have a total of 5 gigs of ram on my computer but the launcher will only allow me to allocate 1 gig... Is there any way I can increase that limit?
  25. Hi. I cannot get attack of the b-team to work for more than 5 minutes. I was able to play it before on my other computer (worse) I get in the game Multiplayer or single player and after about 5 minutes I cannot play. It lags to about 1 fps. I have looked everywhere and it says to change the ram from the pinwheel looking thing in the launcher in the top right corner. I clicked it and cannot get about 1gb. I get 250mb 500mb or 1gb. That's it. any suggestions? Note: I have 10gb of ram. Please help
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