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Found 56 results

  1. Hi guys, I decided it might be a good idea to start sharing infos about the blightfall world and his secrets, lore, general info about the map (even fanfic about "tendril w/ animal" stuff if you know what i mean *giggle*). So bear in mind, here you might find spoilers about locations and other stuff, if you want to find them on your own, avoid reading.
  2. I'm on a server of a few people and non of us ca find out how to make the nether portal work, whenever we try to light it it wont work.
  3. Server Specs Server IP: Blightfall Version 2.1.0 CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 Ram: 64GB Server Location: Canada Website: Teamspeak: Blight Fall Version 2.1.0 We are very excited to announce the opening of our Blightcall server! Blightfall is a combination modpack and adventure map about surviving on an alien planet. It uses magic mods and tech mods to create a novel gameplay experience. Can you survive on a world completely covered by Thaumcraft taint? Our server has plugins to protect your bases and keep your valuables safe. Come on and hang out with us, we cannot wait to get to know you. Our rules are straight forward and based on common sense. Be respectful to your fellow players.Do not steal, grief or otherwise ruin the enjoyment of others.Any exploitations, including but not limited to, X-rays, client hacks, duping will result in an instant ban.Please be responsible and thoughtful with animal farms, machines and such.Please keep chat clean.Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself.
  4. Hello, I start this topic because i reached one of the so called " ore caches" and... found nothing. I travelled to the third ore cache and went under the sea, then started mining but found nothing of relevance. It should be a place packed with tech ores and I'm kinda desperate for supplies, being at the point of making the tech jump and building complex machines. If you know where to go to find large amounts of tech ores, like lead, nickel and tin please let me know.
  5. Simple question... I was wondering if there are any plans to make a new forum for Discussion of Blightfall, now that it is an official Technic Modpack? If you're not an admin, feel free to leave your opinions on Blightfall on this topic. I think it's original and super fun!
  6. Hey there, Let's Play Pavillion! With the official release of Blightfall as an official Technic modpack, I've decided to start a Let's Play series exploring this awesome Questing modpack. [EDIT: This video has been featured on the official Minecraft forums topic for Blightfall by Talonos, the modpack creator. Hopefully you like the video as much as he did WOOT!] This modpack is great fun, but I must warn you: Chances are, you will want to play for hours once you get started! Do not play unless you are ready to be completely immersed in an engaging adventure in which you (and your friends, if you choose) are on a mission to investigate the source of a "purple biomass" which has tainted (or blighted, if you prefer) the land which your ship, The Jaded, seeks to colonize; your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to wipe this blight from the map to prepare the planet for colonization. Here's the teaser text from the Youtube Description: "On a planet blighted by taint, can you take back the landscape and prepare it for colonization? The concept of this modpack is to explore a planet completely overcome by Tainted Lands from Thaumcraft, complete with a massive pre-generated map with Custom NPCs and hidden treasures along with Quests. Let's travel to the Goldilocks region of space and attempt to colonize this terrain and beat back the taint using custom mods developed by the mod pack authors. Use Thaumaturgy, Blood Magic, even Technology to slow and reverse the spread of Taint. Join me on this adventure and together we can save this planet and ensure a future for our colonists."