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Found 15 results

  1. whenever i try to launch a modpack the game will not start. its icon will appear on my taskbar but will not show anything if clicked on or alt-tabbed into. command prompt says there in numerous missing files. Tried launching vanilla through the launcher as a test and it worked fine. Have tried uninstalling technic and the modpacks themselves, including deleting the folders they were stored in to no effect. Command Prompt pastebin : https://pastebin.com/F44gUhuy
  2. I am making a pack for my friends and am wondering why my pack is not working. Can you please help me out? https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/froschreich-modpack.1725094
  3. Hey folks, I made a modpack, "Title Made To Not Plagiarize" and loaded it with a few different mods. When I install the pack from the Technic Launcher, it seems to download the zip I uploaded to Dropbox, but doesn't seem to actually install the mods. Some of the mods are older versions, but it shouldn't be a problem with most of them. (Here's the link for the file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/iynms0xi9ifl1e2/TMTNPv2.0.1.zip). Any help would be appreciated, and my forge version is forge-1.12.2- This is my first modpack so please be forgiving.
  4. So I made a modpack, and it works, however, I also made a server package, that doesn't work. I followed some tutorials on the internet and none of them fixed the issue. Here's my log
  5. So I created a 1.7.10 kitchen sink pack. It is 60mb and worked when I was play testing it from my mc launcher with forge. Now that I compressed it into a modpack, when I download it from the technic launcher, it just starts 1.7.10 without any of the mods installed. I don't know what to do. Here's a link to the modpack page: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/sickcoolradpack.1285145 Here's the download link: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/9phcgq2z1cf9lfn/sickcoolradpack.zip Please help!
  6. Dear Technic and Tekkit community, I have recently tried re-installing and playing on the Technic launcher again and have been unable to successfully play any modpacks. I've tried a few unofficial modpacks without any luck, but am most interested in playing Tekkit, specifically... unfortunately it will not 'Play' either. I have the Technic launcher open, I press 'Play' on the Tekkit modpack, the program appears to be loading, then the launcher pops back up and no modpack launches. I have attached a copy of the Technic Console Log: Tekkit Launch - Error report Also, I'v
  7. Hi, after updating to Windows 10 and starting the technic launcher i wanted to play a modpack but when I pressed on the play button the launcher disappears like it does when starting a modpack it reappears and nothing else happens. Here is the log http://pastebin.com/zTS1RH3b
  8. Hi all. I have been playing technic for a few years, but finally got an account on the forums today becuase I encountered a serious issue trying to add bukkit plugins to my server. Im following this guide: I get to the part where I have downloaded the cauldron installer correctly, opened libraries, gone to the sf folder but its missing an important file called: trove4j Without this file it doesnt work. Can someone reply a link to 1.7.10 cauldron with all the correct files needing to make this server have bukkit plugins? The cauldron files I can find on the in
  9. So, I'm trying to make a private pack for a handful of friends (seeing as some of the mods used won't allow me to make a public pack). I've gotten the pack running fine, however I keep trying to add Gulliver and having problems. I've tried extracting the mod and dragging the contents in the modpack.jar, but when I do that and try to run the pack, it starts up then immediately exits to the launcher again. No official crash or crash report otherwise I would include it here. If someone knows what's going on PLEASE help me. Also general knowledge on adding installer mods would be appreciated for f
  10. I was using a rancher to shear some sheep. It was working fine when I first put it down, however it is not working anymore. I tried changing the position of it and everything. It just isn't work. When I first put it down it sheared a few and then just completely stopped. Does anyone have any information or advice that I could have? Thank you.
  11. I can't seem to load any modpacks since I installed 64-bit Java (I still have 32-Bit Java as well). I also change the memory from 1GB to 3GB in order to be able to play a modpack without lag. I copied the console onto a document so I could read it easier, and I saw this: [b#439] 2014-11-27 07:53:18 [WARNING] [ForgeModLoader] The coremod mods.battlegear2.coremod.BattlegearLoadingPlugin does not have a MCVersion annotation, it may cause issues with this version of Minecraft [b#439] 2014-11-27 07:53:18 [WARNING] [ForgeModLoader] The coremod am2.preloader.AM2PreloaderContainer does not have
  12. I try to open Voltz, and it loads the mods and stuff but it doesnt open the game. Ive tried relogging, downloading a new pack, and everything else but nothing works. please help me if you can
  13. So my problem is that every modpack launches correctly but for some reason, when I closed out of Tekkit Lite and I tried to get back on, it just wouldn't launch. It would load a few things then stay on at the Technic Launcher. Anyone know what the problem is?
  14. Hi. I am an ameteur server host who has a server for a few of my friends and me to play on. It was working in the past but after a recent crash I cannot seem to get it working again. I have tried many fixes, and exchanged errors for other errors,but never succeeded yet. I am running on mac OSX, fully updated. I have java 7 64 bit. I have 16 gigs of ram. I have a few methods I have tried to start this server up with. One involves simply using the tekkie.jar or a command that accesses that directly. The second and preferred method involves adding ram to the server. Both access the same file in t
  15. Hey guys, i have not seen this anywhere and it is driving me up the wall. Every time I launch the Yogbox all the mods have no sounds! I have all the vanilla sounds but none of the deer or anything added in will make a sound please help if you can.
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