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Found 81 results

  1. For some reason, even when I log out, log back in, morph back into my skin, take off my hat, and even spawn in a new Proto Titan, I can move up and down but I can't turn side to side, it worked last night and now it's 100% broken, is there ANY SOURCE OF A FIX? I spent too much time making this Mech which is now virtually useless because it's broken.
  2. ThunderBite One of the most stable B-Team servers. Custom plugins, bug fixing/patching Only 5 banned items: - Chunkloader(s) - Minions - Magnetic Force - Drawbridges - Necromancy (due to a crash bug) Main plugins: - Emotions - Towny - Playershops Rules: IP: Website:
  3. Here is a pack that has the core mods of the b-team pack like TinkersCT and Galacticraft and Carpenters blocks! HAVE FUN!
  4. Hello Fellow AOBT fans! I'm Looking now few more active players to my server, i recently bought server for aobt and now i could add couple more people. Server is 12-slot server, starting from 10GB Ram and should get more just by requesting if we get memory related problems. Contract with host is now 3months and i will continue it if needed. that means that server is active and alive And server is hosted at EUROPE Current world is about month old, and people are settled in nicely. We have spawn village project going atm, so soon we will have place where to trade! That's why i'm looking a bit older people now. Under 18 is not what i'm looking at. but if your application is super good, i might think about it. i just don't want another "but i do that everywhere, but, but.." situation. I want people who can work together, trade without fear being raided, that you can turn your head without fear that something goes missing.. and mostly knows what is private whitelist NON-PVP. if you don't know what i mean. then... try another server. Update: 11th may - Spawn village area is almost done, and has lots of room for shops to build. - +18 is not required anymore, but will be a bonus in apply !!!! Every applicant who got accepted, get min. one week trial time.. just to see that no harm come by your actions and you are active !!!!! Basic rules: -no griefing or stealing. and i mean it! -NO PVP. means cold blood killing, if you want to fight, make sure both sides has agreed. -Pranks is allowed, but if you have no creativity about it.. don't bother. - and so on.. it does not mean if it's not written, it does not effect - - VERSION 1.0.10A IP: IGN: Age: Location: Modpack experience 1 to 10: Building skills 1 to 10: Why you?: Anything extra you want to add?:
  5. - the server post shall be opened closed tommrow today and nothing is banned
  6. - Reproduction rate:10/10 - Steps to reproduce: Launched Technic Launcher Observe the result - Expected result: Modpack load then execures - Observed result: Launcher hangs at differering places - Insert logs- Pastebin - -windows 8 computer, -Java 8 build 5 1.8.0_15-B13 -newist launcher
  7. I played this modpack alot and recently whenever I load this pack, the loading bar freezes at verifying librarywjglopenal-2010082... or verifying lauchwrapper=1.8.jar... or verifying asm-all-4.1.jar. I realized this happens also with tekkit lite and hexxit, maybe also all of the packs. I have deleted the technic folder in %appdata% and re downloaded it, but it didn't work. The only way to make it work is to not go on the wifi and play offline, but I like playing on a server.
  8. OhGaming's Attack Of The B-Team Server IP: Hello everyone! OhGaming has opened a server for this modpack and we hope you'll come and play with us. We provide a lag free and professional gaming experience. Our server is designed for maximum stability and playability. Our Basic Rules No Spamming No Advertising No Hacking No Exploiting No Glitching These rules are common since really but, they should still be mentioned. Additional Info We run Towny on our server. Our community has been around for over a year and we plan on being around a lot longer. We provide so many servers you'll never have to hop from one community to another just to play something you enjoy!
  9. NOVA SERVER FOR FUN SURVIVAL AND ROLEPLAY (Attack of the B-Team modpack server!) NO WHITELIST, GREAT COMMUNITY! SERVER PACK IS LATEST RECOMMENDED 1.0.10b! Hi. Nova is a server with full plugin/modpack unity to provide a great minecraft experience. The Attack of the B-Team modpack from technic works great on this server, and makes the game one giant fun filled adventure for the whole family...well, anyone in the family who plays minecraft. We are a pretty chill and relaxed community here who's rules are few. Our main rule, Have fun. So come join us, and have an amazing time out this mod-pack. We have a new IP for all those who have played on NOVA before. INSTALLATION: and select the technic tab and download the technic launcher. Once downloaded, open technic launcher and find Attack of the B-Team mod-pack (make sure to use version 1.0.9c), and hit play. Once loaded, go to multiplayer, and enter our ip. Done. See, simple. IP: Dynmap: Enjin: Good Luck -DEL
  10. Hello, and welcome to our server! There are two owners/admins, Klldarkness, and ShikaDeer. This isn’t our first garden (server), and we are definitely looking to grow. This is an attack of the b-team server, running the latest version, 1.0.10B! Come join our family! We'll be like two peas in a pod! We're Bukkit compatible, running Grief Protections, Lockette, Essentials, among others! Custom "Modded" mods by our own mod team for stability, and capatibility! Over 1200+ members on our forums! 99% uptime, and exceptionally few crashes. Come play for an hour, and see why our players say we're the best AoTBT server! IP: Website:
  11. Hi, my friends and I own an attack of the b-team server which has just worked fine until yesterday a bug or something duplicated the drops off a spider over and over causing massive lag. We already disabled mobdrops and tried to wait until all the spidereyes and string would despawn but once you are on the server you just fall through the ground whilst lag and 0fps until you et kicked after some minutes. Because that didn´t work we tried to load an old back-up save the drops are still there causing lag. What else is there to do? I really need your guys help. Thanks!
  12. Hi im not sure if this goes on this forum or on the Servers forum but here goes. Im having a hell of a time disabling the right click on a couple of items and i cant for the life of me find a plugin that fixs my issue. I started my server a day ago and it just went public and i have a couple banned items id like to get off my banned items list because i dont see them being banned on other servers. So i was wondering if there is a plugin that exists that will allow me to Disable the right clicking of these items because they can grief protected areas. 1. Needle Gun (Can bypass protections by putting various blocks/water/lava on the ground when you shoot it) 2. Hammer (Lets player make statues out of any block even if the block is in spawn or safezone. 3. All of the witchery potions like Erosion which can be used to greif. Now i dont want to ban right and left click globally i want to just disable right and left clicking within certain areas. Any help is much appropriated and if you can give me the link to the plugin that would be amazing Server IP: Plugins: WorldBorder,Plugman,World edit, ColoredSigns. No PVPLOG, mcore, quick trade, vault, pex, world guard, headdrops, pvp timer, mcdocs,vote roulette, core protect, announcement, sign casino, chest shop, frame protector, clear lag, player vaults, votifier, banitem, essentials, signurls, enjin minecraft plugin, timeismoney, factions, factions plus, factionschat. PLZ help meh
  13. ip- This is a brand new attack of the b-team server with factions and survival. The server contains next to no lag. There is also a website were you can buy ranks and other stuff and currently there is a 30% sale on all items in the shop for a weak after launch. Also voting is enabled on the server which allows you to vote for our server once every 24 hours for perks such as /fly and in-game $ ip-
  14. Hi, I wanted to host a server and chaged my ram in the .bat file to -Xmx3584 and -Xms2048 when i started the minecraft server and a freind joined the control panel said Memory Use: 239 mb(1% free) but why cant it use more ram when i gave it more? pls quick answers i want to play with my friends
  15. So I've seen the Forge Microblocks mod in Attack of the B-Team and I was wondering what mod it is from? Thanks for all the help!
  16. So I have a very serious issue with attack of the b team. Whenever I try to play the FPS drops to 1. what strikes me odd is when my menu is open i get a good 100+ FPS. The menu is open when the server is running on LAN so the world would be doing all the stuff minecraft world do. Mobs are in the background moving around in 100 FPS while i am stuck in the menu ;(. any ideas???
  17. Ok so I am just writing to tell about some of the issues that I have had and some that I have overcome when creating my Attack of the B-team server. Problems over come: The first problem I had was after I had setup the server running technics default server jar. I decided to upgrade to mcpc to add plugins. The problem that I ran into was that the map with the stock jar would not work correctly with the newest version of mcpc released February 1. After hours of trying to figure out what to do and hundreds of players already have joining and leaving the server I decided it was best to do a map reset and that fixed the error. The crash I had is listed at this link: The Next problem I had was a known problem with minions. For whatever reason I was causing crashes of the server. Don’t have a copy of the error. But It had minion listed in the error. My simple solution to that was remove minions, I have since then read that it’s a bug and some servers have had to remove it. The problems that I’m still having: The server uses A LOT of Bandwidth and A LOT of Memory (RAM). I also run a couple other servers but my pride is my tekkit classic server, comparatively the Attack of the B-Team server with 30 players on will use the same amount of ram and MORE bandwidth than my tekkit classic server with 60 people on. Both servers have 16 GB dedicated ram and SSD drives in them. The Attack of the B-team server is using a consistent 8Mbps Up where as the tekkit will use at MOST 5Mbps with the listed loads. The Attack of the B-team will use 14-16 GB of ram whereas Tekkit will use 10-14GB. Occasionally the server will lag really hard and then it will drop all internet usage for about 2-6 seconds and then be back up and running fine. During that 2-6 seconds the server does have block and player lag, the server isn’t responsive to commands, and has bandwidth being used. I have not determined the problem yet, I do know it isn’t a network or hardware problem because this server was running other versions of minecraft and never had an issue. Here is a picture of what is happening to the Bandwidth or Ethernet when it lags: A little info in the server: It is an Attack of the B-Team server Dedicated 16GB of ram Dedicated 256GB Samsung SSD Running MCPC+ (mcpc-plus-1.6.4-R2.1-forge965-B229) Plugins are: Griefprevention, buycraft, essentials, announcer Ip: Any questions on setting up a server or having issues I can try to help. If you have any fixes for anything listed I would love to hear what they are, or any other improvements I can make. PM me with any questions. ***************UPDATE************************* Have noticed: Dubstep gun causes lag Elevator causes lag Some players cant morph into passive mobs. others can. Cant shift click in fossil and archeology machines the lag with network may be due to sync items. not sure just a theory. Issues fixed: With griefprevention players couldn’t ignite nether portals, have to be inside a claim. Took a bit to figure out. **********************UPDATE**************2/6/14****************** This is the error in console when the internet lags, players will be talking then this error, then everyone is kicked. and then rejoin as usual. never restarrts...server is also un responcive: ************UPDATE************2/7/14 Ok I have updated my server to 1.0.4 I am seeing the same issues with minions. From looking at the error it looks like it may have something to do with the grief prevention plugin. Still having issues with the random network lags, as of right now it is not essentials, last 3 to test are worldgaurd world edit and grief prevention. Will update on results. *********UPDATE***********2/9/14 every time I get the tick error, the servers Bandwidth goes to nothing and the disk usage goes to MAX. It must be trying to save something, not sure what or why but it’s trying to save. ***************UPDATE***************2/10/14 not that ppl are on the moon. Galacticraft is erroring out which is fixed in a newer version of galacticraft........ So im getting a huge crash loop and yah we will see what happens....... ***************UPDATE***************3/10/14 Yay more issued with the update 1.0.9c. Looks like the galacticraft update has caused some issues with the dim. The only way to solve it that i know is to reset the world again. I am currently looking into a way to fix this issue. **********UPDATE******************3/13/14 FIX FOR "Failed to register dimension for id 9" 1.0.9c update 1) Delete spacestaion9 folder from the main folders pages (for qcraft) 2) Delete Spacestaion 9 folder from the world foldler 3) In the "world/data" delete Spacestaion.
  18. When i go to a server, it let's me play for about 10-30 minutes but then freezes and crashes and usually crashes the computer too. What do i do? Help would be appreciated.
  19. Attack of the BTeam IP: Chillax BTeam is a using the modpack Attack of the BTeam. Now introducing the new attack of the B-team mod pack now combines the worlds of magic and science as never before. This brand new mod pack may seem overwhelming at first with its inclusion of GalactiCraft Mars, Biome's O Plenty, Flan's gun mod, Witchery, Necromancy and many, many more! Now but before you summon your undead minions and blast off to Mars or go spelunking in the Nether's ash fields you're going to need some tools and with the Updated T-construct mod you'll have just that. Is there anything better than a diamond tipped Slime edged sword? We don’t think so. Construct elaborate space stations or take a leisurely walk among the myriad of newly implemented biomes the choice is yours. Chillax's BTeam server is way better than all other servers you will see because we have a community already build, we have a separate PvE and PvP Servers attached in one server. You just can go there in one command or portal. On our PvP Server you have the ability use factions and make your own bases to attack and grief others but for those who enjoy no griefing we have a PVE server that lets you use Towny and build up towns and have fun with friends with no worries of griefs. You can morph into ANY mob after killing it on our server freely, we do not limit mob types or people you can become. You can even morph into the owner of the server if you kill him! Chillax also does not crash near as much as most servers. We have put in hours and hours in of effort to fix all crash issues on our BTeam Servers and we are still working on doing so. BTeam PvE: The general PvE Rules. No Griefing, no stealing, no killing, no spamming, and play peacefully! BTeam PvP: The general PvP Rules. Greif, Steal, Kill, No Spamming, and Raid. Coming soon! None! Just download the launcher, login, then select the pack and you are in!
  20. CALL OF DUTY ON B-TEAM!!!! Its so fun your gonna love it!! join now and have a great time it is still a work in progress but its somewhat done. join now and add me on Skype: little_dude187 :D and donate to get guns attachments and more!!!!
  21. Hey guys, I'm playing in a server with a friend and we are bored to find diamonds, redstone, gold... so easily (too many ores in the superficial layers). That makes the game so bored and easy... We hope you can tell us what's the mod that makes the game like that. Ah, in Hexxit we already had this problem. Thanks for your attention!
  22. Version: 1.0.10a SERVER IP WEBSITE: RULES: 1- No spawn killing 2- No Griefing ITEMS BANNED: Staff Explosives (due to griefing) Plugins used: Towny! signchestshop essentials lwc Server Description: Evolvecraft This server is designed to let the plugins do there job. we wont constrict you in anyway beyond our 2 rules. We offer full pvp! True player driven economy. We have a base shop other than that, it's up to you to make money and your own shops!
  23. Welcome to ObsitusCraft Attack of the B-Team Server We are a friendly group that welcomes new players. Our staff members are friendly and always willing to help. Rules: -Be friendly and kind -No Caps -No Spam -No Swearing -No Griefing -No Cheating -No Insulting People -No Asking for Promotions -No Taking Items From Graves -No Stealing -PVP ok if both parties agree and a third party witnesses or you have to post your agreement in the forums -Faction PVP ok if both factions agree and it is posted in the forums -Use /helpop if you need help and explain what you need please -Have Fun Banned Items: Dubstep Guns Guns Minions
  24. ObsitusCraft Server IP: Visit us on to see a full list of rules. This is an attack of the b-team server 1.0.9c. We welcome you to come join our server. We have a tight group of players and we are definitely looking to grow bigger. Don't be afraid, Come join us. At the moment the Plugins we have installed are: essentials Faction RandomLocationTeleporter We are looking for new Plugins in future, such as Shops and Job. Our server have a few rules that we are kinda strict on. Griefing is only allow IN the WILDERNESS No Hacking, Cursing, Advertising, and Spamming. Respectful of other Current banned Items: Dubstep Gun Minion Staff, since it been crashed the Server.