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Found 42 results

  1. Hello everyone. I was trying to get the dragon wings on my ring, but it requires 24 superbia... i searched around and it says that superbia can be found in shards, but the process is long and I need an advanced botania setup. Does anyone know if other items have the superbia aspect?
  2. Website || Community Forums Server Address: Custom Modpack: Our adventure started with Mianite and became so much more, With close emphasis on magic and technology (including Technomancy) we're better than ever before! Server Features: > Hosted in USA in a DataCenter on a Dedicated Server > Online 24/7 > Powerful Land Protection with GreifPreventionPlus (Golden Shovel Claims) to keep your work safe from grief. Simple Clans to forge alliances with friends and a new clan leaderboard site at to find where your clain stands in the ranks. > PvP and PvE > Economy: Server Shops and Player Traders; Vote Rewards. > Few restricted items (details below) > Optimized for low lag or none > Quarry's are 100% safe to use in the specialized Resource World that is reset monthly > Class and RPG Leveling System as well as high mob worlds that scale with your level Disabled Mods:None at all (Everything in the pack is open to be used) Restricted Items:Matter Cannon - Applied Energistics - Protection bypass. (Main World)Calcinator - Equivalent Exchange 3 - Ash and dust can be bought at spawn traders.Needlegun - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass. (Main World)SPAMR Launcher - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass.Sacred Rubber Sapling - MineFactory Reloaded - A huge tree, once placed it takes space to up to 4 regions bypassing protection in the process and causing very low fps to clients.Plastic Bag - MineFactory Reloaded - Item Dupe Bug;Creative StrongBox - Thermal Expansion - Item duplicator.Florb - Thermal Expansion - Protecion bypass. (Main World)Mining Well - Build Craft - Used to grief with RIM. (Main World)Notes:The Nether and End, and resource worlds are wiped once per month to keep resources fresh - so do not build bases there!You can build towns on the main world, moon and mars, we don't know how stable the last 2 are so the main world is the safest for base building.Up to date restricted list can also be found here . Some of our major plugins: EssentialsBan Management - Click Here for Ban WebsiteBuycraftSimple ClansMineverse ChatPermissionsEXRandomSpawnGreifPreventionPlusGlobal MarketDynamicMap The Community New Avalon MC is a Minecraft Community founded in June 2014, first started with a survival server after a wile we opened our first Ultra Modded Survival server and eventfully moved to making a server based off the popular series by Captain Sparkles Mianite. Now after more a year later we've learned a lot and made significant changes to how the server operates. We try to provide the best possible play experience on a server that rivals many big names in the Minecraft modded community. We also have a community forum where you can post problems on our servers or if you need any help. Staff Applications Minecraft Name:Age: 17+TeamSpeak Required!!!!!!!Previous Experience:Plugin Experience and Skills:Times available:About You:Join Us! Now some pictures with our Server.
  3. The Summist pack includes over 80 mods. Some mods have redundant uses, so you can choose which mods you would rather use for whatever purpose. The pack offers a mix of adventure and technology. Here is a short list of a few of the included mods. -Applied Energistics 2 -Tinker's Construct -Thaumcraft -Thermal Expansion -Minecraft Comes Alive -Extra Utilities -More! Get the modpack at: Screenshots:
  4. PACK INFO MC V1.7.10 // Pack V1.2.2 // Forge V1291 Support & Feedback site: Search "Rebirth Gaming" in the launcher. Our modpack's primary and ONLY power type is Redstone Flux. No more mucking about with multiple power systems to perform simple tasks. This has allowed us to focus on where mod integration matters - between mods that were MEANT for each other - mods that developers created to specifically be compatible with RF. We are tired of trying to power Thermal Expansion machines with IC2 power, and we know you are, too. Seriously, why force a square peg in a round hole? This pack also includes a wide array of various hook-ins and addons for RF based mods, such as Draconic Evolution, Technomancy, Solar Flux, Fluxed Feeder Unit, & more! Our mod list has been carefully pruned and tested to ensure that all mods are compatible with each other to a point where they actually FEED off of each other! Have you ever wanted to charge your Thaumcraft wand using your Blood Magic blood network? How about boosting your Botania mana output using Redstone Flux? Perhaps you are tired of having a thousand Essentia Jars near your altar, & prefer to store it all in your ME network. Speaking of ME storage, who has ever dreamed of storing FLUIDS in it? Yes, all of this is possible and SO MUCH MORE. You will be able to create entirely new and unique setups utilizing the deep cross mod integration that this modpack offers you. No more mod compartmentalization. This pack focuses on 5 key aspects: Redstone Fluxed Material Processing & Production - Mekanism, Thermal Expansion, EnderIO & MineFactory Reloaded Magnificent Magical Mystification - Thaumcraft, Blood Magic, Botania & Witchery Integrated Inventory Management - Refined Relocation, Applied Energistics 2, Steve's Factory Manager, Iron Chests Awesome Agriculture & Breeding - Agricraft, Pam's Harvestcraft, Forestry, Biomes O Plenty Integration & Supplementation - ~~Large list of mods the supplement the ones listed above, such as Forestry Extras, ProjRed, Draconic Evolution, Forbidden Magic, Technomancy, Gany's, Another One Bites the Dust, and many more~~ Because our modpack includes a lot of newer or otherwise unfamiliar mods that are not typically found in standard "kitchen sink" packs, we wanted to assist players with becoming familiar, and help them get out of the rut of the ye olde. Our quest system is designed to help you explore new mods. Not only that, but these quests will also help give you inspiration as to how to mix mods to yield new, exciting outcomes. Our modpack offers both new, unique mods as well as some familiar classics. This healthy mix of old and new will keep you familiar enough to make progress, but surprise you around every corner with new ways to do old things. For starters, we don't have BuildCraft. Wait, what!? How will you transport items and fluids, you ask? Refined Relocation and EnderIO, of course! This is just one of many examples. Note: Quests are work in progress and will be released in stages. Find the latest version of the quests at, or posted here. Version 1 - (Included in modpack) Version 2 now available! Our pack was designed with server hosting in mind. We have an official server that has been online for several months. Many of the choices we made during modpack development was based on how stable mods & configs were for servers. If something resulted in incompatibility or crashes, we either removed the source of the issue, or contacted appropriate development teams to resolve the issue. We are proud to announce that as of version 1.2.0, there will be a server pack download available. Feel free to grab it, drop it on your server, and host a party for your friends! We offer full support for our modpack. If you run into any issues with either single player use or server hosting, feel free to contact us! Your bug finding helps us keep our server stable as well as delivering the most stable versions to the public. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR SERVER Official Server IP: Hosted via 7GB allotted + custom arguments to increase performance and ensure 24/7 uptime. Uses server side mods to ensure stability and lag free play. Officially supported - find us on our website or Teamspeak! World, Nether, and Twilight Forest worlds are pre-generated to eliminate chunk loading lag. Very few banned items (we only ban items to resolve conflicts or balance issues) Server configs are tweaked for max performance. Player economy has been established. Coins!!! This server is whitelisted, and will take requests for being added. Simply reach out to us on our website or Teamspeak and we will most likely add you. We have a one strike policy. We *expect* players to be respectful and mature. There is no grief protection, and we don't need it. Trustworthy players will not ruin gameplay for others, and griefers will simply never be allowed on our server. Our server's configs and settings runs almost identical to that of our pack's server/client downloads. I will, however, point out some key things that people usually want to know: All chunk loaders are disabled except for Railcraft's personal anchor. Requires ender pearls to load chunks. Requires the player to be online to load chunks. We utilize ZERO plugins. Why? Cauldron stopped being updated in Dec '14. That means it can only get buggier! We do, however, use AdminCommandsToolbox, Opis, and Forge Essentials. Basic permission system to keep certain mod commands off limits (or allow players to use certain commands, like cofh friend list) and set custom spawn location. Players also have access to some quality of life commands like /back and /tpa player. Regarding player ranks: To comply with mod developer licenses and wishes, and to comply with the Minecraft EULA, we do not sell items and features, and never will. KNOWN ISSUES Draconic Evolution wireless energy transceivers crash servers and clients. Has been resolved in latest DE snapshot, and will be included in next pack update. THE MODLIST CHANGELOG
  5. INTRODUCTION: Simplify is a new kind of modpack for Minecraft that intends to subtly enhance the vanilla experience and blend in with the game, not override it. This means every mod in the pack will add content/tweaks that are interesting but won't break the balance of the base game. Whether you're surviving the night, brewing beer, or exploring new biomes and dungeons, you'll always feel at home in Simplify. For more info on the modpack itself look >here. The official server for Simplify features Towny and Grief Prevention for both co-operative and solo play. PVP is enabled but the general attitude of the server is not to be ultra competitive. Enjoy the vanilla like experience while tinkering around with cool content and a bit of roleplay, just enjoy the Simplify modpack the way it was meant to be with friends new and old! Why Simplify Official and not some other server? Simplify Official is built to integrate with the modpack as well as possible, we have some of the best server hardware in the industry, and dedicated and loyal staff members that are committed to providing the best possible experience to players. Put simply (see what I did there?), Simplify Official is run by people who care and is the server for you if you want to enjoy the unique Simplify experience to the fullest extent. INSTALL SIMPLIFY: To play on the server you need to have Simplify installed, follow the process below: 1) Download and install the Technic Launcher if you haven't already here 2) Login to the launcher with your Mojang account/Minecraft account 3) Click here to go to the modpack page in a new tab 4) Click the button above again once you get to the page where the button takes you with the launcher still open (You must be logged in on your Technic account on the website, register here if you don't have one) 5) Wait for the launcher to close and then reappear with the modpack in your modpacks tab and click "Install" to do just that 6) Wait patiently for the launcher to download all the files and for the modpack to load 7) Once you are loaded click "Join Simplify Official" button in the main menu 8) Register for free to get full access to the server at MAIN PLUGINS: Plugins for Bukkit are essential for any server, Simplify uses the following plugins to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for all players: BuyCraft: Donations are handled through this, and all are optional, EULA compliant, and cosmetic only (no pay to win here!) CraftConomy: Used as the server's economy system of choice Essentials: This is a plugin used by virtually all servers and is extremely useful Grief Prevention: Allows you to protect your base from griefing if you don't wish to use Towny Holographic Plugins: Makes easily readable information and rules via holograms possible NTheEndAgain: Resets the Ender Dragon 1 day after it has last been killed for other players to conquer PwnFilter: An advanced chat plugin that filters out swear words and spam Random Teleport: Randomly teleport into the wilderness for a fresh start into Simplify Simple Announcer: Informative server messages will be broadcasted periodically Touchscreen Holograms: Players can interact with the holograms to easily perform commands Towny: Provides a nice foundation for a light role playing grief protected server WorldBorder: The world is limited to 30k blocks radius around spawn in order to not have the server explode xpShop: The foundation for the server economy, sell your XP for money to manage towns/nations and trade SERVER RULES: We don't have many rules, so we ask that you follow the few that we do: 1) Don't swear or abuse other players, no one likes a meanie 2) Griefing of any kind and abusing any exploits aren't permitted 3) Offensive discussion is forbidden, no racism or overly controversial issues 4) Advertising or spamming in chat is not allowed at all 5) Asking for op/mod/admin is a good way to get an instaban 6) Client hacks of any sort are frowned upon, any evidence of use will result in bans 7) And lastly, use common sense SERVER SPECS: By using some of the best hardware around, Simplify Official is able to provide a stable and lag free experience for all to enjoy. Intel Xeon E5 1620v2 - 3.9 GHz 8 Core CPU 64 GB DDR3 Memory 1 Gigabit Uplink Connection 3 x 160 GB SSD Storage
  6. After running a B-Team server for a few months and started slowly realizing that it is: A) Buggy. Outdated. C) Discontinued. So I'm attempting to make a revival pack. I've seen a few of these floating around the forums but I'm hoping to start a stable, continuously updated fork here. So far, these mods have been carried over or outright added to the pack: /home/deusversus/.server/mods/advancedgenetics-1.7.10-1.5.7.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ArchimedesShips-1.7.1.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Artifice-1.7.10-1.1.4-310.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/AsieLib-1.7.10-0.3.9.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BetterStorage-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BiblioCraft[v1.9.2][MC1.7.10].jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BiblioWoods[biomesOPlenty][v1.9].jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BiblioWoods[Natura][v1.5].jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BiomesOPlenty-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.5 - MC 1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Chisel2- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/CodeChickenCore-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.0B9-40.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/DragonMounts-r41-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/EnderIO-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/EnhancedPortals_1.7.10-universal-3.0.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Flans Mod-1.7.10-4.9.0.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/FoodPlus-1.7.2-3.2rS.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Fossils_Archeology_Revival-1.7.10_Build-7.0.1.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/GalacticraftCore-1.7- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Galacticraft-Planets-1.7- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Hats-4.0.1.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/IC2NuclearControl-2.1.2a.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/iChunUtil-4.1.3.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/immibis-core-59.0.7.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/immibis-microblocks-59.0.5.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/industrialcraft-2-2.2.675-experimental.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/InventoryTweaks-1.58-147.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ironchest-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/liquid-xp-59.0.0.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Mantle-1.7.10-0.3.2.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MapWriter-Mod-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Mekanism-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MekanismGenerators-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MicdoodleCore-1.7- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MineFactoryReloaded-[1.7.10]2.8.0RC6-5.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Minions-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Morph-Beta-0.9.1.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MrCrayfishFurnitureModv3.4.7(1.7.10).jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/natura-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Necromancy-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/NotEnoughItems-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/NotEnoughKeys-1.7.10-1.0.0b29.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/OpenBlocks-1.7.10-1.3-snapshot-561.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/OpenModsLib-1.7.10-0.6-snapshot-310.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ /home/deusversus/.server/mods/RandomThings-2.2.4.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/secretroomsmod-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/statues-1.7.10-2.1.4.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Sync-4.0.0.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/TConstruct-1.7.10-1.8.2a.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Thaumcraft-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ThermalExpansion-[1.7.10]4.0.0B8-23.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ThermalFoundation-[1.7.10]1.0.0RC1-13.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/TMechworks-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/TrailMix-4.0.0.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/UpdateCheckerMod-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Waila-1.5.9_1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/witchery-1.7.10-0.22.0.jar At this point, I need some players on the test server ( to troubleshoot for errors. The pack is available on Technic Launcher under V-Team Revival.
  7. Welcome to RPMGaming's BadWolf Pack Server! Server Address: PACK ADDRESS (Add this to launcher) -- (Note if your having trouble with this link, right click and hit copy link address) Note before running the modpack you MUST use 2 GB for techniclauncher and increase permgen size to atleast 256 MB as seen [HERE] Modpack Page -- Teamspeak: pw: eastbay A list of mods can be found [HERE]. This includes: --GalactiCraft --Big Reactors --Mekanism --ThermalExpansion --Hardcore Ender Expantion --Farlander's Mod --Mystcraft --Archimedes Ships --TwilightForest --Thaumcraft --Ars Magicka --Much, Much More In your launcher, click "Add New Pack", paste in the Platform URL given after clicking the link above. We are a FRIENDLY server community of MineCraft players who enjoy Survival Mode as a group. We aim to gather friends on our server in order to explore, build, survive and have fun together while using the new and complex technologies our modpack provides. This server is now an OPEN server. 4 things we recommend to stay safe: -As soon as it is updated, MFFS will be installed which is WAY more than capable of keeping your thing protected. -Use secure storage from thermal expansion or other mods. -DONT BUILD NEAR SPAWN. YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF A TARGET. If you need, a staff member will be more than willing to tp you out a couple thousand blocks from spawn and give you a bed (once) -SecretRooms mod is installed, It's great for making secret vaults and hiding your stuff. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR RULES: 1.NO Griefing: This is when we feel that pvp is getting out of hand or a group of people is ganging up on rather new/ unprepared/ or peaceful players for the sole purpose of being cruel. -THIS IS FULLY UP TO THE DISCRETION OF THE STAFF AND COULD RESULT IN EITHER A PERMANENT OR TEMPORARY BAN. 2. PVP is niether encouraged or prohibited. It comes with consequences and will result in a ban if it becomes a violation of rule 1. (At the discretion of Admin involved.) (We will only severely punish the Aggressor if the attacked reports it) -If you want a guarantee you won't be banned for "Warcrimes" whisper a staff memebr or ask the person first. You will usually get a yes 3. NO cheating. (If temporarily given creative and privilege is abused, you will be teleported to remote location and your house will be decimated) -I'll warn you now, we are a pretty loose staff, but we tend to get on people more for cheating than anything. We all play by the same rules (staff included) so please respect that. We enjoy you guys play with us and if you reach endgame because of a cheat, you'll leave (and everyone does) because you bored => We get lonely => Sadness for all.
  8. So, I am making a new modpack for 1.7.10 and my client freezes after I make a world. It launches with no crash though the problem is creating a world. It doesn't seem to be freezing after I remove the thaumcraft from the pack. I'm using Thaumic Exploration too but it still happens after I remove the addon from the pack. I tried the same thaumcraft earlier with less mods and it just worked fine so I think it's conflicting or bugging with something perhaps? But then why the minecraft title screen is loading fine? OpenEye doesn't seem to be detecting it either afther the reopen. Logs for the latest(free to ask others if required): Current mods(screenshot):
  9. Hey Everyone! My friends and I started a server on the custom mod pack that we mode on Monday, since it is only three of us we were hoping to get some other people to play. This server is intended to be a small tight-nit community. We are looking for 2-3 people to join us that we can get along with and have a good time with. I am currently the only server admin, but this can be changed if needed. The mod pack is intended to be a touch-all sort of deal. This means the pack covers almost anything. It contains pretty much everything you could want, exploration, adventure, tech mods, magic mods, etc. etc. A decent machine is required to play this pack, at least 6GB of RAM. If you are having troubles you can always install some client side mods that help with performance. A full list of mods can be found in the first link. Technic Pack Link Server Information IP: RAM: 3GB (this is why we have a small server, this can be upgraded if needed) Host: GG-Servers Location: US (closer to Canada) Server Rules: 1. Everybody on this server plays 100% legitimately, including the admins. This means that op commands will never be used unless there is a very good reason. These can include losing items due to glitches, or crafting recipes not working as intended. 2. There are no banned items or plugins as of yet, so be mindful of causing massive amounts of lag or using exploits as this will most likely get the items used banned. 3. Obviously no griefing/stealing/killing is allowed, unless both parties agree to a prank war and/or a battle or something of a similar nature. 4. Please use common sense Whitelist Application: If you are interested, please leave a comment on this topic telling me why you would be a good addition to the server and a little bit about yourself. Please leave your IGN and Skype If you need a template, you can use this one: IGN (and Real name if you would like): Age: (16+): Skype: (this is how I will contact you): Minecraft / Mods Experience: Play Style: Why would you be a good addition to the server?: Closing If you have any question or concerns about the pack and/or the server you can leave them here and I will do my best to answer them. I will not accept people on this topic, I will add people on Skype and call them, make sure you are who you say you are, that I can have a conversation with you, and that you are not a homicidal maniac, and then give you more information about the server and add you to the whitelist. Thanks all, happy mining.
  10. Server IP: TeamSpeak ( Required for Staff ): Dynmap: Community Website and Forums (Coming Soon!): The ModPack: The Skies of Avalon is looking to offer a unique Minecraft experience. In our community we are....... a community. Not a series or Mods and Staff Monitoring players but All players working towards the same goals fighting the same enemies and Bringing Peace to the world of Avalon and its Outer Realms. In the Skies of Avalon we take on the roles of Adventurers seeking out fortune and prosperity in a world bellow our floating haven Aynia - City of the Bright Vale. As we venture out we will find that Much below is different from what we imagined. We see little resources for magic and thus can travel to Resource worlds called the OuterRealms. Each Outer Realm is named after a deity Such as Theia, Áine, and Earaldir. 1.) Position*: 2.) Real First Name (Never give your last name out online. Ever!) 3.) IGN: 4.) Age* (16 and Above for Staff): 5.) Skype: 6.) Qualities that make you right for this position? 7.) Availability(per week): 8.) Reasons for wanting this position: 9.) Prior experience: 10.) Description of personality: 11.) Past bans and reasons why: 12.) Skills 13.) Additional information (Anything at all including other languages spoken): 14.) Time Zone:
  11. Hello everyone. At the moment i used Cofh to make the ore spawn rates in my modpack a lot higher. This only applys to the vanilla ores and i would like to use it for mod ores as well. Think of ores from thaumcraft and IC2 for example. How do i do this. Thanks in advance
  12. PVE Survival Multiplayer server using the WoodsCraft modpack. Moderators Hamonous & RebeccaFett, Explore the world with the many machine mods, Magic Mods, and several other useful addons for Minecraft. Looking for self driven players to join us and adventure the dangers of Mo' Creatures, The Wyvern Lair, Twilight Forest, The Deep Dark, and even blast off into space with Galacticraft. We want to build a community here with trade and questlines/factions built using Custom NPCs and group builds. The server right now is Open but after a base of players is built we will be looking to whitelist. Please see Hamonous with any bugs/modpack Issues Platform URL: Dedicated Server IP: Up time: 24/7; Approx 3 hrs weekly maintenance Server: Unlimited RAM/CPU 1.6.4 Cauldron (Formally MCPC+) Server 20 Slot (For now) Core Mods Applied Energistics Core Autoutils ChickenChunks Code Chicken Core DeltaCore DenLib Forge Multipart Galacticraft Core Immibis Core Micdoodle Core Minecraft Multipart Open Mods Core Open Mods Power Crystals Core Resonant Engine Tinkers Corestruct Wireless Redstone Core Utility Mods BiblioCraft Biomes O' Plenty Carpenters Blocks Chisel Custom NPC Dimentional Anchors Dr Zharks Custom Spawner Forge Microblocks Forge Mod Loader GraviGun Hatstands Hats IchunUtil Mapwriter Minecraft Coder Pack Mo' Creatures Mr Crayfish' furniture Mod Not Enough Items OpenEye Optifine Portal Guns The Twilight Forest WAILA Mods! Applied Energistics Archimedes Airships (Test building materials in single player before compliling a ship, I cannot stress this enough) Ars Magica 2 Big Reactors Backpacks Buildcraft CochoCraft Ender Storage EnderIO Extra Utilities Forestry Galacticraft Galacticraft Mars Iron Chests Magic Crops Mekanism Minefactory Reloaded Modular Force Field System NetherOres Open Blocks Railcraft Random Things Resonant Induction Small Boats Thaumcraft Thermal Expantion Tinkers Construct Totemic Tux's Weapon Mod Universal Electricity Wireless Redstone Xeno Relinquary Mod Addons Additional Buildcraft Objects Bibliowoods Biomes O' Plenty Addon Bibliowoods Forestry Addon Buildcraft Tools Extra Cells Extra TiC Mekanism Generator Mekanism Tools NEI Addons NEI Keys Plugins For Forestry Tinkers Mechworks Wireless Redstone Logic Plugins World Border World Edit GriefPrevention 1. The server is PVE 2. Respect all peoples & properties 3. World border is set at 3000 blocks from spawnpoint 4. Griefing will not be tolerated
  13. UFCraft Pack URL: Server IP: Community Website: DynMap: TeamSpeak URL: voice.ufcraft Introduction We are a Small But Growing 24/7 Multiworld Minecraft Server looking to expand our player base and build a community based on friendly and competitive gameplay. Our Server will use a combination of Tech and Magic in a survival environment filled with challenging creatures and dungeons as well as a growing a and continuing "Living-Story" . Our Community We are all friendly and the environment here is pretty laxed. Jokes are fine, as long The ModPack We have created a customized modpack for the server called UFCraft. It is available below and for the time being it is only a beta. I am looking to add an experienced modded to the team to hopefully look through its logs and suggest compatible mods and remove ones that are not needed. Url of pack: Plugins mcMMO Multi-Verse (Along with Multi-verse Portals,Nether Portals, Portals, and Sign Portals) MoneyDrop Lockette Essentials (Along with Essentials Spawn, I didn't want the rest We need Essentials for Economy Features) Citizens Bankcraft BattleArena ChestShop Holographic-Plugin HomeSpawnPlus MobArena OpenInv PermissionsEx ScoreboardStats Vault VillagerShop WarpPortals WorldBorder WorldEdit WorldGuard
  14. Knights Of Chaos Do you like Tinkers Construct and Flans Mod? Well this modpack has them both! Do you love PvP but hate how underpowered Vanilla weapons are? Well, Make some OP weapons with Tinkers Construct ! Do you like killing people but aren't that good with Swords and Battleaxes? Well, make some guns then! There is a wide variety of guns, Want a little list? Well here ya go; AK47, Ak74, M16, MP5, M9, M21. Those are my preferences when hunting people . Not the killing people type? Well, we have Growthcraft, Harvestcraft, Industrialcraft, and Thaumcraft, Don't worry, If you're not a PvP person there is still alot of things for you to do You're probably wondering "Well, How do I protect my stuff!" Don't worry! We have Towny Do /towny prices in game to see how much towns are! To make money, Just sell Crops and Ores to the shop! And be careful, Gun's can bypass towny! (Even if PvP is off people can kill you with guns! Guns can also break glass in your town) List Of Staff Owner- SevenFangs Admins- Cynark, Yackaban & JerryWalmer Mods- hImYnAmEiSdEkOtA & awesomehq101 Chat-Mod- cL_aods Forum Mod- Weman2002 Mods Included Better Storage Biblio Craft Build Craft Carpentors Blocks Code Chicken Core COFH Core Computer Craft Flans Mod Growth Craft Harvest Craft Industrial Craft Not Enough Items Random Plants Plant Mega Pack Security Craft Simply Jetpacks Tailor Mod T-Construct Thaumcraft Thermal Expansion How to install 1) Open your technic launcher. 2) Select add new modpack. (It's a plus sign (avatar) on the left side of the launcher) 3) When the menu appears paste this in the modpack URL: 4) You will then see the pack on your launcher, select it, click play! The server is conveniently already in your multiplayer list for you. Modpack Page Well that's all I have to say! Hope to see you on the server
  15. Craft Builder Proudly Presents, Please note that this post will no longer be updated. Please visit the Minecraft Forums Link. Thank You. You've heard stories about mages, how they pull out their hands and make fire come out of the tips of their fingers, how they scream at the earth and make the ground shake the mountains, how they invent the most amazing machines and float in the air. They're all the same, majestic, genius, creative, and most especially, powerful. If a warrior wearing the best crafted armor on and holding the best enchanted sword on came to challenge an average mage, the mage would win. The mage uses invisibility spells to cloak himself in darkness, and uses arcane spells to blast through the armor, ignoring it as if the warrior had nothing on. We've all heard the stories about the mages who rule the land. Now is your chance, you can become a mage too, y'know. All with research, use the research table, write down notes, look into the acculus to train yourself worthy, and have the capabilities of a true mage. Links : Technic Platform (get the modpack) - Minecraft Forum (HIGHLY SUGGESTED.) - Platform URL (paste in Technic Launcher to get the pack) - You can change this pack : This modpack is a public modpack, as in the public has the ability to change the pack. If you want to make a difference, either 1) Comment on what you would like to see (Please visit another link. Thank You.) 2) Send me an email at [email protected]
  16. Hey guys, I'm new to posting public servers but not to making them. I just created a new modpack that I think adds a lot of functional and fun things to the Tekkit experience. The server is up 24/7. There are 20 slots but, capacity is flexible if we outgrow that number. You must be the kind of player who is ok with a little PvP. We aren’t excessively aggressive and we play fair. We also have a vending “Marketplace” that you can trade goods for other goods with the main currency being iron ingots. The Marketplace is protected by Worldguard. If you have any suggestions or improvements, please post them here. Server Rules: 1. NO CHEATING!!! If you are found to be cheating you will be banned permanently! 2. No whining. Three strikes and you're out! 3. Be respectful. Do not harass, mistreat, threaten, make racial remarks or slurs, insult religion, etc to any player. One warning only. 4. Do not hack, exploit, xray, duplicate, etc in any way. (refer to number 1) 5. Do not advertise! If you want to share a server to a friend share it via skype or some other form of external communication. A couple notes: If you want to sell something at the Marketplace, I will assign you 2 vendors. The Marketplace and any other common areas are the ONLY places I will assign WorldGuard to. I am not your nanny. I will not teleport you back to your ship/base if you die. That's part of the game. If someone takes your stuff because you didn't hide it or put protections on it, that's your fault. This is a survival server. I have a full time IT job and a family. I cannot be online at all times but generally, someone is. Tributcher is the only other server admin. Download instructions: Modpack URL: Added/Changed Mods: Removed/Disabled mods: Work in progress: I am trying to incorporate these mods without changing the way the game works and keep it fair for all. If you have suggestions, let me know in a reply below. Screenshots: Inside the Marketplace Temporary Housing to survive the night!
  17. This is my favorite modpack ever, but it is missing one thing. Thaumcraft! Thaumcraft is many people's favorite mod and it would fit well with the other mods in this modpack. Please add it.