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Found 53 results

  1. I am creating a new Youtube series with Attack of the B-Team, and I want to do something sort of like what Chimneyswift and them did, I already have the server (whitelist), but not the people. I need 6 more people to join me! RULES: Will be established when/if you get picked! Feel free to ask questions, and if you want to join, here are the requirements: - Minecraft Name: - Age: - Skype: - Why you want to join me: - Youtube channel (I don't care how good your content is): - How dedicated are you?: - Why should you be picked?:
  2. Hey there! I and a friend are starting a MoonQuest series on YouTube. The videos will be on his channel, which will be posted later. We need YOUR HELP! In exchange for us advertising your name/channel in the video description, we would like you to make a modpack for us for the Technic launcher. THAT WORKS! If it does not work, then we will not advertise. Below is the link to the download for the server we will be running. Please run the server and make sure you can connect to it via the pack you create! Thank you SO much! And we need this done ASAP please! Thanks so much! Nathan's (The videos will be on his channel) channel is Thanks Again, xFinballx
  3. Hello, and welcome to Team Ultra! Join Mrman, Jim, Kael, and Kauff as they survive in their custom Team Ultra modpack throughout their already 30+ episode series. The series contains camera switches to allow you to see everyone's activity throughout the video and not one continuous player. Some embarrassing, comedic, and otherwise entertaining moments are in store for you if you click the video below, activating the first episode of the still active series. It only gets better as the episodes are released. Episodes 1-14 feature the team on a Japanese-style island, surviving using popular mods such as GregTech, Buildcraft, Forestry, Flans, and Flenix Cities. After a devastating accident occurs, the team is forced to move to a new location across the seas that could be mistaken for Canada. The team now survives using some of the existing mods from before, as well as a brand new set in their new location. Mrman can be found in his Space Center preparing for a trip to space, while Kael creates massive quantities of machines, Rhys manages the culinary wonder "Chez Batman". Last but not least, Jim can be seen piloting plenty of planes and running a computer workshop. More Links: Series Playlist:
  4. Greetings, people of Technic forums, I made a lets play video on the mod pack called Crazy Craft 2.0 I would apreactite some feedback and for some people to check it out! Link is: for those of you who can check out the video. I also did some new things such as a new mic,outro and an intro and tried to do music with my videos bear with me though but it is a long video (33:00) minutes, I started youtube about 9 months ago thanks for checking out and leave some feed back and suggestions would be nice also!
  5. Hey Everybody! So i Currently have a Let's Play of Attack of the B-Team on Youtube! Here's the Link! So Check it out let me know what you think! Positive Feedback is always appreciated. The Server I play on is the NorthCraft Attack of the B-Team Server. It's A great No-Grief Server. Everyone there is Super Friendly and always willing to help out if you need it! So if you are looking for a Community to play AOTBT Check it out at (: Thanks for the support!
  6. I own a server that a few of my friends play on that we record on. We are looking for more players that would like an Attack of the B-Team server to record on. We're nothing special ourselves lol, We're just looking to get more players and have a good time. The server is hosted by Stickypiston Hosting. I plan on upgrading the server soon, but right now I see no point as there is only three of us. Rules to the server: No Griefing No Raiding Be nice and polite to others Just have a good time! It would also be nice if you would record for youtube. Application: IGN: Skype [if I accept you, I will add you and inform you : D] Do you agree with our rules to the server? Age [This won't affect your application, so please do not lie : P]: Youtube: How active you will be on the server: Why should we pick you?: Thank you and goodluck to everyone! :-)
  7. So I was watching the official AOTB youtube today and I wished my builds were as good as theirs. So I was wondering if the official technic guys could ask them to put the map up for download (on the downloadable one chim can remove his horcruxes or other secret stuff). IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello everybody! So I've been working on this speed art lately, which is actually pretty cool! It's a drawing of something you can see in the video of course! So here is the video! And as always enjoy! About me I like to do speed arts and that what I do as a hobby, and then post them to youtube. Creativity is just my hobby in general! Why? You probably may wonder why I would upload speed arts? Is it just because to look badass? No it's not. I do it because I like it, and enjoy it. And people can learn by my mistakes, and I can even learn! So it's pretty much a kind of chain reaction! xD I hope you will enjoy the video, and if you do just like that like button! I don't force you. But it just helps me getting motivated for making more videos! You can't make videos if you don't want to!
  9. hey! a couple people and i made a atob PVP arena and were lucky enough to havea youtuber come on and record a few matches. i just wanted to share it with the community for insparation, feedback, and likes Thanks for your time peoples!
  10. Hello all! So over on my YouTube channel I'm doing a series on Tekkit Classic. I used to play almost 6 months ago and now I'm getting back into it. I've forgotten how to play and I'm figuring it all out over again. I'm open to all and any suggestions, so go ahead. If you guys could check it out that would be really awesome. Channel - Videos in a playlist -
  11. Hello! This is a video I had recorded a while ago that covers the Advanced Genetics Mod in Attack of the B Team. I still play the B Team mod Pack, and am currently looking for some people to play with. I am manly a builder, but also like to learn the other mods and do not mess with other people's buildings or anything else. So I won't be a problem there. I enjoy a nice, friendly community to play with and maybe R.P. with in games or "adventures". I am not hosting a server, so anyone who is, or has a third party to host it then that would be great! I hope you enjoy and get everything you need out of my Advanced Genetics tutorial/walk-through. If you like what you see, then please give that like button a hug and subscribe for the latest buzz :3 and if you had a blast with a good laugh then make sure you favorite the video and share it with a friend or two!
  12. need some more players to join a austrailan server using attack of the b team mod pack also would be handy if u have skype will be a no greefing and no trolling server will be pvp all in fun but no bulling if u could add me on skype ill let u know the ip thanks skype: brink291088
  13. print "Hello World!" Come check out my "Minecraft: Attack of The B-Team" series and other Minecraft videos! *If you need HELP with a mod, let me know and I will make a video with instructions to help. MOST RECENT EPISODE: Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team EP 4 - What Big Chests you have! OTHER EPISODES: Minecraft:Attack of the B-Team EP 2 - Carpenter's Job Minecraft:Attack of the B-Team EP 3 - I'm on FIRE! x2 I'm a Nerd, Techie, and Gamer and love uploading Minecraft game play videos on YouTube. In a nutshell I'm a Nerd. SOCIAL LINKS: Facebook Google+ Twitter YouTube Want to be partnered with an amazing network? APPLY here to join FULLSCREEN ###Upload Schedule### Sunday: [Planning] Monday: App-Aid[Helpful Apps(Tools, Games & Others) to get you through the week] Tuesday: Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team[um...Minecraft with mods] Wednesday: Flash Wednesdays[Embrace hump day with a Fun Flash Game] Thursday: Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team[um...Minecraft with mods] Friday: Indie Game Night[indie Game Spotlight. Do you even WASD?] Saturday: Minecraft Mod Review[Duh a Minecraft Mod Review] Yottaday: Eighth day of the week! I would call it Yottaday. Do you know why? P.S. - Motherboards Rock
  14. NOOBCRAFT - Moonquest Server As the title says, I am looking for people who have a passion for making videos, playing technic, and would want play a competition based server. MoonQuest is a custom Technic pack based on the one used by the Yogscast in their Moonquest series. You can find the pack here: We want several different factions, all competing against each other to sabotage each other and make it to new planets first. It would make for some great and interesting videos as well as just some downright awesome fun! The main mods that will make this so interesting are Galacticraft and ICBM. These two mods together and a sort of "Cold War" feel to the game. THE IDEA The server is run by my friend David and I. We just recently moved it from the cloud to being a home server. We can run it 24/7 for no cost at all, and the specs are all up to par. The map will be completely fresh and I would like to have at least 6-10 people involved when the server is launched so that everyone has a fair chance. Factions will be enabled so you will be able to team up and claim land to prevent enemies from easily destroying your base. Explosives (missles included) will be enabled so dont think your base is completely safe just because you claimed it and built a 2 block high cobblestone wall around it CONTACT US! If you are interested in this opportunity please leave a reply and tell me a little bit about yourself. Feel free to post one of your videos! Also if you arent a youtuber but really want to play, just message me and we can talk about it. You can email me at [email protected]
  15. I had a question (I think this is the right place to ask this): I'm thinking of starting a new lets play on my YouTube channel using the Big Dig modpack, but with another mod added (namely "Invasion Mod", you can check out my YouTube channel if you don't know what Invasion mod is (there's a link in my profile page)). So my question is: Is it ok to play an altered version of the modpack on YouTube?
  16. I am looking for a few MATURE people to play on my AotBT server.... I have a white list and a couple people who play already. I use the server to not only have fun with friends but also to record my videos for youtube and I need only people who can behave like they have some sense or you will be booked right away. Skype is a must. Also if you end up in one of my videos on voice you need to have a decent working mic... i've worked hard and spent alot of money to get the mic I have (needing one more piece to the puzzle to get it perfect) dont want anyone on mic worse them me lol Leave me a message on my youtube channel and I will get back to you as soon as i can.... see you soon!!!! EDIT: Send me a private message here ... seems I'm not getting all my messages on youtube *kicks the box*
  17. Hey everyone! I just started a new channel on youtube, and im posting a new attack of the b-team lp series. Here me and my friends build, explore and try out mods! As I have noticed youtube is very hard to get people to find you, even if you have good content. So that lead me here in hope of making some new friends and pushing my channel a little further. Please dont hate as this is just a way to get my channel out there, and theres probably people that like looking at Lets plays! So if you enjoy, please leave a like and subscribe! That is what motivates me and makes me do videos. Remember to gove constructive feedback aswell. Thankz. Channel: A cool episode of the series: Hope you enjoy!
  18. I'm sorry I had to do this but a famous youtuber recommended to make a forum thread if your playing minecraft and since I'm playing Hexxit with my friend I decided to put a thread here instead. And as we all know there isn't any good way to get recognized on youtube. So check out my channel: *nope*
  19. Lately, my friend, TheSanctusNex, and I have been recording Attack of The B-Team for our YouTube channels. We have been finding some difficulty getting our old server host to find time to start up a server when we need to record. It led to Sanctus recording last time and it effected us on both ends. I experienced lag and he lost video quality. We are looking for a server host that can be easily reached via Skype to bring up a server for a few hours of recording. You'll be put in a "trial" run before we make our decision if you'll be our host or not. There are a few minimum requirements: -A decent amount of RAM to run the server without fear of lag -Must be easy to reach on a regular basis. Though we record 20 minute increments, we blow through footage fast in a week. -We'd appreciate it if you wouldn't interrupt us during recording, either -Nobody else can be on the server and they cannot be part of the series. We're trying to keep it consistent and it's hard to keep track of over two people. We have a server file and world already set up. Reply to the topic if you have any questions, comments, or feel you would be a good host.
  20. Hi, I'm looking for a B-Team YouTube server, I'm a noob YouTube and want B-Team to be my first lot of videos, but I would like to be a part of a YouTube server. Also I'm 30 so I'm looking for a server with more mature players, I don't have anything against 15 yo's but I don't want to be the only "old" guy on the server lol. Anyway it would be great to be a part of a server with other youtubers where we can prank each other, while still recording our own stuff. Here are some details about me: 1: Minecraft Name: Vegeta_RES 2: What country do you live in? New Zealand 3: Will you be uploading to YouTube, if so what is your YouTube channel? Yes, - Nothing uploaded yet 4: How many times a week do you plan to be on? At least a couple of hours each day 5: How old are you (You do not have to post on the forum if you do not want, send it to me in a private message!): 30
  21. started a server with attack of the b-team need players will be white listed will be streaming with twitch and recording on youtube message me or add my skype: brink291088 or pwehmer will need to play regulary for twitch and need skype
  22. I may be the best YouTuber you have never heard of... well maybe not! I have been making family friendly videos for over a year now. I quit making videos when I had my second Child.After I quit, ever time I played a game I was talking to my invisible audience. I recognized how much I missed it and started back up again. I do this because I love it. I love to interact with people who watch. I try to take the time and show off how I use these Mod Packs. I make millions of mistakes so if you see one, lovingly point it out! I am just trying to have fun, teach, and play the games I love. Stop in and say hello!
  23. Hello Everyone! I have found myself coming back over and over to visit the wonderful forums here and see if anyone has responded to my previous posts. I realize there is a whole section to request a modpack, but I have wanted to team up with 1-3 people to work on a modpack of epic proportions. I want to learn, but am having a lot of trouble with compatibility and really want to turn this into a server as well. Mac or PC is fine, I run mac. If you're interested, please contact me ASAP! I also want to make this a YouTube series if you're interested. I've looked through forums to find who made the major mod packs, but found no contacts, but think starting small could be cool too! Thanks for taking time to read this, and hope to speak to you soon!
  24. A Minecraft Survival Multiplayer series using the Attack of the B-Team mod pack. Expect some evil and twisted shenanigans on this awesome mod pack This episode is my first day on the server and start getting myself established as the EVIL Dr Scary >