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  1. Hello everyone Im looking to start a tekkit classic server with a new group of people. There are requirements to be in this server. Heres a list: -Must be at least 16years old -Must have a skype -Must have Hamachi -And you must play at least once a week This is a server with friendly communication. Theres no pvp unless approved for recreational purposes. So in other words no killing,raiding,and destroying. It will be in Survival mode and i only need 9 other players. Email me if your interested at [email protected] or add me on skype at chase-aka-death. Thanks for reading
  2. IP: http://pirita.weebly.com Servidor brasileiro do modpack Attack of the B-Team Acesse o site para mais informações! WWW.PIRITACRAFT.COM Lista de itens banidos: http://pirita.weebly.com/banned-items.html
  3. I've made a pack with a lot of technical mods, however I have an extremely high level of ore duplication. In one ravine, I found 11 kinds of copper! Now I understand they can be used interchangeably, but it will get annoying with that many kinds. So how can I deal with this issue? (I thought metallurgy would only spawn its versions, but apparently not) Thanks!
  4. I'm creating a modpack for my server to help keep my friends and other users up-to-date on the mods required to play. It used to run from 2012-2013 so I'm reviving it, hoping to use Technic to make access and updates easier. I have noticed though that I can't make "DerpyCraft" on the platform (It's made and I'm working on it in Solder at the moment). There seems to exist a pack with the same name that's never been updated or used in any way. So I wondered if I could reclaim it for my own ACTUAL use? The rules do state that "Inactive packs will be removed without notification." As fo
  5. Does anyone know if Voltz is going to update soon? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!
  6. For modpacks, my all time favorite is Treeit, but Tekkit Lite back when it was new was my favorite back then. I love all the mods in those packs and nothing conflicts with any other mod (also Treeit in the next update is going to have my mod Quartz 'N' Steel, which I'm happy about). It's fun to play, not too easy or too challenging, and multiplayer is the best. Also booze. Lots of booze. As for my least favorite, Attack of the B-Team. I know most of you will be pissed, since it just came out and is really popular, but I just hate it. It's overpowered, has almost no progression or
  7. I try clicking all of the icons, Windows, Mac, Linux and I just get a "Problem Loading page" seems like the file isnt there or its offline or something? I assume I need the launcher in order to be able to download ATB so I can't download that either. Anyone know what is going on?
  8. So every time i go to start the Technic launcher it crashes. It starts by displaying the semi-see through logo like it always does and then it just goes away. it does this every time that i try to launch the launcher and i have no idea why. and now the last time i tried it, the semi-see through logo just stayed there and i can try and go to launch it again and a second logo appears but then disappears like it did every other time but there is still the one logo on my screen. What should i do??
  9. Can you stop ur mtfcking updates? -.- I want to play Hexxit!!!
  10. when I download (The Pioneers Pack) mod pack and hit the play button does not come up I made this mod pack so if a solution needs me to change something I can but i cant find the problem help pleas
  11. Hey guys! I would really appriciate any help you can give me on this matter. A year ago or something me and my friends played Voltz with Sphax texture pack. We wanted to do this again but now for some reason we cant get the texture packs to work. What ive been doing so far is: 1. Download 128x Sphaxpurebdcraft. 2. %appdata% -> texturepack 3. Open technic launcher 4. Run Tekkit 5. Open Texture pack in options 6. Nothing happens... I might very well be missing a step or two here but i really cant find any help on the web. Do i have to find an old texture pack? Do i have to c
  12. Hey Guys I m not sure if here is the right place to post this, but I Hope the other website with bugs has Error 404 I want to play Minecraft Hexxit via Technic Launcher ... I press the start button it works pretty good but in the end there is a error message.. Here a screenshot from my problem : http://gyazo.com/ee5adbde4778a9edfda392afb6237f9d Hope u can help me
  13. I have made a working version of my custom modpack- compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. I am trying but failing to create a server for the modpack. Take note of this: I had to remove bspkrsCore, Armor Status HUD, Status Effect HUD, and Treecapitator (the last 3 mods are dependent on bspkrsCore) to get the modpack to work on Macs and Linux. The modpack worked on Windows with all these mods, but for some reason when these modpack contained these mods and was running on a Mac, the game crashed. I'm stating this because I think a problem of a similar nature might have to do something with
  14. Hi I don't know if im posting this in the right place but, I have tried raising my alocated technic ram but, Unfortunately I can only go up to 1 GB. I have Windows 64 bit operating system and I have instaled 64 bit Java. Still it is not letting me alocate more then 1 GB. Please Help. thank you
  15. I am unfortunately having issues with the "Attack of the B-Team" mod pack. Every time I start a new world in sed modpack, I go 5 minutes in, clear down a few trees, and it crashes saying "Internal Server Error" and it brings me to the menu of quitting out of my game browser, or going back to the start menu. I know the issue is my graphics card. I have quite a good gaming computer, I can handle quite alot of games, but sadly, I am poor and not able to afford a graphics card now or any time soon. Is there a possibility, however way it may take, to install the Optifine mod? That is all I
  16. Every time I play on Hexxit, Tekkit, and now Hack/Mine, (I haven't tried any of the other packs yet) I can play for a maximum of 10 minutes. After 1-10 minutes, the page goes 100% white and the game crashes. Most times there isn't even a crash report. This has gone on for 2-3 days now (I think) and I have no idea what is going on. Every time I want to load a mod pack, I refresh my laptop. When I first downloaded Technic, I could play it for maybe even an hour without crashing. Please help! P.S... if your still reading this long post your awesome! (Btw, I don't have a crash report)
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