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  1. Hello, I have recently been looking into hiring someone to patch bugs in the old tekkit classic mods for my server as I plan to rejoin the hosting community soon. Developers are paid per bug fix at a negotiable rate which can be discussed by PM. I look forward to working with some of you.
  2. I used to have a AOBT server with my friends but I've decided to bring it back but I cannot seem to get it working. Does any one have a a solution to the error I am getting? 16.01 21:04:44 [Multicraft] Server stopped 16.01 21:04:44 [Multicraft] Server shut down 16.01 21:04:44 [server] INFO /run.sh: line 31: 30106 Killed /monitor.sh "$PID" "$USER" 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO Process 30105 detected 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO Process 30105 dead! 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO ... 16 more 16.01 21:04:43 [server] INFO at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.LaunchClassLoader.findClass(
  3. Hello, I have downloaded various modpacks (Enchanted Oasis, Cloud 9 S2, Serendipty Unlimited, Ultra Modded Surviavl 2 ect.) Every time I try to play on one of those, it loads and verfiys everything, then the technic thing goes away (making me think mojang will pop up) but then the technic launcher just comes back up and the game never ends up loading, Any ideas on how to fix this??
  4. Hi, so I have an issue. When I Load up the Technic Launcher and choose the pack I want to use and press 'Play' The Launcher disappears like it is going to bring up the games loading screen but instead, the launcher just reappears. (like i just opened it) I have no friggin clue what to do. I updated java, I restarted my computer (windows 8) and then I opened the console. After I pressed play the console said PLEASE HELP ME I'M REALLY SAD
  5. When I play Attack of the B Team, NEI doesn't show up. I just have the "Options" button. I've pressed O, that's not the problem. NEI is definitely enabled. I've checked and double-checked and even triple-checked. I'm playing Linux, so maybe that's where the bug's occurring. Suggestions?
  6. I have tried many things to get Tekkit Classic 3.1.3 to load and all i get is a screen that you get when incompatible mods brake the game or run out of memory (Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/52ve2s )
  7. For some reason that I am not aware of, whenever the modpacks load up on the launcher, they ALL appear to be offline, can someone plz explain why!?
  8. Hi, im needing some help with a custom modpack and server I made. The modpack is not yet public, but while working on the server files for it, I got this message: http://pastebin.com/Z5TQNMz0 i have no idea what to do with this, removing some of the more problematic mods didn't help, and deleting a few duplicate mods only shortened the error. what should I do? Thanks in advance, Yakman3
  9. allright, well i was essing around in the config in my modpack i was righting and i messed somthing up when i changed the item ID for flansmodcraftintable and it would no longer lounch so i deleted it from my louncher to re=install it but when i put the platform URL it wont let me add it it jst wants me to select a place for it and nomatter what i do it wont let me. it is a very bumming glich.
  10. When i launch big dig my game is upside-down and the text is backwards. the area to click on the boxes is still the same even though the boxes are on the top of the screen. this only happens on big dig, any ideas? help plz.
  11. Hello guys and gals! I have been trying to find a fix all day and I have finally found one and I want to share it with you! If you are having trouble playing Technic because the mods are messing up or the game keeps rapidly freezing and unfreezing and/or the graphics are just flickering, you have come to the right place. Here are a few fixes: 1) Update your graphics card. 2) Update windows. and 3) If those two don't work, delete minecraft and technic. Download both of them again. Now, right click Minecraft. Look for properties and click that. Look for the compatibility tab and cl
  12. - Title: Tekkit does not load after clicking Play in the launcher - Type of Bug: In-Game Bug - Reproduction rate: 10/10 - Steps to reproduce: Opened Technic Launcher Selected Tekkit Clicked Play Launcher disappeared Mojang screen comes up Mojang screen disappears Launcher reappeared - Expected result: To be able to play tekkit. - Observed result: Minecraft closes/crashes and the launcher reappears - Log: Minecraft Crash Report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7524656/ - Additional Comments: FIx please trying to play with a friend and cant D: Help.
  13. ok when i play hack/mine everything is fine and it runs well and no errors but then it automaticly saves and when its done it gives me a white screen. i have deleted hack/mine and let it reinstall and nothing it still is hapening, please help!!!
  14. Every Time Wen I Join My Friends Server My Minecarft Crashes ;-;
  15. Hello people of the fourms! I am a Mac user and i am having issues using the Technic launcher. I have Version 10.9.2 (Mavericks) with Java 7. I have downloaded the newest Technic Launcher.jar but whenever i click to open it, Nothing happens its really strange and only 1-2 people have this issue with no help i really need a fix Tekkit main is the best modpack D:
  16. So I have a few issues and topics I would like to discuss about this Mod Pack. Area protection bypass- So start I was curios if there is anyone out there in the interwebs whom have found or came up with a some kind of solution. My staff and I have an issue with keeping morphs out of our spawn. Some of the morphs bypass the protection. I have tried banning these mobs but its hasn't seemed to work. Is there some sort of mod, protection, or command block code I could use? Crafting issues ive been having- A few of my players are having issues creating this item "Illumar " Banned Item- I ha
  17. I cant get Attack of the B-Team to load. It will just take me to the launcher
  18. I began playing this Mod pack and found it very interesting. However if you play the mod pack in single player there seems to be missing content. Now it would seem to me that this missing content would be the Modder's job to fix and maybe patch it. I certainly hope that's the case cause there are 2 mods I know of that deserve special attention for single player to function properly as the multiplayer does as well. These mods are: 1: Tinkers Construct: The chisel you seem to munch on it like a bone instead of using it properly. I for one thought it was funny but it gets annoying after a whi
  19. Okay so I am using the launcher on my ubuntu partition. I have never had issues with it until recently. I have no real access to internet so I had my roommate give me the files to the new b-team modpack so I could install it manually at home. I have done this before with a pack that I had to re-install without web. I did everything that I did before, yet when I started the launcher it acted very oddly. The launcher acted as though I had no packs and all the slots were addpack. I checked my installed packs file and it was blank with only the template for having a pack but blank, and a single ad
  20. Now I'm no expert on Technic Pack, but I know something is amiss when I can't even load modpacks on Technic Launcher. When I try loading Tekkit, which I have had no problem with in the past, it makes it to the Java loading screen, then crashes before the menu is loaded and returns to the launcher, as it always does when it is closed or crashes. More frustrating yet, when I try to load B-Team, which I really want to play, it crashes before FML even starts up. I have copied the console text from launching B-Team that shows the problem so anyone who is experiencing a similar problem or knows what
  21. Please help me. I would be planting crops. Right when one crop touches another, they both break. Can anyone please help me and tell me why this happens? Thank you!
  22. Every time, i will login and the launcher will open. after that i will scroll through the modpacks until i find the suitable one to install (tekkit classic) EVERY time i do this (even after re-downloading the launcher TEN times) it will start to install every part of the modpack, but after about one second MATMOS will begin to install and just freeze at 0% I used to think that it was just taking time to load...until i left my computer on all day, When i cam back home It was still frozen After some frustration i decided to try out a different modpack, Same issue- It always froze on MATMOS.
  23. Seen any BUGS on your client lately? Have you made a really nice base and want somewhere to post a SCREENSHOT? And have any MOD suggestions you would like implemented? Well this is the THREAD for you! Post any of these TOPICS here!
  24. when i try to play hexxit, it keeps on saying that there was an error trying to delete a mod from the cache. please help!
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